Managing the Male Sex Drive (Updated)

by Henry Makow Ph.D.(from August 8, 2004)

Spartacus played by Kirk Douglas & Slave Girl, Varinia, played by Jean Simmons. Click to enlarge

At age 12, in 1961 I saw the movie Spartacus, directed by Stanley Kubrick.
In one scene, the camera focuses on Kirk Douglas’ face as Jean Simmons sheds her gown. His face is full of wonderment and awe, lighted by the mystical glow seeming to emanate from her naked body but actually from the fire.
The scene made a profound impression on me, a boy just entering puberty.
Our pagan (a.k.a. “modern”) Masonic culture programs us to worship the fertile young female.
Romantic love is our ersatz religion. Sexual intercourse is the holy sacrament. Sex is considered the most pleasurable and profound experience life has to offer.
I subscribed to Playboy and devoured nudes with Kirk Douglas-like adoration. Henceforth, I judged females primarily on sex appeal; all others were invisible. I also equated sexual desire with love, and love with religion. In essence, I became dysfunctional, unable to relate to women as they really are.
This subversive verse from Paul Simon’s “Kathy’s Song” (1965) became the anthem of my dysfunctional generation:
“So you see I have come to doubt/ All that I once held as true/ I stand alone without beliefs/ The only truth I know is you.”

We were taught to be “alienated” from society and to seek fulfillment in romance. Uprooted from our true historical and spiritual context, we were told life is meaningless: find meaning in sex. Thus sex assumed a hugely disproportionate place in our lives. This is a satanic possession.
We were brainwashed to think sexual intercourse was a mystical experience that reunited us with God. This is based on Cabala, the dogma of the Illuminati sex cult that controls the world.
“An erotomania is abroad through our civilization,” Francis Parker Yockey wrote in 1948. It is “the identification of ‘happiness’ with sexual love, holding it up as the great value, before which all honor, duty, patriotism, consecration of Life to a higher aim, must give way.” ( Imperium, 297)
This message has not changed and it is pervasive. Sex is the way to God. Human relations are reduced to “hot or not.”
Attractive young women are elevated to Goddess status, and used to sell everything from cell phones to insurance. In one commercial, she says, “even I get constipation” as if she were supernatural.
As if this weren’t enough, she also has a chip on her shoulder from centuries of imagined oppression. This and her superiority complex and career pretensions obstructs her natural role as wife and mother.
Male-female relations have been poisoned. The two sexes are at odds and cannot form a permanent bond. Many men have turned to pornography which has become a national pastime.


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