It Came from Beneath the Valley of Seeing through a Glass Darkly

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Feb 20, 2014

I am going to be giving a metaphysical talk with some demonstration of techniques and a short musical performance in the next few weeks in Zurich at a hall. Please email me or comment if you are coming so we have an idea of scale. Thank you to those of you who have already responded.
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Cultural blog… right… Hmmm. Well, the Keystone Cops are no longer Keystone. Oh, they’re bumbling and accident prone but this raises their lack of professionalism and callous disregard to a whole new level. I’m not going to post the mainstream reportage of the event but… should you wish to see how they handle these things… all of them, without exception from what I saw, make no mention of a Play Station controller, they just say the boy had a gun; didn’t say a word, just fired as soon as he opened the door and killed him. His little sister ran to him and was weeping as she held him and the Rottweiler Bitch screamed at her to shut up. “Only in America!” or some other, comparative dark cesspool of a Zionist fabricated Hell on Earth. These are still early days. One thing for certain, the faces behind the hidden hands are coming more and more into view.
The hypocrisy being displayed by Zio-Bots like Obama is breathtaking. Nearly every war zone circumstance of recent years has been brought about by Zionist control of the American government and whatever pawns they have in place to work through. Chalk it all up to the stupidity, greed and cowardice of the public who have been played like Nero’s fiddle to the tune of “Bread and Circuses”.
As you can see, the critics are passionately responding to the caterwauling dissonance of Little Georgie Sorrows House Band. Little Georgie Sorrows first distinguished himself by betraying his own people. Even as a teenager, he showed promise as the full blown Satanist he is today, although there’s the usual numerology of Historical Revisionism in the litany of details, what he did, he did. He feels no guilt and it exhilarated him. These are all glaring evidences of a narcissistic psychopath. It amazes me what goes down while it gets around and I have to remind myself over and over that it is for the purpose of demonstration. Speaking of fertile ground for phrenologists, Little Georgie Sorrows looks the part and getting slapped around is not something this sort of fiend is used to but that is going to become a regular affair for all of them as Mr. Apocalypse continuously intensifies the action. Some of it is going to be extremely humorous too.
It’s going on on every level, while governments sink to their lowest level of fully employed iniquities, Nature is reacting. Factor this in with the lack of rain in America’s fruit and vegetable state. Factor in the, “I want it now” mentality of Shake ‘n Bake America and you got problems. Factor in a large body of the public that is balls to the wall. Factor in the rising wave of reactionary madness, sweeping the globe and whipped into a fury by the same players we have mentioned over and over. They are truly mad and in their game plan it all makes sense but anyone sane can see what they are arranging for themselves but… they are not sane. They have been rendered insane, as a result of their deeds and the unavoidable reaction of their own being to it. They have also been propelled into insanity by the agents of the ineffable, whose task it is to do so, in order that the purpose of demonstration may be fulfilled. It’s all a tight orchestration of planned destiny, with what I call ‘free will wiggle room’ that the bad guys think they are in control of. However, the one who weaves all things defined as good and evil, by relative ping ponging association, is the only one in charge; the only one capable of being in charge and we are with the winds or against the winds of irresistible change. We are driven by demons or guided by angels. All you got to ask yourself is, “what am I generally encouraged to do?”
The interesting feature of this is that if you are guided by angels, you are likely to ask because such people are prone to questioning themselves, because they care about the implications of whatever they are engaged in. On the other hand, those in the thrall of manipulated passions and objectives do not ask. That part of their being has been disabled and only grace or mercy can re-enable it.
One of the greatest enemies of clear perception is that of being ‘time conditioned’. This comes into activation as a by product of puberty. It is reinforced by the early regimentation of the education system and the overall agreement of the peer system on what is real. What is supposedly real is taught to you and the objective is to make you a useful pawn in a perverse system that shuttles the haves into Have Land and the have nots into Have Not Land. This isn’t publicized or acknowledged, it just happens. The only way out for the Have Nots is sports, entertainment and the arts, with added conditioning; of course, you could win the lottery or simply have fortunate karma. That would be ‘the appearance of fortunate karma’. We never know how things are going to work out, do we?
In the Eastern Tradition there are many tales about practitioners of yoga and mystical arts, who come to a state of capability where they can intentionally change the fortunes of others. Usually there is a master involved who overshadows the actions of his pupil, who has attained to the ability to do things like this. Here’s a quick example. The pupil sees a common workman who is in desperate straits. He sees him being routinely beaten by his employer, who is cruel to him at every opportunity He’s in big trouble because of debts that he owes and he has a family he can’t take care of. The pupil feels a great compassion for this unfortunate so he invokes certain powers and changes the man’s situation. The master, being aware of what happened, explains to the pupil that this was probably a bad idea because he is unaware of the man’s true nature and what put him in the circumstances he was in in the first place. The master tells him to watch what comes and learn thereby.
The worker is now as well to do as as his former employer and he has servants under him whom he proceeds to treat even worse than he was treated. The man becomes a petty tyrant, abusing everyone that he is in a position to abuse. Of course, this all reflects back on the pupil, who made it possible and becomes his karmic responsibility. Needless to say, the pupil is much chagrined by this unexpected development of events. If you’re savvy about things like this then you know that the master set the whole thing up as a teaching lesson for the pupil and it was always his intention to manage the karmic debts of the affair, which he is in a position to do because he operates at a level where the usual laws do not apply.
The master steps in and puts it all right again and the workman is sent back to his former condition and… the pupil learned a lesson. the Sorcerers Apprentice is an example of this, though they don’t say anything about the master knowing all along but, of course he did. He could hardly be a master otherwise. He set the whole thing up with the brooms and the buckets and the water.
The point I am trying to make is that once you are in the hands of a master, everything that happens to you is being managed by that master, in order to bring you to greater and greater understanding. I am in the hands of such a master. I only met him once and didn’t even get his name. Lately I know somewhat more than I did, since, during a period of telepathic exchange when I was, sort of (grin) going off on him about being an absentee master, he begged to differ, telling me that there has never been a time he wasn’t around and of course I would see him again; what kind of a master would he be if I did not? That was comforting to say the least.
Every one of us, certainly everyone who reads here, has an overseeing consciousness at work in their lives, whether they are aware of it or not. Some are more aware than others. Awareness is going to arc up swiftly at some point commensurate with the times. The greater part of everything happening, is happening out of sight. Some of it might be standing in plain sight but it hasn’t been highlighted yet, ergo the mechanisms of perception have not been raised to the level of perception.
I wish I had a feature like running LED lights and FX capabilities that makes words get big and vibrate in dynamic ways (grin) because there are certain things that need to be highlighted as of extreme importance, such as the fact that every single event in your life is a special dealing of the ineffable with your soul. Consider what this means in respect of The Reactive Mind. If the preceding statement is true then there is nothing to react to. We only react because we think things are out of sync, not as they should be, or just one more example of life messing with us. We feel like we have to react. How can we define ourselves and our right to whatever ground we’re standing on, if we don’t piss at the appropriate points on the parameter. The reactive mind ceases to have any impetus to action, if we have come to understand that everything is happening for a reason; even if, as is often the case, we don’t know what the reason is. That’s where faith comes in. “Faith is the substance of things unseen” and that means the understanding of them as well, because faith takes us out of The Valley of Seeing through a Glass of Darkly and into the light because everything comes out of light and exists as light frozen in form, a temporary expression in time, of whatever the planetary forces have stitched up to express the moment we are in.
Until we recognize that we can be conscious players, we will be played. That’s how it works. If you are not in control, you are being controlled. Freedom awaits. Freedom awaits.
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