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This Report is Disinformation

We all make mistakes and we are happy to acknowledge it when we slip up. Consequently we have to note that the article headlined “Obama Homosexual Love Affair with Top US Republican Senator Shocks Russia” is disinformation.
It didn’t originate on Rebel News, as we first thought but on a website run by one Sorcha Faal. Had we known that it originated with Sorcha Faal we wouldn’t have posted it. Sorcha Faal’s website What Does it Mean is a notorious source of disinformation.
Faal is in fact one David Booth, a U.S. intelligence operative specialising in disinformation.
With thanks to the long-time correspondent who spotted this and notified us. Ed

John de Nugent — via Rebel of Oz Feb 16, 2014

A shocking new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Federal Security Service (FSB) states that what are referred to as the “Snowden Documents” confirm that the divorce rumors sweeping the world relating to United States President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are based upon the American leader’s longstanding “homosexual” affair with top Republican US Senator Lindsey Graham.

Continues at the source of disinformation … What Does it Mean?