Voice of the White House July 21, 2008

“While Obama is making big points in his tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, poor McCain is making blunder after blunder and showing, very clearly, to a large segment of the American public that he is a poor, clueless man with an ambition that exceeds his abilities. No one questions McCain’s service but being a Naval pilot has nothing to do with either foreign policy or national security. His handlers would have you think so and hope their hype sticks but McCain’s obvious slow reactions and bumblings more than offset his ill-treatment at the hands of people he was bombing before he got shot down. The only real problem with Obama is that he is part black and there is still a sentiment in America against blacks. It was the same thing with John F. Kennedy who was Irish and Catholic and had to fight that negativity in some segments of American society. Kennedy overcame both prejudices and, if Obama is elected, he will have done more for the America black community than Martini Luther King ever did. His color, however, has nothing to do with the Kingmakers here. All they are interested in is whether or not he can be bribed as so many Congressmen, and even Presidents, can be. Bush’s thoroughly bankrupt policy of supporting the rich at the expense of the poor cannot continue without serious public disturbances but the Kingmakers are more interested in EPA rules that hurt big business, Federal aid to the rapidly collapsing American banking industry, governmental support for other major businesses that have been badly managed and are now disintegrating. No one knows what a President Obama would do but it is very evident what a Bush clone McCain would do. He would blindly lead us down the road to the very edge of the deep quarry and then push us over.”

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