Why don’t we do it in the Luge with Shapeshifting Reptiles?

Smoking Mirrors — Feb 10, 2014

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The Olympics make us think of many things… or they used to. Let’s just say that these days they make us think of many thing different than the things they used to make us think of because this is the modern world of agenda driven public (incest) relations. I think this sums it up best. This shows us how our world could be. Yes… the Olympics indicate how graceful and cooperative it could all be, when world figures become world figure skaters. Of course, they’ve always been figure skaters because they all skate around figures at the command of international bankers.
Yes, the Olympics gives us a chance to strut our stuff and be unintentionally hilarious with our t-shirt brand identifications. The folks at Athlete Back Alley know how the game is played. You do it by publicly announcing that you’re not doing it while you’re doing it. “Doing it?” Okay, okay, I get it. ♫Why d d d d don’t we do it in the Luge? Why d d d d don’t we d d d do it in the Luuuuuuuge? Whaaaaaaa don’t we do it in The Luuge. No one will be watching us (and what’s the point of that?).♫
Yes, President Putin of Russia made a law that you can’t educate small children into the wonders of same sex enjoyment and apparently it is forbidden to demonstrate technique to them as well and somehow… somehow… this has become an international human rights issue. It shows you how far down the dark highway, or, in this case, how far up and into the dark highway things have gotten (shoved) when a simple legal restraint, forbidding the indoctrination and shaping of very young minds (and very young behinds) through subliminal and not so subliminal propaganda techniques, is considered an anti-social and morally reprehensible act. We can thank the perspicacious, world wide, Zionist-Satanic media for this controlled perception. You actually get people arguing that it is offensive not to allow children, who only recently learned how to walk, to also learn how to play ‘free my Willie’. All of the completely Zionist run alternative sexual organizations, have joined together to have ‘the three R’s’ officially redefined as readin, riting and rimming.
Government agents in the service of international bankers are most kindly informing us that they are doing everything in their power to see that The Olympics meet their criteria for a successful run. Well, we know why a political whore would say something like that don’t we? He probably got a phone call from Little Georgie Sorrows, who, with the rest of his kinsmen, are stirring the shit in The Ukraine, where the opposition is either Zionist controlled, or figure head fronted by actual Tribe members and… in the backrooms where they bite the heads off of chickens, after doing other unseemly things to them first, or bite the heads off of them while these acts are still taking place, for the pleasure of the chicken of course, the diplomatic wings of the powers of the western world, are following orders from the ones who own the respective departments.
I think I’ll just head out on the water with Fred Neil and search for those dolphins in the sea, apparently I have a lot more in common with dolphins than I already thought I did. Yeah, I think those dolphins have the right idea cause I can’t imagine anyone wants to look at the world the way it is right now, without some kind of perception additive  It’s gruesome. It’s loathsome. It’s in your face with a hand on your ass. One of the reasons that so many contemporary performers are dumber than a gravel driveway, is because they are chosen in the first place for their susceptibility to mind control. Another reason the most clueless and talent deprived around are given the greatest amount of public face time, is because it is the objective of those controlling these dunderheads to project the appearance that this is the level of intelligence we should all seek to emulate. It should come as no surprise that Kanye West thinks he is a genius. The irony in this article is breathtaking and lest you think he’s shy about letting you know just what a wunderkind he is, think again.
You have to look at all of these things the way the one responsible for your hearing about it looks at it and that would be Mr. Apocalypse. It’s not just linguistically challenged rapping Nimrods who are getting that blown out of proportion to all recognition thing and who remain unaware of what they actually look like to the higher intellects around them, like those with an IQ of 95 and up. This is happening in all fields of enterprise where the least deserving are becoming the most rewarded. The fact that West hooked up with Kardashian is just one more example of Mr. Apocalypse’s sense of humor.
I’m not suggesting that you do this but… should an independent researcher, out there somewhere, choose to smoke a few bowls of White Widow, or something comparable and turn on their TV and watch what is being screened on the main networks for only one evening, the reality of what is taking place and the intent of those producing these things should become clear beyond any possibility of doubt.
There can be no doubt of the intentions of the Satanic agents at work in all of these fields of entertainment; stupid is unequivocally the new smart. The requirements for being a big star now is a previously unheard of level of cluelessness, coupled with an inability to experience embarrassment, no matter what and ALL OF THIS, all of this, is to get you to go along with the program and make whatever adjustments are necessary to be as near exactly like that as you can get. The truth is that the stupider the public is, the easier it is to sell them anything, no matter what that might be. It is easier to convince a stupid person to fight in a banker war abroad than it is someone who still retains a degree of intelligence and a basic survival awareness. These are now in the minority. The truth is that it is infinitely easier to convince a stupid person of anything than it is someone with a few remaining brain cells. It’s easier to get them to support ANY political candidate, no matter who it might be. It’s easier to get them to believe anything, no matter what that might be. This is the point behind the powerful agenda to dumb down human consciousness to just barely above the level of a beast; down as low as possible and still able to function… barely.
Here is an amazing and incontrovertible fact. A small minority of psychopaths, Satanists and Zionists, along with elements of the rich and powerful, along with the flunkeys that serve them; people like Piers Morgan, Bill O’Reilly, Oprah Winfrey and others and all of whom might well also be members of every single group already mentioned, are collectively engaged in an operational conspiracy to impoverish, imprison and/or murder the majority of you with the exception of those they intend to keep around as servants, or for the purpose of amusement. The president of the United States is engaged in this and so is the Secretary of State and pretty much the majority of all political ‘tools’ in the western and eastern worlds. It is most telling that a theocracy like Iran can be one of the singular examples of sanity in the world of the moment. It shows just how far round the bend things have gone.
Satanism is one of the most powerful, by appearance, forces in the world today and this is most graphically demonstrated by the freeing of The West Memphis 3. Look at the names of the celebrities who were involved in this travesty of justice. Each of them are either practicing Satanists or tools of the same. Of course, this sort of thing has been going on for awhile. As for the West Memphis 3, there is way too much evidence that these three were the killers, with the only exception being that they had help with it. I took the trouble to investigate the facts of the case and if you care to spend a few weeks like I did, you can’t fail to come to the same conclusions. How? How, you might ask yourself, did so many celebrities get lassoed into supporting this effort to free these killers? Despite what your feelings of appreciation for some of these entertainers might be, the best that can be said about them is that they are stupid, or else forcibly coerced. Right this moment there are people in cages, or actively being scouted for use in Satanic ceremonies. It’s a regular Sunday brunch for these people and a hell of a blackmail jacket for unwitting attendees.
These and all manner of heinous conditions are being permitted by the cosmos for the purpose of demonstration. You may be horrified by that and unable to get your head around it but in times of Satanic preeminence, this is what you get, prior to the hammer coming down and it will. Be assured that a surprisingly vast spectrum of powerful and famous individuals are neck deep in these kinds of practices. All kinds of terrible activities are going on all over the place. It will not continue forever. When the light arrives, it will fragment the darkness and shatter the engines by which the darkness is generated and it will all be blown away in the cleansing winds, generated by the arrival of the spiritual sun, rising out of the collective hearts of whatever humanity remains capable of that honor.
We’ve allowed ourselves to be seduced by the appearance of power in the hands of shapeshifting dark entities and temporally based forces under the command of lower astral mindbenders, to the exclusion of an awareness of just how powerful the ineffable is by comparison. The ineffable set the planets and the stars in their courses and the totality of all that can be seen and imagined as being presently manifest by the power of the ineffable, is still, in its totality, less that the ineffable has in reserve. Contemplate that!
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