David and Goliath?

David DavisDavid Icke has spent the past 15-years or so quite lucratively. Speaking to audiences across the globe he’s made a name for himself talking about the world’s secret rulers: the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati and suchlike.

In theory at least, he should have made a tidy sum. But that may be coming to an end as Icke has just had a run-in with British Member of Parliament David Davis.

For readers outside the UK, David Davis is one of the few politicians here with any shred of integrity. And although he may have dubious “advisors” – placed by the party hierarchy to “guide him”, according to the dictates of the Illuminati – it’s clear that the man himself is independent minded and a decent human being at that.

However, the same cannot be said of Icke, whom this writer has met on a number of occasions. For those who haven’t, he is a rampant egoist who is motivated by his egotism rather than by any desire for truth.

A David Icke talkTo this end he has taken the research of others, passed it off as his own, added a few of his own really absurd ideas – such as the notion of “shape-shifting reptilians” – and then reaped the rewards without acknowledging those who did the original research.

I personally know several researchers – including and an American genealogical investigator – to whom this has happened.

Now, it’s true, we are all on a learning curve and Icke is no exception. In fact it was one of my contacts who more than a decade ago first informed him about Adam Weishaupt; until then Icke had been blissfully ignorant of one of history’s most notorious conspirators.

However, it’s in the sphere of genuine spiritual knowledge that Icke is most noticeably lacking. Indeed in terms of spiritual development Icke is almost infantile. It shows in his egoism, his own ideas and even in his bloated physical countenance.

It also shows in his repeated references to “shape-shifting reptilians”, which reveals a profound ignorance of the nature and inhabitants of the various spiritual worlds that adjoin our own.

Like they say: a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Contrary to what some of his defenders say however, Icke is not bringing the crimes of the ruling elite to wider public attention. This would be happening anyway for this truly is a time of revelation when much that was hidden is coming to light.

Icke is simply a Johnny come lately and the criminal elite must be thanking their gods for his appearance, for if anything he has helped further conceal their crimes.

For example, in his 1999 bestseller “The Biggest Secret” Icke devotes many pages to Princess Diana’s death. He makes a brief passing reference to Richard Tomlinson’s affidavit but spends pages and pages on the “reptilians” in the Royal House of Windsor.

Icke explains the 'Reptillian agenda'According to Icke, Britain’s Royalty are all “shape-shifting reptilians” with an appetite for human flesh and Diana was another of their victims.

Purely by association this demolishes the integrity of credible witnesses like former intelligence officers David Shayler and Richard Tomlinson.

So it’s more than likely that covert operatives have used Icke’s egoism to inveigle and feed him these absurdities – thereby helping to discredit by association the genuine research of others he uses.

More than 25 years ago I was hearing much of what Icke now talks about – minus references to the reptilians – from an old South African tradesman, a simple builder who also happened to know Credo Mutwa. This was while David Icke was still a sports commentator and long before he had even met Credo Mutwa.

Yet someone – it may even be Icke himself – still has the temerity to write:

“David Icke, as someone who was warning about the coming Big Brother State before either of today’s speakers had even heard of it, simply wanted to listen to what they had to say, but was not allowed even though he had a ticket.

“Davis said he called this by-election to have a public debate on these issues, yet won’t even allow the world’s most prolific writer on the subject to -sit in an audience and listen to him. So Big Brother steps in to stop David Icke attending a meeting called to ‘challenge Big Brother’…

“If you support what David Icke is trying to do, virtually alone, and you want his books and work to continue …” (Another appeal for money follows).

So now that someone is campaigning on issues that Icke has exploited he’s upset. Or is he? The fact that he seems to be targeting David Davis makes this writer suspect that Icke is being “guided” by the covert intelligence operatives who use him.

The authorities have realised that Davis is one of the few figures in UK politics with real integrity and this is an attempt to undermine him.

For example: Davis has just won a by-election in his constituency on the issues of the growing power of state, increasing surveillance etc. While the Conservative hierarchy distanced themselves from the contest, the ruling Labour party flatly refused to field a candidate against Davis saying his campaign was a “publicity stunt”.

In other words neither party wants these issues debated because it undermines the whole approach of “dictatorship by stealth”.

Nonetheless, for those who were still ready to listen to Davis the powers that be had another card up their sleeve.

Namely David Icke, a man who has plagiarised others research and who now sees his “pioneering” work in a field open to wider exposure by David Davis.

Even if Davis doesn’t fully grasp what we face – and many don’t – he is still one of the few politicians ready to openly take issue with the emergent Big Brother.

Because of that Davis presents a real obstacle for the Illuminati. And the fact that he has taken a stand has the potential to awaken many more people. In short he is spreading the seeds of what could potentially become popular opposition to the New World Order.

True, it also undermines a lucrative field for David Icke. But that may be why Icke is giving away videos purporting to expose Davis for free.

To close, a couple of interesting biographical details about David Davis: he was born the illegitimate son of a working class factory girl around 1947. A Jewish family, trade union activists, then adopted him and brought him up.

He then went on to serve in the territorial S.A.S.

Despite his working-class origins, Davis went on to climb the ranks of the Conservative Party: a route usually reserved for the upper middle classes and the aristocracy.

Finally, this web site considers David Davis someone to watch and it’s likely that the powers that be will now try to bury him, figuratively at least.

As Sherman Skolnick was wont to say, stay tuned…