The God Gig and the Spinning Whirligig of the Maya

Smoking Mirrors — Feb 16, 2014

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There is a certain arrogance that is near breathtaking in certain sociopathic personalities who are shielded from the realities of life and who believe their temporary status is the result of exceptional efforts on their own part. I have to laugh out loud when I saw that this travesty in human form is married to that (choke gag) inspired literati, Danielle Steele. As you can see, she is held in high regard for her abilities or rather, lack of. This is more Mr. Apocalypse. There is a phrase that comes to my mind often these days, “God is not mocked”. That covers more ground than one might think, given that we are the human form expression of divinity (when we choose to be). After all, except for acts of Nature, how else does God get anything done down here? It happens through human agency. When you offend the invisible by swaggering about in any of a variety of particular fashions, you’re asking for trouble. This is the origin of “pride goeth before a fall”. God doesn’t like smug or self satisfied.
There is another phrase and this used to be on the lintels above entryways in Medieval times; Cave Dei Videt. It means, “Beware, God sees”.
Yeah, I know, I mention God a lot and that is because, pretty much anywhere I look, I see God in action, directly, as in obvious acts of goodness and indirectly, as in acts of evil. This is the origin of that phrase, “all things work for good for those who love the lord.” That’s in The New Testament. A lot of things are in the New Testament. Yes, God authors both good and evil, sets the dimensions of darkness and light and made everything that was made, directly or indirectly because, ‘God’ is the source of all power and no one has any power that is not on loan and there is no life of any kind that is not maintained by the ceaseless meditations of God upon his/her creation. This is reality but a lot of people don’t want to hear about it. There are two reasons that people don’t want to hear about it. One of the reasons is human arrogance. They want a personal autonomy apart from the ineffable. They want to be The Boss because they do not understand the meaning of Free Will and that leads us to the second reason. People want things and they don’t want anyone else intruding on their acquisition of them. This is known as self interest, or self will run riot and they are both direct products of materialism
Why do I so consistently bring God into the conversation with such regularity? Everything is made out of God and serves the intentions of God. What about human ignorance? Is that made out of God? Good question, I’m glad you asked (grin). Here we enter the field of Free Will again. Where did all this ignorance come from? We embrace it and make it part of us, in order to legitimize attractions and appetites that intelligence wouldn’t permit. Since a lot of what happens to us is the result of other times, outside the reach of present memory, very few of us know how we got to where we are.
I mention God so much, to the distress and dislike of many because other agencies also mention God a lot and they do this to justify all sorts of violent excesses and any reasonable and rational mind can see without too much difficulty that contemporary religion is a flaming crucible of depravity. One of the objectives of this is to turn the more intelligent away from any consideration of the ineffable. I have nothing to do with religion, which is merely the business end of the unknown, stripped of essence and integrity.
The pure truth is that God and the contemplation and pursuit of God is the most practical application of human industry that anyone can make. One comes up in this world and gives a consideration to all kinds of forms of employment. They all have their relative perks and payoffs but the God Gig, for which only the sincere need apply, dwarfs in scale any other performance to the degree that no measurement can be made between them because there are benefits in the God Gig for which no similar bennies exists in the temporal.
I’m using that word a lot in this posting (God) and I do this consciously and intentionally for similar reasons that I respond in unexpected ways to comments. For years I have made mention of my intention to respond in a certain fashion, on occasion (for the purpose of demonstration) but it seems to escape some people in the present. How you respond to something I say, which might, to you, seem off the wall, is the purpose of the context of my initial response. Be aware of this ahead of time and out maneuver me (grin). When you take the bait you prove me right in unfortunate ways. I have this process set up as a safeguard because of my awareness that there are people that slip into our community here with evil intent. I’ll get into that in the captioned portion of this posting.
The word God has been over exposed. That is why I am over exposing it here and also because I couldn’t get my postings linked in a certain location if they had the word, ‘God’ in them. So it is that I don’t use the word God as often as The Ineffable, or the Divine, or ‘my invisible friends’.
{The trollers who come around here and elsewhere have been scientifically demographed and interestingly, this fits with what has been my own perspective about them. They are uniform in their manner of presentation. For some of us it goes beyond trolling and is turned into long term planned, enemy action. I’ve been the beneficiary of this (grin). So it is that one has to study those who slip into a blog community and create a favorable persona that extends over a lengthy period of time and which then turns into an inexplicable turnabout. I might have simply chalked it up to insanity but if you look closely there are always ‘tells’ and so I noticed the tag team connection, which took place simultaneously with the event. This is another benefit of The God Gig, things get pointed out to you that you would not have seen otherwise.
