The Trouble with Naalin is the Will to Live

Do you ever think about the point inside the point inside the point inside the point? What I mean is how connections that seem to be one issue can be gathered together to be the same issue but with an entirely different perspective? I guess I’m talking about intentional enigmas; convolutions, shell games, ironies, conundrums and more things than I can recall at the moment.

I’m talking about Naalin in Palestine. People live there. Yes, they are people. Human beings like you and me, trying to survive. It’s odd… sometimes I wonder why people try to survive when everyone wants them to be dead. Is life all that great? For some people it isn’t. My life is not nearly as troubled as the lives of these people and I would rather not be here but I am. Why even bother to live in a world like this? Well, that’s life.

Naalin is in trouble and that is one point. Inside that point is another point that, so forth and so on … maybe I won’t have to say this again; coming back to the point.
Here is an interesting map of Shrinking Palestine.

What’s wrong with this picture? Here are a people who have been living somewhere for centuries. One day some big dogs walked into the yard and started to kick them out. They wouldn’t go away. No matter how many of them died. No matter how deplorable the conditions in which they lived, they would not go away.

There are between 1.5 and 2.0 million Sephardic Jews. There is somewhere between 8 and 11 million Ashkenazi Jews. The Sephardic Jews are Semitic and the Ashkenazi Jews are not. There weren’t any Ashkenazi Jews when The Bible was written. In the ninth century, the Khazar’s converted to Judaism. Depending on whom you listen to one is descended from the other, or not.

We are told that in World War Two, six million Jews were executed by the Nazi’s. This becomes problematic when weighted against official Red Cross numbers. This becomes even more problematic when the death count at Auschwitz has been lowered by millions over time but somehow, six million were still executed. I’m not a mathematician but I can tell that something doesn’t add up.

Anyone who questions these numbers is subject to opprobrium and even imprisonment, even though the numbers themselves have been changed by the very people they were supposed to have happened to, as can be seen at the Auschwitz gate or by researching. At the same time, anyone who questions what has happened to the Palestinians at the hands of these same people is ignored, even as the condition of these people is ignored by the general public and it is happening right now which I guess is not the same as, “Never again.”

This event, termed “The Holocaust” was used as the reason to give a part of that land called Israel to surviving Jews as a homeland. Apparently some accommodations had been made for The Palestinians who were already there and had been since long, long ago.

Quite promptly these new emigrants began to drive the former residents from their land. I would need a few more lifetimes to catalogue what followed and you wouldn’t be around to read it. But you can find the details; even with the population of the towns being purged and the names changed, the evidence is still there.

People were getting along, more or less (as people do) before this happened. People are not getting along now. As a matter of fact, the new Israelis are now treating the Palestinians the same way that the Nazi’s treated the Jews. Let’s add some irony and say, “Go figure”.

I’m going to leave all of this for wiser minds to decide… go back to the map and take a good look and tell me why this is okay. Explain to me why it is okay for this to be happening. Keep in mind that many of the problems which exist in the entire region are tied to this, are justified by this and have their genesis in this and that the reason for the problems is that there are a lot of powerful lies that… no matter how artful may be the attempt… cannot be transubstantiated into truth. Keep in mind that 9/11 was because of this whether you accept the official line or the scientific postulate. Keep in mind that it seems to have something to do with God; who God is, what God is, which God is and God is not answering the phone, which is probably why it turned into a business deal where truth gets bought and sold only… only…

You can’t buy or sell the truth. You can only buy and sell a lie.

However… in present time… people are suffering and dying because somebody doesn’t want them to be where they used to be and the world is having tea and talking about soccer and sex. Do you not find this odd? I do. I have spent some amount of time weighing all of the variables and I don’t get it. There is enough for everyone. There is room for everyone but… not if some people have to have more than they can possibly use. As Lao Tzu put it, “What sort of men are these, who never hunger, never thirst, yet eat and drink until they burst?”

Why is it that so few of us care about what is happening when everyone will eventually suffer because of it? Or do people think that this won’t come back on them? It’s not their problem? Then why is The Holocaust their problem? Something funny is going on. Why should something that’s been over for sixty years be so much more important than the same thing happening to someone else at the hands of the people it happened to sixty years ago?

I do not know what to make of this. The people of Naalin do not know what to make of this. Meanwhile, the people of the richest country in the world are living under increasingly fascist rule because of an attack launched on them, in part, by these same people in order to make possible an attack on the entire Middle East. At the same time, their economy is collapsing and they are watching movies, playing video games and bellying up to the vanishing buffet. It makes my head swim.

This I do know. One day you will be in Naalin and no one will pay attention.

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