The Invisibility Factor of Lady Nature, Frankie Avalon Lite and Coke Zero

Reflections in a Petri — Feb 11, 2014

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Last week I mentioned seeing the day Spring arrived here. Well… it appears to be true as buds bespeak the approach of Lady Nature in the temporary garb of her eternal youth. I plan on dancing across eternity’s meadow with her when my own investiture occurs, though it will likely be through etheric pastures, given I prefer those zones where reverse engineered Kundalini is less likely to rear it’s fecal head, given the immense propensity for it to be present in the kill zone of a dying age.
Speaking of overkill on the jackhammer propaganda plane, here’s our precious poster boy of the moment where a photo is worth a thousand words. The caption should read, “Oh Gawd… puleeze”  for those who pay attention to the juvenile brainwashing techniques of the Zionist instigators of this movement, there is much to notice in the article. Lest they fem up the image too much, which for a defensive end is not particularly good practice, when you are looking to be a high draft choice, they’ve got the Mr. Hard Guy look too. Should I be accused of returning to this subject too often, I must remind the reader that it is ‘in your face’ practically everywhere you go. I can assure you that despite the gratuitous Twitterhead dumbed down texting taking place in support of, it’s going to be a whole other thing in the locker rooms. Article after article on this non-news, ‘who gives a shit’ item, wallpapers the virtual media. Don’t forget to note that he’s ‘proud’. I have never understood the use of that term in conjunction with where I put my erection. I always figured that whole process was nothing to be proud of in the first place; nor is it anything special, given that every living thing has facility to perform this act. I felt like the time to be proud (if there ever were a time that it was desirable) is when I would feel that way once I had that force rerouted up and inwards for the purpose of illumination and liberation. I’ve mostly got that sussed and I’m not in the performance of it at the moment; can’t say whether I will be again. There might be a reason that has only an indirect connection to the act. Anyway, I’m a ‘never say never’ kind of a guy.
What most people lack, besides the courage of their convictions (just on the off chance that their convictions are something other than getting all starry eyed about being able to take part in some Banker War against the unwilling) is what I call, broad daylight consciousness and which more fully interpreted means; seeing things as they are. In that respect one would look at the Gay Political Agenda and see it for what it is; a menace to society, completely owned and operated by the Zionist freaks who are pretty much behind most of the bad nonsense going on, since they are also engaged in tandem efforts across the globe, in Africa, in South America, well, you name it. They are assisted in this by The Satanists with whom they are synonymous. It’s possible they’re not doing much in Greenland or Antarctica but then neither is anyone else.
Once again, seeking to head off at the pass, those self adulating liberal types who think liberty is license, whereas, in fact, that liberty and license leads directly into bondage and eventually turns you into a vibrating butt plug, metaphorically speaking. Let me say I have not one smidgen of an iota of contempt or judgment against individual Gay individuals and my track record through my life will confirm this. I have definitely gone more out of my way than most people to interact in a human manner and even to physically defend these people when threatened in the park or elsewhere. Thank God my good friend Carlos was by my side. Carlos used to headbutt parking meters so as to make them ring and I had other allies too. People forget that the 60’s and 70’s were no picnic for longhairs, especially when the Marines would come into town for one of their Beatles-bopping excursions. They and their fellow Banker War acolytes ran into more than they bargained for more than once. Anyway… the streets could be dangerous. That’s one of the cool things about Europe. I’ve hardly seen anything like that here and the police simply do their job, at least in respect of me. I was 3 years in this town before I saw a police car.
Imagine, if you will, a town square festival, visited by tens of thousands of people, who came to eat, drink and be merry and who did precisely that and you might see one or two policemen standing and waiting with the ambulance people, which is why they were there, in case anyone needed help and there were no fights and I never saw one in fifteen years of attending them. Imagine that in the U.S. where the crowd has been knocking back the brewskis and wine all day. That’s one of the things I consider when contemplating my return to the Zionist occupied states of America.
Okay, maybe it’s time to address something that has been coming up in the past couple weeks ever since I announced a particular destination; based on emails and comments. There are people who want me to stay in Europe and there are people who want me to come to mainland U.S. Those who want me to stay in Europe must realize that Europe has to provide me with an environment commensurate with the one I presently occupy. In that case I would have no problem with staying right here in this zone and were I to do that, it is my intention to go on a speaking tour this summer so that any who may wish it can visit with me and I will then have the opportunity to share some techniques which have so far not made it into print. I do have a place waiting here in The East but it requires a deal of effort to get it into shape and commensurate finances too. It is still, seriously under consideration. I love the location and I really like the people I’d be interacting with, although there are but a few.
