“The Manosphere” – Healthy Reaction to Feminism?

by  “Zelcorpion” — (henrymakow.com) Feb 16, 2014

Zelcorpion is a 37 year old former corporate minion living in the EUSSR and enjoying its decline.

Why do women fall for jerks while claiming to love nice guys? Why do women initiate over 70% of divorces? Why do 15% of the men at colleges have almost 60% of the total number of sexual encounters and why do 42% of men have no sex at all despite women often outnumbering men 2-1 at college?
Why do women cheat even on their successful, good-looking and caring husbands ? Why is the divorce rate so high and why is marriage being postponed by both sexes ever more? What makes a man truly attractive to women?
Those are the questions that the manosphere is all about. It is basically a worldwide discussion on issues affecting men. The impetus for this is of course feminism and the break-up of the age-old stabilizing marriage bond.
While there exist three different groups within the sphere, all agree that feminism has been so completely successful in changing the culture and taking over all of our social institutions that opposing feminism has become one of the great taboos of our society.  Making this worse, very few are even aware of this because the lion’s share of feminist thinking is no longer thought of as feminist thinking;  it is simply thought of as normal thinking, or more accurately right thinking.  Opposing feminism has become the heresy of our age, a thought crime few dare to even contemplate.
All groups also agree (even within the Pick-Up-Artists or PUA) that traditional marriage is the most stable and positive way to go and they disagree with the answers of mainstream media and academia like “Man up and marry those aging sluts!”, “Nothing to see here, move along folks – only a few crazy pick-up-artists with fluffy hats…” or “Be a man! It’s likely 95% your fault, that your wife wants a divorce!” and the ever so endearing sacred marriage-contract ad:” Cuckold-children are your children too!”
The 3 different groups are:
1.       MRAs, MGOTW – Men’s Rights Activists and Men Going Their Own Way are trying to lobby for change of laws (divorce, discrimination etc.) and to raise the issues (MRAs) or are completely opting out of the relationship market (MGOTWs).
2.       Traditionalists – want society to return to the old ways either via traditional values or a religious re-enactment of marriage customs
3.       Pick Up Artist (PUAs) and those who are aware of Game (Proven Art of Seduction) and try to explain the reason for its’ effectiveness via evolutionary psychology. Within that group there are those who say that men should just enjoy the sluts and divorced mothers that society sends their way (Roissy, Roosh V, KaiserPUA, Return of Kings etc.) and those who say that Game should be applied within relationships and that despite the risks of marriage it is still worth it (Matt Forney, Rollo Tomassi – Rational Male).


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