Iran’s queen of pop promotes gay rights in new music video

Introduction — Feb 19, 2014

Googoosh performing in Los Angeles in 2009. Click to enlarge

Before we get too carried away into thinking that a whole generation of young Iranians are pushing for new attitudes towards homosexuality, a couple of points regarding Googoosh.
First, she was an established star in Iran and recognised beyond before the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Having starred in a number of Iranian movies made between 1950 and 1970, she’s also something of a veteran entertainer.
The 63-year-old is renowned for not having fled the country following the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Instead she remained although she kept a relatively low-profile in the immediate aftermath of the overthrow of the Shah.
However in 2009, the very year that Western intelligence tried to foment civil unrest during Iran’s presidential elections, she gave a concert in nearby Dubai and thereafter Googoosh began her re-emergence in earnest. Other concerts followed, including a legendary concert at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, CA, on April 9, 2011.
In other words at the same time as the West embarked on its ‘soft campaign’ against Iran, the veteran entertainer re-emerged into the arms of the Western entertainment industry. Indeed one might even say she re-emerged close to the very heart of Hollywood. Almost literally because according to Wikipedia she is now “rumoured to reside in a four-bedroom, four-bath home in Beverly Crest,” an upmarket Los Angeles suburb
So although a popular entertainer in Iran she shouldn’t be seen as necessarily representative of grass roots sentiment there. All the more so as the Guardian article implies that she is initiating some sort of revolution in Iran by “becoming the first prominent Iranian to speak out against homophobia.”
She isn’t.
While it’s true that Googoosh may be a popular entertainer in her native Iran she is also very much in the thrall of the Western entertainment industry. As we know the “entertainment industry” works in close accord with the Illuminati and their subordinates in Western intelligence. That makes Googoosh a prime vehicle for any Western disinformation campaign targeting the Islamic Republic.
The promotion of “gay rights” has rapidly become a byword for Illuminati sponsored campaigns. In much the same way as alleged “anti-Semitism” has been seized upon, and in many cases staged, to be exploited by Zionists.
As such that makes the following article less an article about the revival of an iconic Iranian entertainer and more about how “gay rights” is being used to undermine anything that stands in the way of the Illuminati agenda. And how the corporate media and the entertainment industry are instrumental in doing this.

Iran’s queen of pop promotes gay rights in new music video

Saeed Kamili Dehghan — The Guardian Feb 18, 2014

Iranian queen of pop, Googoosh, has released a video in support of the country’s gay and lesbian community, becoming the first prominent Iranian to speak out against homophobia.

The video for her latest song Behesht (Heaven), released on her Facebook page on Valentine’s Day, portrays a lesbian couple in a relationship banned both by society and by their families.

Navid Akhavan, who wrote and directed the video, said it had been viewed by thousands of Iranians online or via illegal satellite channels.

“The reactions we have seen so far have been tremendous,” he said. “The comments I have read online and the messages I have received from people within the Iranian LGBT community have brought tears to my eyes.”


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