The Crises in the Windshield and the Anthropomorphic Gods

Smoking Mirrors — Feb 13, 2014

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(I got in the car this morning to go to the store. I went to the store and when coming out, I saw a large man with a certain look in his eye. It might have been nothing at all but as I was starting the car to go home, the thought came into my head, “There are a lot of bad people in the world”. Immediately on the heels of that, one of my invisible friends said, “That’s the opening line to your next book.” I saw that, indeed, it was. So it goes)
That Brother Nathaniel guy pulls no punches but… being of Jewish extraction it could be he has cachet in that regard. He does point out some interesting things in his latest article on the Zio-Tribe, Gay Political Agenda; Football. It was interesting to know some kind of coming out dinner was held and who attended but the majority of the guest list was not posted.
He brings up an interesting thing about Sodom and Gomorrah, present time. Myself, rather than single out this one area, even though its impact is far heavier than that demographic might warrant and is also the train that is pulling a lot of other cars, I think the more telling reality is the pervasive decadence that has come over society in all of it’s urban sprawls and these days, it’s suburban sprawls and its rustic enclaves. Whether it’s the Hillbilly Heroin laying waste through the shanty and trailer park quadrants, the worldwide upgrade in heroin use around the planet, the massive outpouring of one new designer drug after another, the influence of contemporary, so called musicians, on the young, the ubiquitous spread of pornography around the internet; a substantial, substantial portion of all internet traffic is connected to porno… the force of these things on mass human consciousness is severe.
The horrors of environmental abuse, like the tens of thousands of dead pelicans from the floating plastic island in the Pacific  or all those dead albatrosses having to do with Midway, Fukushima, Fracking. Well, I can’t list all of what’s going on, I don’t have time. The effect of plastic on marine life is devastating and everybody using this crap is responsible to some degree. Most especially the corporatists, their lackeys in government and the bankers behind both of them, share the majority of the karmic weight.
Sooner or later, some level of critical mass is going to be reached. The perverted sex taking place between the governments and companies like Monsanto, Syngenta, Dupont and others is ghastly and the impact on world food sources is tremendous. They do not seem inclined to change and only sold out whores are allowed to reach public office and when they do they are encouraged to hire only those who work to fulfill the economic goals of the worst predators on the planet. The great honeybee die off is going to have serious effect wherever it is in effect. It is to weep.
I look at how widespread it all is and how indifferent to it the mass of the population is and I have to shake my head. I tell myself there is only so much you can do as an individual, when it comes to promoting positive change and raising consciousness. I am in a personal quandary, which I fear that I share with many of the readers. Where does one go to wait out what must be coming, given all the signs? One day I’m all focused on going to Maui, the next day I’m thinking I’d better stay around here. I do have a nice place available but it is so much work. Sometimes I think I should have given more thought to my situation later in life, as pertains to pensions and the like. I don’t own or have much of anything material. It is unlikely I can rewind the video back to earlier times and take other steps but… would any of that have made a difference? You have to function (if you can) with what you have and hope you’ve made the wiser choice.
I think about the billions in their various states. Half of the world lives in a state of emergency. Millions are picking through the garbage, while more than a third of edible good quality food is thrown out. I worked as a cook in restaurants and even owned a couple and it used to astonish me what people left on their plates. You see it all the time in movies. It’s bad enough what most people eat to begin with. So a lot of the world starves, while those with too much, cast aside this precious resource without thought. They must have too much or they wouldn’t waste it, would they?
I eat what I prepare. I don’t leave food on my plate. I am 100% convinced that if you waste food you WILL GO HUNGRY. We live in a culture of excess and instant gratification. We live in a world of mass distraction. We live in a world of incipient and right around the corner violence. We live in a world where the pressures on people lead to an ignition of violence against both family and strangers. People have lost their faith and their connectness to each other and in a culture of greed it is everyone for themselves.
I was wondering about the progressive uptick in police brutality, most especially in America. I know that Israel has sent Nazi instructors to many police departments and worked to indoctrinate them into their philosophy that; “everyone but you is a Palestinian.” However… in the back of my mind I kept thinking, “that can’t be the only reason”. Then it occurred to me, of course! We’ve had fifteen years of gratuitous banker warfare against middle eastern countries. This has served to desensitize and traumatize these troglodytes who, once they return to The Homeland, begin to take out their anger and frustrations upon the public AND a great many of them go into law enforcement.
