Obama Caught Making Quenelle Gesture!!

Nicolas Anelka denies racism with photo of Barack Obama, Jay Z and Beyonce making salute

Tom Rawle — The Star Dec 29, 2013

West Bromwich Albion's French striker Nicolas Anelka with the alleged "anti-Semitic" gesture. Click to enlarge

The French footballer made the ‘quenelle’ sign, said to be a lesser known Nazi salute, after scoring his second goal during the match.
An investigation has since been launched by the Football Association after a huge storm was caused in France.
The 34-year-old now faces a possible ban by the FA who take a zero tolerance approach to racism in the sport.
But the former Arsenal and Chelsea striker has defended his actions on Twitter saying the celebration was a “special dedication” to his friend, French comedian Dieudonne.
He also posted a photo of US President Barack Obama, rapper Jay Z and popstar wife Beyonce posing with the salute.


The reader who sent this in writes:

This is quite amusing as it shows the picture. It is entitled ‘PIC: Beyonce, Jay-Z, Obama Do “Brush Off Shoulders” Move at Fundraiser‘. Jay Z and the other guy don’t look like they are brushing anything off anywhere. No two ways about it – they are doing the quenelle.
The original photo can be found at: http://instagram.com/p/P4azgSvQD8/#
I would say that from his expression Jay Z knows very well what he is doing. The other guy looks like he does as well. Beyonce may or may not know what she is doing, but she probably does. That leaves the clueless useful idiot who is standing next to her. Who would have thought that he was a Dieudonné fan?
It is nice to know that Dieudonné is supported by such powerful people.. 😀

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