In Times of Material Darkness, when Bankers Ruled the Land

Smoking Mirrors — Feb 19, 2014

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There are various byproducts of Materialism. One of them is a massive uptick in mindsets grooved toward self interest. That comes about through programming and Karmic magnetics. One of them is the tandem of indifference and alienation that comes about when Materialism is the basic drive of the majority of the public. One of them is a collective, shared fear of differing degrees and this manifests in a need for absorption in any available medium for distraction that will counter awareness of this fear. A byproduct of that is a vulnerability to various sexual compulsions. People are losing their sense of identity and so they flee into that process, which most often serves as an avenue for one forgetting themselves. Ironic, isn’t it?
Another one is Rule by Banker because currency is the blood of commerce and those who control the circulation system of The Body of the Beast, control the lives of those who live in the shadow of it. Another byproduct is a pandemic of neurosis and psychosis, as well as obsessions and compulsions; these are the unconscious tics of a society under extreme pressure, which is always certain to manifest when Nature and that which is natural is warped by a preponderance of the artificial. Another by product is Insanity and Insanity is moving like a whirlwind across the stormy seas of a troubled unconscious, which is shared by us all. The example just given is going on beneath the radar in many places around the globe.
There is a full court press being orchestrated by the cabal of Zionists, Satanists and Corporatists. Perhaps the reader considers things like this harmless. They are not. The intent is sinister. Rather an odd dance going on between Pee Wee Herman’s watered down clone and PETA; haven’t heard anything about those furs have we? This, along with sending a nearly all Gay Olympic Committee to Sochi is just a part of the War on Putin. So is this and no doubt, so is this. In the meantime, the same people behind these efforts are also behind the bloodshed in The Ukraine and the push for war against Iran. Tribe psychopath, Little Georgie Sorrows is the blood money banker for this sort of thing world wide.
They’re full court pressing… because Mr Apocalypse is breathing down their necks and waking up the very people they want to have go on sleeping. Very bad things are making their way down the time continuum.
As the madness increases, the truly insane march on, oblivious of the effect of what they do. The horrifically oppressed don’t even have time for lunch anymore. If they take lunch they might lose their job.
The worse things get for the average citizen, the more Tribe opportunists suck at every available neck. This is a new twist on the Kosher Salt Scam. Mr. Apocalypse is inside the minds of every living person and those who are crazy and getting more crazy. There’s a Youtube video of American backed Syrian terrorists publicly strangling a Syrian girl. I won’t link it here but you should have no trouble finding it if you need to see it. I didn’t.
I can see the carnage and the flames. I can hear the cries of panic and terror coming down through Future View. I thought about where to go. Where should I go that I can function and still be of use and not wind up in an orange jumpsuit? I thought about South America and yet the news from some number of countries is ominous. These things have a way of crossing borders, especially when the economies go south, as they will for a minimum of several months before some semblance of order is restored. I thought about Maui and one day followed the next, as one negative after another entered my mind, as they were meant to do, which is why I focused on it. I paid little attention to what people had to say to me about that choice, because invariably people are sharing their fears with you and those are only germane to them. I thought about England but England sends up all kinds of flares. I thought about Australia and New Zealand, which have been on my mind for decades and where I’ve always thought I would prosper, as well as find wide spaces to get lost in for a time.
I thought and I thought and I looked around me and I realized that nowhere I knew of was as peaceful and stable as where I am, which is why I was placed here. Anywhere else equally as stable is not all that far from here. A place was offered to me and it is even more peaceful than where I am and not more than a day’s drive away. It’s been in front of me the whole time and I always had it percolating there beneath the surface but… you don’t learn anything and you don’t discover options, unless you reach out and look around. If none of those options ride in and sweep you away… there’s a reason.
Where I will be there will be room for a few souls if things get desperate and there may well be larger options for more nearby. In times of global upheaval, no one is looking too closely at who’s in the neighborhood, when there are much bigger concerns screaming for their official attention. By the time they get around to looking into considerations like that, it means that those other concerns have become seriously diminished. It’s something to think about.
In times of Material darkness it is hard to see, unless you have one of those special lamps. I often think about Diogenes going about with his lantern. You will note on that page, there is a picture of the Rider Waite Trump, the Hermit. Interestingly I went to get a picture of Diogenes to make a parallel point between him and that card. Heh heh. I love it when that happens. So here is what I wanted to say. Whenever you come across a tale that has the quality of a fable to it, or anything similar, which may or may not be literally true, you can be sure that it exists and has been perpetuated through time for the purpose of impacting on the human subconscious, with the intent of leading toward revelation, where possible. Revelation comes from two places. It rises up into the surface mind from the subconscious or it descends down from superconsciousness.
When I think of Diogenes with his lantern, looking for a honest man, I think of him traveling forth, traveling around, with his inner light lit in search of those who might be activated into resonance with it. It is no different than the shaktipat that takes place between an awakened being and an aspirant who has proven worthy of the transmission. The inner light of an awakened soul is a powerful catalyst for change in any heart susceptible to it and people are more often than you think, touched by unseen travelers passing them by. Very highly evolved souls move among us but they are veiled. Should you be fortunate enough to encounter one, knowingly or unknowingly, your life will never be the same. Anyone who has studied alchemical and Hermetic texts has tumbled to the incredible amount of parallels that there are between them and the Hindu teachings and other mystical disciplines of the East. They are simply named differently, symbolized differently and manifest in ways that are suited to the culture they exist in.
So many of the tales we have of spiritual figures have different levels of meaniing and those levels apply to the level of awareness of the person reading about them. Biblical scripture has a different impact on one whose intuition engages in concert with the operation of their mind while reading. This is how illumination takes place AND, you can ask for that.
Revisionist and fabricated historical records carry an entirely different reportage of things than what is commonly understood. When you think of Shakers, you probably think of a religious sect that made furniture. They were people who experienced a variant of Kundalini awakening and that is what the shaking was about.
It looks bad at the moment, I know that but I am going to say yet again, all power comes from a single source and all things are under the control of a single consciousness. Don’t even try to imagine how it accomplishes that. However, truly, no sparrow falls unnoticed. When you see that things are as bad as they are and when it has also been a specific time since the last age came into being and the last avatar walked on this plane, you can be past certain that in this very moment, the avatar is precipitating down the planes through all of the higher etheric, as well as the upper and lower astral planes and sweeping out all the invisible dens of corruption. What this accomplishes is that it leaves the manifest practitioners of corruption without their former protections. Following that, the avatar will begin to appear within the hearts of all humanity open to the presence. This will be a wonderful event. In concert with this, he will appear in the minds of the agents of evil and it will be an entirely different experience. Following that, a sweeping force of change will cross the landscape in all directions and the world will be a different place. The world will be a very different place.
So… even though it looks bad, these are merely echoes of things already crumbling away into nothing, soon to be caught up and dispersed into vapor by irresistable cosmic winds. It is to be sure that we ain’t seen nothing yet.
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