There is a strong and loyal core of readership here. I won’t go into the reasons for that except to say that a certain consistency exists here and that is because I do not rely on myself for what happens here. The outcome would be different then. Certain forces who have been ingenious in their attempts to paint me in a bad light and who were quite sophisticated in their efforts, are enraged that they have been largely unsuccessful. They were certain they could derail me into a lasting ignominy and there were several events over previous years geared toward that. Thankfully such things are no longer possible but… they are beside themselves with anger because their best efforts came to naught and following that and concluding this digression; I have no use for fair-weather friends and do not register the loss of what I never had. We have different values and those with different values will never understand the why and whatall of the other. Another benefit of The God Gig is that that lack of awareness is a one way street.
One final thing, concerning my invisible friends, who are also the major part of why things stay stable around here and which, the idea of which, makes some people cringe and really pisses some people off. I suppose some people think I’m putting on airs with this feature, or fabricating the whole thing in order to inflate my importance. The irrefutable facts are that quite some number of people have had experiences with my invisible friends while visiting me and have reported on it. Add to that those who have asked for their assistance, through me, and gotten it and, well… what more can be said? I never intended to even mention my friends but I was told to do so. I would have preferred to keep it private, knowing the sort of fodder something like this provides AND that brings us to another benefit of The God Gig, you get covered on things where a pretender would not, or would only be covered… up to the point of inevitable demonstration.}
There are massive efforts at work to discredit The God Thing, herding the fundie Christians into definitively moronic expressions of debased scripture is one. Forcing things like this upon the younger generation’s mind screen is another. The media, which is owned by the same people, purposely ignores the major blowback that this movement has engendered. Massive efforts are underway from various directions to put serious energy into legitimizing this lifestyle as better, hipper and more acceptable than what ‘used to be’ acceptable. I’m surprised no reader felt inspired to bring this to my attention (grin). Actually I have known this for several years now but no matter. If you wonder why I have brought this subject up so often, it is because it is splashed prominently all over the Zionist media every single day. I comment on what’s put before me.
There has been an upsurge in outrageous lies because of the pressure being placed on TPTW by The Ineffable. So we are now getting ridiculous reportage like this and that is being counterpointed by this also  they are really getting desperate. They are getting desperate because of Mr. Apocalypse who is busy turning over rocks. You ain’t seen nothing yet, oh no prezzzzzzious. Along with these things, serious unrest is being directed at the proper targets. They know what’s coming and they think they can manage it but the odds, set by the cosmos, are against that. The tragedy is that so many people are going to be sucked down in the whirlpool these fiends have created for themselves. These people imagine themselves to be like Chinese Acrobats and that’s okay with a certain amount of balls or spinning plates in the air, but due to their intrinsic nature, they have no discipline when it comes to reigning in their greed and ambition and this will always be their downfall, eventually they have too many balls in the air. It’s a predictable and fitting end, given that each of those balls become explosive when they hit the ground.
One of the most powerful and effective weapons in the arsenal of the Zionist/Satanist/Atheist Cabal is their relentless re-education brainwashing of the public that paints belief in a divine power as superstitious nonsense and metaphysical arguments as irrational. They have to do this because their biggest project of all time, the creation of the godless society of Soviet Russia, which resulted in the deaths of tens of millions, is precisely what they are presently looking to create in the U.S. What those of us with less faith in the divine than they should possess do not seem to get is, as has already been said, the power to do anything comes from only one source and it is on loan. It is all borrowed and it can be taken away at any time. It’s all allocated for the performance of the purpose of demonstration. If these times were not a massive test of faith, there would be no useful cosmic reason for any of it. After all, one of the main purposes of all this is to separate the righteous from the unrighteous and see that everyone gets where they are headed, whether they are aware of the implications or not. Though it may not be obvious to all, we all get informed in myriad ways to the degree that our awareness can register, dependent upon the Karma that regulates the degree of our awareness.
We are the ones who pull the wool over our own eyes in order to justify whatever it is we are after that we imagine might be forbidden to us, or that we might have to break the rules to acquire. This comes about by being unaware that, desire is the agent of God’s will. There’s much that is true, powerfully true, that is not generally visible. One has to seek after these things and it is that motivation that separates the victims of their own lassitude from the survivors of their own previous mistakes. Keep on keeping on.
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