The Serenity Guarantee from the Guardians of the Mind

Visible Origami — Feb 12, 2014

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One day follows the next. Time marches on, often alongside us and occasionally and certainly eventually, right over the top of us. To achieve immortality is not difficult, for so long as nothing else gets in the way. Then it becomes extremely difficult and since things usually get in the way, I suppose it is difficult but… it’s not difficult too. A spark of immortality resides within you at this very moment but you will be unaware of it, if your attention is on mortal things. This spark of immortality is your deepest essence and one of the only lasting and authentic portions of you. You would think, given this fact, people would be more focused on establishing a connection with this spark but most people aren’t even in connection with the portion of themselves that connects with this spark and that is due to Kali Yuga and the preeminence of materialism.
It is exceedingly difficult not to be affected and influenced by the thoughts of those around you. Often our thoughts are not our own and that is why I stress the snorting technique and broad daylight awareness. If you live in a city, the impact of surrounding thought is far more concentrated than it would be in more rural locations. Also, there are invisible conning towers all about, that broadcast subliminal messaging to the detriment of those capable of being affected by it. You might compare these transmissions to the physical effect of Crass Media and the various entertainments, along with all of the advertisements and blandishments of the world at large.
I want to talk a little about ‘accommodation’. Accommodation is a condition that sets in, when surrounding noise and distractions, no longer register at the self conscious level. Say you are in New York City and you have a window open and someone is using a jackhammer in the street below; not an uncommon occurrence. A time comes when you no longer hear it. Let’s extrapolate out from that. All of us live in states of conditioning, which we have gone into a state of accommodation with. These things influence us at the subconscious level and affect our behavior and temperament. Unless we are able to tell ourselves that we are subject to conditioning that we may be unaware of, we will remain unaware of it.
Here is the core of my personal attraction to psychedelics. For me, when in that state, all of these things are exposed and can, under the right circumstances be discarded. For a short time, one can see deeper into themselves and other things than would be possible in their ordinary waking state. Certainly meditation and other spiritual disciplines can effect similar awarenesses. I have been the beneficiary of both. However, in times of great corruption and… these times qualify, the fruits of spiritual discipline can be harder to come by. Ah well, we do the best we can or… we don’t. I also find it effortless to have luminous beings materialize and communicate with me, on nearly every occasion.
We are born into the temporary with the promise of everlasting, should we manage the challenges and attractions of the temporary. Unbeknownst to most of us, we are under observation all the time. Most people just go through their days as conditioned souls, or souls caught in the thrall of appetite and desire. Only a fool does not respect the power of these things and… no one gets to the higher states without help and you certainly don’t stay there without the proper connections and credentials.
I live in a state of constant ironic observation. Sometimes it is redolent with humor (redolent? good grief, visible!) and sometimes it is fraught with tragedy because the cause of it is not seen. One of the enduring ironies I observe taking place around me, mostly at a significant reach of distance, is the lengths people go to, to make important connections here. They might be important here but only for so long as you, or they, are here and… life can be fickle to be sure. Meanwhile, simply because they can’t see them, people reject the possibility that there are potential friends all around them, waiting to be communicated with and who possess their own connections to fonts of extraordinary wisdom and any number of desirable things; truly desirable things.
Yes, I know, there are all kinds of masquerading spirits, hungry ghosts, malefic entities, astral larvae and what have you and these can be a concern if… you are a concern. You will only develop a lasting relationship with that which resonates to what you are. Ergo it behooves one to pay attention to what they are. You only attract these negative entities when you are not in command of your appetites and desires. In fact, there is often nothing wrong with any number of appetites and desires, so long as you are in control of them.
I have tried to convey the most useful and effective techniques that I am in possession of. I don’t know how many people have availed themselves of these things. The important understanding one should have is that it can be quite simple. Everything that affects you comes through the mind. Even if it’s some kind of mishap you encounter, or people in your life that you wish weren’t there. It all comes through the mind so… the critical posture to precede all postures is to STAND GUARD AT THE GATEWAY OF YOUR MIND. This means a state of attentive awareness that watches what seeks to come and go and which is trained, initially, to reject all thoughts, no matter what, until contact has been made with one’s inner self. There are doors within us that can be opened. There are voices speaking that remain unheard and that is because of all the surface chatter.
When you feel uneasy, it is often because of the inner voice, which, though you may not hear it, is certainly heard by the subconscious. Alternatively, there are environmental vibrations that radiate outward and also approach one on the inner channels and these can comfort, rarely …and be disturbing as well. We are at a disadvantage when we remain in ignorance of what is actually going on around us, not to mention what is going on inside us and what it means. The only way to get a handle on this is to throw everything else out and manifest an empty state, from which ‘direction’ will mystically and magically appear. You can’t eject what is part of you and what is essential to you so… attempting to throw it out won’t work but it will work on everything else that doesn’t belong. It requires persistence and dedication but the rewards, the payoff, is immense. Wouldn’t you like the idea of an ever approaching serenity, as opposed to an approaching senility? You get one or the other; especially if you use aluminum cookware (upside down grin).
Look! I know this may seem an outrageous claim but I can GUARANTEE you serenity, bliss and joy, if you religiously follow certain simple procedures. I cannot guarantee that you may not suffer sometimes, or even that you might not get cut short suddenly and out of the picture but… the road is long (and sometimes less long) and once upon it, not even death can separate you from your progress. The hard and cold truth is that we generally lack dedication. We’re okay for a week or a month but then we get bored or frustrated and that is because we are always looking for the immediate payoff and that is because we are corrupted by that western Shake ‘n Bake, instant appearance shit. If one is ‘fully committed’ there is no longer any frustration or boredom because you are in, unequivocally, for the long haul. ‘half measures avail nothing’. You can’t be vacillating and fluctuating.
Our attention and concentration abilities are under serious assault by the world around us. Most of us do not have some quiet sanctuary to repair to. Most of us do not live in a pristine environment but all of us have a mind we can empty and all of us have access to meditative disciplines and some place in Nature we can go to every day at the same time.
Here is a technique that I gave out once before some years earlier. Go into Nature, somewhere where there is foliage and either stand, if that is what you are more comfortable with, or seat yourself and compose your mind and once you feel that has been achieved, speak clearly and directly into the foliage, as if the archetypal entity were right there in the foliage. Tell this Devic emissary what it is that you want and express it with all the confidence that it will come to pass. It will come to pass. You may not notice much initially. It takes awhile for the power to come into residence and resonance with your daily appearance and practice. What is hard to get across to people, is that anything that can do you any good is not fond of dilettantes and insincere game players. At no time is Lady Nature not in contact with everything that has manifested from her. What you are doing is engaging in a ritual that is repeated at a specific time and in a specific place. It builds up force. You might think of it as similar to Don Juan’s ‘place of power'; a point in a room.
Prayer, meditation, concentrated focusing and mantra work, are all well known to bring results, depending on the attitude of the practitioner. You can define and describe this any way that suits you but… you should make use of it
You can’t be an effective person with a cluttered mind, or a heart that can be hijacked by whimsy. You can hardly fail in being effective with an empty mind, that you furnish at will and a heart that is resolute and confident. There are many similar techniques going round and which have been around for centuries and they are around because they work and if they don’t work for everyone that is because not everyone works them as they were meant to be worked.
It takes such a small part of one’s day to meditate, or engage in creative visualization but for some reason, most people can’t find the time. That is because there are energies about whose job it is to maintain you in the perspective of there not being enough time because they are some of the residents in a cluttered mind. Often they have been there awhile, exercising their squatter’s rights. They also get larger the more that you feed them. Starving them is also effective and you are always stronger than they are.
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