Will US-sponsored terrorists try to sabotage the Sochi Olympics?

An edited abridgement of this article by Michel Chossudovsky, with notes and comments by Lasha Darkmoon — Darkmoon.me Feb 14, 2014

Russia’s enemies, the US and its satellites, would be only too delighted if a terrorist attack should create chaos at the Sochi Olympics. What are the chances of such an attack occurring?

Black widow terrorist and her recruiter. Click to enlarge

In late January, the British government warned that “terrorist attacks in Russia are very likely to occur before or during the Winter Olympics in Sochi”. (BBC, January 27, 2014).

As the Olympic torch reaches Sochi, CNN released, in a timely fashion, the results of an “authoritative” opinion poll (based on a meager sample of 1000 individuals): “57% of Americans think terror attack likely at Sochi Games”.
Earlier news reports focused on the mysterious menace of a so-called “Black Widow” terrorist attack emanating from Chechnya, Russia’s hotspot of Islamic terrorism. According to a so-called “catastrophe expert”  Dr Gordon Woo, a Black Widow attack “is almost certain to happen.”
“Because of the history between the Russians and the Chechen people who splintered to form the Caucasus Emirate, Sochi is a prime target for terrorism,” said Dr Woo.

Lasha Darkmoon comments:

Concerning US coverage of the Sochi Olympics, Justin Raimondo is particularly scathing:
The water, the toilets, the hotels — nothing pleases our pampered media divas, whose hatred of all things Russian oozes from between the lines of their “reporting” like pus from an old wound.
All the antipathy we saw aimed at Russia during the cold war years is now being revomited up by the political class, albeit in a new flavor: instead of genuine martyrs like Andrei Sakharov and Alexander Solzhenitsyn being lionized, we see the professional provocateurs of “Pussy Riot” elevated by Western media to the status of “dissident” stars.
Why do these heavily made-up show-biz types merit our attention? Well, didn’t they desecrate a Russian Orthodox cathedral by stripping off their clothes, screaming obscenities, and insulting parishioners? (See here)

“THE MARCH OF THE SLUTS”. The bare-breasted Ukranian Femen group associated with the Pussy Riot girls. All these slutty feminists believe they are making a point by flashing their tits and descrating Christian churches — political tactics widely promoted and popularized by our Jew-controlled Western media.

The Sochi Games are occurring at the height of a Worldwide crisis marked by the confrontation between the US and Russia on the geopolitical chessboard. In turn, the ongoing protest movement in Ukraine has a bearing on Russia’s geopolitical control of the Black Sea.
What would be the underlying political objective of a terrorist attack?
Are these slanted media reports solely intended to create an aura of fear and uncertainty which causes political embarrassment to the Russian authorities?
While network TV and the tabloids have their eyes riveted on the Black Widow, the more fundamental question as to Who is behind the Caucasus terrorists goes unmentioned.
None of the news reports has focused on the fundamental question which is required in assessing the terror threat.
Both the history of Al Qaeda as well as recent developments in Syria and Libya confirm unequivocally that the Al Qaeda network is covertly supported by Western intelligence.

What are the historical origins of the Chechen jihadists, which are now allegedly threatening the Sochi Games? Who is behind them?
In the 1990s, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US waged a covert war against Russia. The objective was to promote the secession of Chechnya, a “renegade autonomous region” of the Russian Federation, at the crossroads of strategic oil and gas pipeline routes.

Chechen rebel leaders Shamil Basayev and Al Khattab

This was a covert intelligence operation. The main Chechen rebel leaders, Shamil Basayev and Al Khattab, were trained and indoctrinated in CIA-sponsored camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
The two main Chechen jihadist formations, affiliated to Al Qaeda were estimated at 35,000 strong. They were supported by Pakistan’s Military intelligence (ISI) on behalf of the CIA; funding was also channeled to Chechnya through the Wahabbi missions from Saudi Arabia.
Following his training and indoctrination stint, Basayev was assigned to lead the assault against Russian federal troops in the first Chechen war in 1995.
The Sochi Olympics are at a strategic location on the Black Sea at the crossroads of Russia’s oil and gas pipelines.
The forbidden question (both by the West as well as by the Russian government) in addressing the possibility of a terror attack is: Who is behind the Terrorists?
While the US sponsored Chechen rebels were defeated in the 1990s by Russian forces, various Al Qaeda affiliated formations –including the “Caucasus Emirate militant group, Imarat Kavkaz (IK) — remain active in the Southern Caucasus region of the Russian Federation (e.g. Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia) and Abkhazia.
Both the Russian based Al Qaeda groups as well as the broader network of jihadist formations in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Balkans constitute CIA “intelligence assets” which could potentially be used to trigger a terrorist event at the height of the Sochi Olympics.
Needless to say, Moscow is fully aware that Al Qaeda is an instrument of Western intelligence. And Moscow is also aware that the US is covertly supporting terror groups which threaten the security of the Olympic Games.
Within the Russian military and intelligence establishment, this is known, documented and discussed behind closed doors. Yet at the same time, it is a “forbidden truth”. It is taboo to talk about it in public or to raise it at the diplomatic level.
Washington knows that Moscow knows: “I know you know I know”.

Lasha Darkmoon concludes

Why are the neocons — mostly American Jews and their gentile messenger boys on the Jewish payroll —   so filled with fear and loathing of Russia?
There are five very good reasons:
1.  Russia finally tired of Communism and decided to ditch it, opting instead for the Russian Orthodox Church and traditional Christian values — including an aversion to the promotion of homosexuality among children. This drove the neo-Bolshevik Trotskyists in Washington wild with rage, given that they espouse all the opposite values.
2. President Putin cracked down hard on the Jewish oligarchs who had looted more than half  the wealth of the Soviet Union, with the help of Rothschild banksters in the West. Though substantial amounts of this plundered wealth found its way to the US, Britain and Israel, not all of it did — much to the chagrin of the Jewish oligarchs, now on the run, and their international accomplices in crime, i.e., the US, Britain and Israel.
3.  Russia had refused to sanction the Iraq war in the UN Security Council, thereby making war criminals of  George W. Bush and Tony Blair and bringing shame on the Jew-owned  Western media that had initiated this campaign of mindless mass murder on a raft of WMD lies.
4.  Russia blocked international intervention in Syria, itself seen as a preliminary to an attack on Iran at the insistence of the psychologically deranged rulers of Israel.
5.  Lastly, Russia granted asylum to Edward Snowden — in the words of Justin Raimondo, “the last straw, a tactic that inverted the familiar cold war narrative by casting the Russians as the patrons of dissidence and the Americans as their relentless pursuers.”
Final question: Is a US-sponsored terrorist attack likely to occur at the Sochi Olympics? On balance, I think not, given that the identity of the sponsors of terrorism is only too apparent to everyone. Fortunately, people are waking up everywhere and it is becoming increasingly obvious that the good guys of yesterday are the bad guys of today.
It’s now common knowledge who the world’s most “inglourious basterds” are.


Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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