The Intuition, the Mind and the Inevitability of White Water

Visible Origami — Feb 15, 2014

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The air that we breathe… you often hear that you can go without food for so long and water for only a few days but you seldom hear about how long you can go without breath. Breathing and how we do it, reflects our state of being. When people are uptight, someone might say, “Take a deep breath”. Breath control is one of the secrets of mind control. You hear about techniques and various yogic disciplines have various practices and those might be well and good, I wouldn’t know. What I do know is that one night when I was in prison I laid down on my bunk and began breathing, just to breathe and the essential pattern found itself and became one of the most ecstatic experiences of my life. It was orgasmic, head to toe, interpenetrated by a high keening serenity. It was amazing. I’ve had that happen a few times. It makes me wonder, right this moment why I don’t seek to do it and haven’t sought to in some time. There are elements of the mind put in place to distract us. You pick them up the same way you get pop-up ads and spyware on your computer.
I’ve mentioned my feelings about “A Course in Miracles” several times and anyone who researches the origin of this book will come to the same conclusions I did, presuming that they are in possession of a rational mind. One of the biggest cheerleaders for this new age hokum is the Zionist, Marianne Williamson, who has finally come out of the closet in respect of her real intention, which is to go to congress, representing one of the richest enclaves in America, which is also a heavy Tribe demographic. I mention this only to point out that a serious disconnect in human consciousness is responsible for people listening to politicians and religious hucksters who make all kinds of promises and deliver none of them. This is how it goes and you would be hard pressed to find exceptions.
False spiritual teachers and ‘on the make’ political types are very good at talking in sweeping generalities, when they are not weaving an aura of mystery around themselves. Bonafide spiritual techniques are to be had from every venue and you will note that the cost is never prohibitive because if it were they could not be bonafide spiritual techniques. Real spiritual teachers never allow for more than a certain amount of profit in their efforts because they wouldn’t be real spiritual teachers otherwise. No real spiritual teacher is obscenely wealthy and even if they do have some amount of wealth, for whatever the reason, they use it in the service of others because that is how things work when they work effectively. True practitioners of the faith know all about the magical law that governs casting your bread upon the waters. When you live in the natural ebb and flow of existence, all of the good you do returns upon you. When you restrict the natural ebb and flow, or divert the waters into a particular area, for the purpose of self interest, you create a spiritual swamp of entropy.
Most of us are familiar with rules of conduct that are in force down here, though there are fewer with each passing day. Most of us are aware that there are laws of Nature, though they may not be aware of what all of them are. What most people are not aware of is a goodly number of undiscovered laws of Nature and higher laws that impact on us daily. To be in possession of an awareness of these laws is to be in a very fortunate state. How does one come into possession of the knowledge of these laws? One comes into the possession of them through the intuition. How does one activate the intuition? The practice of spiritual disciplines accomplishes this. The snorting technique accomplishes this because it pushes all of the competition to the intuition out of that arena in which the intuition operates and that would be the mind.
Once the intuition is operational to where one can hear it speaking, or feel it speaking (the means varies depending on personal makeup); sometimes one does not hear actual words but rather receives impressions. You come to know that the real intuitive force is at work by the quality of the information received. If your behavior, your desires and your appetites go contrary to the values of the intuition, the intuition will depart. You might not know it has departed because something is still there talking to you, only it isn’t the intuition. It is now a voice that tells you what you want to hear because that is the voice you would prefer to listen to.
I’m sure many of you have wondered why some measurable number of politicians and people of various stripes of relative importance, do not walk away from what they are daily engaged in because they can no longer, in good conscience, continue in the corruption of their ways. One has to understand that all of the theaters in which these people operate are like sealed envelopes or large bubbles of controlled reality. Perception of facts is controlled. Perspectives are controlled and there is esoteric software in place that disables the conscience. When what is required of you goes against any and every standard of humanity, the voices in opposition must be silenced, or else you become ineffective at that which you are employed to do.
There is a fallacy of judgment in the minds of both the public and the movers and shakers, that with their power and position there comes a great freedom of being and movement. The truth is that they are rigidly controlled within strict parameters and the only freedom they have is the illusion of freedom. For a time, the distractions of wealth and position keep one well occupied with their demands but the time comes when that feeling of emptiness and the taste of ashes arrives. The time comes when one awakens all too frequently in the early hours before dawn, which, ironically is when Broad Daylight Consciousness likes to come around when it hasn’t been invited. The time comes when one can feel a weight upon the shoulders and a sense that they are not alone. All of these things are the result of those unknown rules and laws mentioned earlier.
People think if they live by the known rules and laws that they are within the acceptable bounds of human behavior. There is a deal more going on than that. For instance, a known rule out of the East is to engage in right livelihood. There’s no principle like that in the west. Most people would think that a job in food service is perfectly acceptable. What if that food injures the health of the consumer? Most people might think being in health services; being a doctor, a nurse, a researcher, are not only acceptable pursuits but honorable as well. What if the medicine you practice is injurious to the health of those it is practiced upon? What if many, many people die every year at the hands of these people? What if an alarming amount of these people do no more than work as agents of pharmaceutical companies? You can extrapolate this out into professions of all kinds. You are what you do aren’t you? “By their works ye shall know them?”
I try to stress the critical importance of how the mind operates and what it gets focused on. The reason is because everything that happens in your life, is caused by or affected by what goes on in your mind. When you stand guard at the gateway of the mind, you control the flow of events and the general climate of your being. The same way that daily meditation sets the complexion for your individual days, a continuous awareness of what is going on in your mind allows you to be proactive AND preemptive. The entrance zone for all that is good AND evil is at the gateway of the mind and the heart. We are talking about thought and desire. Desire, as one should know, ‘inflames’ the mind; “but it feels so good, I just have to do it!”, or you just have to have it, or be it, or whatever ‘it’ amounts to.
The world has certain principle duties, one is to distract you, the other is to drain you and let us not forget… to lie to you and entrap you. Nothing of what it offers is what it cracks up to be. Disappointment is hardwired into the DNA of just about everything. One is far better off in renouncing all the heartache to begin with but the pull… ah, the pull is so strong. It’s one thing to swim with the current. It is quite another to navigate the white water with the same approach. We’ve all heard ‘go with the flow’, often the result is… Boom! Right into the abyss. This is why I try to continuously remember, “In all things walk thou contrary to the world“.
You can go only so far without control of the mind and without it, you are a sitting duck for those seeking to control your mind. Once you possess real self control, you not only have control over yourself but over everyone around you and this does not mean what one might initially believe. Everything is under control already and you only come into self control by a perfect alignment with the source of all control; as an agent of this force, naturally, everyone and everything else comes under the sway of the one who controls everything and, that is who you work for, ‘whether everyone else knows this or not’ and most often they don’t. When you are in accord with that which authors or permits all things, all things are in accord with you. This is just one more of those generally unknown laws and rules that pay huge dividends when you know about them.
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