It’s possible that in my efforts to get it together and go to Maui I might meet with enough resistance (put there by the ineffable) to dissuade me. As for the American mainland, that would require a very deliberate scrutiny prior to. Regardless, Maui is halfway between two large landmasses of readers. I seriously considered Australia but it is foreign to me and I would have to have a working setup and be assured of continuance because it is an investment getting there and an investment getting out of there and from what I hear, it’s an investment to live there too (grin), being expensive, or so I’ve been told. I seriously considered South America and I love the people who invited me and I know I disappointed them by not coming there, as I was prepared to do but… strangely, once set to migrate, my expected finances simply vanished, no doubt on the ineffable’s orders and there is yet another language situation, with a tangled and inefficient bureaucracy as well as various imponderables and I am past the homesteading factor in this existence. I require something already operational, so I can just go on with what it is I do with a minimum of external considerations calling me, unless that was people in need of something I am able to provide.
For me, my greatest joy comes out of being of service. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than that. It makes my life meaningful, where nothing else would serve nearly as well. As long as I can continue in that I will.
Where I wind up will be the result of the greatest attractive force as much as anything else. Following that is a stable environment where I can function at ‘what I already do’, which should be sufficient in the right place and not have to take some kind of a job to pay for the right to do what I do. If that were the case then I might as well stop doing what I do because obviously the climate doesn’t support it. All of these things are under consideration.
Irrespective of the fact that I say it; given that people say things all the time and don’t mean them, I mean what I say and I follow through. Anyone who knows me knows that. I am this way because anything short of that meets with mixed success. I also believe that if you don’t stand behind your own words they then lack the power and conviction desirable for them to have a positive and/or transformative effect. For a lot of people, this is not a consideration. For me it is. In this world of these times, we have more than our share of brain damaged nitwits and we have more than enough tissue paper celebrities, like Frankie Avalon Lite whose sense of privilege, like that of Viley Cyrus is off the charts and if you find them to be less filling than Coke Zero you are called a ‘hater’ or you just don’t understand that they are exercising their freedom/license and they are simply just growing up and experimenting and there’s nothing wrong with that and it also doesn’t matter how many impressionable youth they drag down into the pits with them.
Good and intelligent, inspired and creative role models are not permitted on the stage in present time. This industry is also near totally owned by the Zio_Ogre and I have first hand experience of that. Nothing helps so much in dumbing down the already stupid (courtesy of the educational system) as having observably stupid, vaccuous and shallow entertainers  lurching about and grabbing their crotch, even when there isn’t anything to grab and dressing like a side street hooker, while operating exclusively out of the second chakra because of the attractive magical force which that generates. It’s fully transparent and if you can’t see it and see the intended direction of it, you’re none too bright. And they defend against criticism in this regard by painting the critics as uptight and prejudiced individuals, who want to restrict human freedom; that would be the human freedom to demean and destroy yourself, while taking a public shit on your own dignity. They know full well that if they can massage the mass mind into viewing all of this as acceptible, normal and natural, which it is none of the three, then people will take it all as something harmless and entertaining, which it isn’t and if you can’t see that, you’re none too bright as well. The generic, cultural soupe de jour, is this  metaphorically speaking, turd in the punchbowl. Meanwhile, the general focus of the public is right about here, these being the most popular Twitter twittings. Well, one last link from that odious site of a popular celebrity blogger, who resembles the tabloid reporter fly in “Meet the Feebles“. This is how they spin the subject, once again, it’s as if you are trampling on human rights. The things is, no one else has any. Aye, There’s the rub.
These things need be said because the mass of media is trumpeting something quite different and lest people get the impression that most people feel that way, which is the purpose of their assault on consciousness, they don’t, they don’t. Onward and upward!

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