The Happiest Man I Know (Updated) – May 10, 2019

John and his dog, Ruff. Click to enlarge

 John Bilyk is a friend of mine.
He’s the only person I know who walks the walk, not just talks the talk. He is the happiest man I know. His secret is that he is NOT self seeking. The Pursuit of Happiness makes us miserable. Instead he has given his life to God. 
He does what he thinks God wants from him. He spends his time helping people. This is his “job.”
He is a handyman but he doesn’t know what to charge because his focus is on helping people. They gratefully pay what they want. He calls his elderly father every day even though his dad chides him for not having a normal job. He doesn’t always feel like helping others but he does it. It’s his job. I believe the key to happiness is giving our lives to God and doing God’s will, however we interpret this. This is also the key to our personal and collective salvation.

by John Bilyk — From Feb 13, 2014

Thankfully, life is largely a mind game. We live in our heads. And because of this, we can create our own reality.
Life literally is what we make it. I tell myself I’m a super nice billionaire that just happens to like the simple things in life. I walk through the park and tell myself that I own it. I have the gardeners cut the grass, and I even had a trail built just for me.
I’m such a nice guy though that I share my land freely with everybody. As a thank you, they wanted to build a statue of me but I told them no.  How would life be different if it were true?
The power to this lies in non materialism. Saying no to things. Being content with what you have. Living a simple life. Not wanting the fancy car or phone. Not wanting the trip to Hawaii. Not wanting fame, fortune or even love. Not wanting. Just accept things for the way they are. Most things are over rated anyways.

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