There is something that happens to you when you go to fight in a Banker War. These are not righteous wars. There is no way you come out of such conflicts with any sense of honor; parades and medals be damned. You come out of these conflicts with an intense sense of guilt, a near unbearable sense of guilt and regret which you cannot face. Generally you are not smart enough to figure out who is responsible, in this case, that would be Israel again. There is no end to the outrages they are engaged in. So, you take it out on the nearest life forms. Nothing is more indicative of one’s need to punish others by proxy for their crimes than the callous murder of household pets. When you cannot face your own culpability in monstrous crimes; the murders of women and children, you are in dire need of a target and since this makes it all even worse, you’re more fucked up than you were previously.
Of course, this all has to do with Karma and one of the biggest performers in the realm of Karma is reincarnation. Whole generations arrive on the scene, with certain propensities and the stage gets set for them to act out these drives for the purpose of demonstration. What you have is the serial dramas of generations upon generations, which in these times, usually leads to a whole lot of blind men gumming each other to death in their pursuit of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
The terrible spectacle of the moment is not fully visible to the majority of the players. If it were, they would all be in a state of uncontrollable panic. This is why so many people are in such a state of egregious need for distraction, any distraction because, even though they can’t see what it really is, a part of them can feel it.
It is a simple process that unfolds when Materialism gets the upper hand in any culture. There’s nothing complex about it. It follows easily predictable steps. There is a noticeable increase in neurosis and psychosis, obsessiveness and compulsiveness. Alienation sets in and the sense of it grows and grows. People become more and more selfish and more and more self absorbed. Video games and full time headphone and earbud wearing are examples of this. Crime goes on the increase and more and more laws are created to create more and more criminals until no one, no one can move or speak without breaking the law. The rich get richer with impunity and the poor get poorer without effective advocates.; in the latter stages the middle class is done away with. Resources become ever more precious because those controlling them, control the flow and availability of them so… in order to maximize profits, resources tighten up. There’s good news on the horizon about resources but once again, whose hands are they in? The majority of those trafficking in basic necessities raise the prices until many people have to worry about whether to pay the rent, heat their home, or buy food. Morals go out the window, justice leaves by the back door, after first being violently buggered by those profiting from its departure. The government takes over more and more of everything because they become mere functionaries for the corporations AND everything is for sale. Everything is for sale AND stupidity and grotesquery are celebrated and normalized like caramelized feces.
Speaking the truth becomes a crime. Living according to a higher code and a higher standard singles you out as an enemy of state. Shit hits the fan on a regular basis. Atmospheric tension goes through the roof so that there is almost no one who is not aware that something is wrong and something bad is coming, even if they have no idea what any of it is.
A lot of people don’t believe in God and even worse, a lot of people believe in an anthropomorphic God, who is just a projection of a bigger them, with all the failings and prejudices they possess. I don’t have these problems because I KNOW God exists. I have met God and I speak with his emissaries on a regular basis. I don’t have the anthropomorphic God problem because I do not purport to know who and what God is. I know some few things about this entity. One of the things I know is that this God force permeates everything animate and inanimate everywhere in the universe, is in fact composing it, after a fashion. Besides this, the God force is also apart from everything and unto itself in inviolable space. It is also conscious in everything that is conscious, to the degree that it is conscious and also within and apart from the life form. There’s more to it than that and it could, without doubt have been expressed better but that’s how it is from this perspective and I don’t think it goes contrary to physics at all. If they haven’t discovered all of this yet, they will. They will.
When you believe in an anthropomorphic God, you are inclined to go to war on any available pretext. You are inclined to consider every other different anthropomorphic God worshiper to be wrong and headed to Hell, which, if you had the power to send them there, they would already be resident in. No one knows more than those who know less than nothing at all and no one is more strident about making their points either. Anyway, Onward Christian canon fodder, marching off  to war, with the banker’s reversed pentagram going on before.
I’d like to end on a positive note. I’m sure there has to be one. I’d say, regardless of how it may seem, you’re a lot better off than most if you have managed to hang on to your humanity. You’re a lot better off than most if you face each day seeking to be of service where you can. You’re a lot better off than most if you’ve put some amount of time into self inquiry and seeking out a communication with the luminous realms. If there is going to be retribution for crimes committed here, then certainly, it stands to reason, there will be rewards for virtues expressed in action by those responsible for them. Every moment is precious because every moment is an opportunity for change, or a chance to up the intensity in pursuit of what is most worth having. Let us hope that is the case with all of us.
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