To Be a Slender Reed Bending in the Wind

Visible Origami — Feb 9, 2014

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The books have all been written. The truths, inasmuch as that is possible, have all been spoken. We can be absolutely certain all the lies have been told and that more than one fool, on more than one occasion, has been taken in by one or many more of them. It can be assumed, without the likelihood of effective contradiction, that many of those taken in by lies have not only believed them but also adopted them to their own portfolios of deception. According the scripture, which is corroborated by most every other scripture, all lies have a single point of origin, a parentage …and it follows logically that this parent would be called the father of lies. It also logically follows that he would be served by agents who prosper through the proliferation of lies and the fabrication of reality, whatever that may be in actuality, manifested through the entertainment media and the information media. To identify who that might be, one has only to study who it is that has ownership of these industries. This is easily discovered. One might wish the truth to be otherwise. One might conceal their knowledge of it because of the liability that attends the possession of truth. One might find the truth to be incredibly inconvenient. This is all consistent with the majority viewpoint best defined by the statements, “I don’t want to hear about it” and “I don’t want to know about it.” Everyone must make their own accommodations concerning this. I have and you have or, you will.
Everything that could have happened, according to human possibility has happened, whether it has been observed or not. Every deed we might imagine has been committed. Every success and failure, no matter how horrible or wonderful, or how temporary its span may have been, has occurred. The ordinary human mind has little awareness of how truly evil a man or woman can be once they have turned their will over to the agency that sits in rulership over mortal passions and ambitions.
Every life, flowers upon the particular ground it grows from and is a variation in expression of any one of countless possibilities. How any life came upon the fertile or less than fertile soil of its composition, is to be attributed to however it managed its previous incarnation of another compostion of soil, in which all of the components were precisely chosen for the complexity of their resonance in the field of assigned karma, without which one would not even be here, or if they were, they would not, ordinarily, be seen by mortal eyes.
Since everything that can happen, has happened and if no record of it presently exists, there are reasons for it and that information has been excised or suppressed, from or in ordinary history, for the purpose of controlling the present. Those who control past perception are able to control present perception. True records of past events do exist but it takes a special mind to access them. The record of everything is contained within us. It’s knowing where to look that makes all the difference in whether one finds it. We are a universe in miniature, as well as the final synthesis of all life, potentially. Beyond what we presently are, lie stages of existence unknown to the common mind. It is safe to say that the difference between our present state and these further states, is as great and quite possibly greater than the distance between your present self and a household pet.
Many people belong to religious organizations. Many people study one form or another of religious and spiritual practices. There are people who call themselves Christians, or Muslims, Buddhists or Hindus. There are people who call themselves witches, pagans, Satanists, Scientologists and Atheists. The list is long. Some are casual practitioners of their faith and some are consumed by it, for better or worse but few… very, very few arrive at these higher states, previously mentioned. There’s a reason for this. If effort alone could account for advancement, there would be far more so empowered than there are. It takes a special blend of qualities to attract the attention of the ones who make this advancement possible. Make no mistake about this, with only the very, very rare exception, you will not advance beyond a certain point without the assistance of those who are the guardians of these states.
It is a common event that people fool themselves about their level of advancement and their standing in whatever spiritual hierarchy they imagine themselves to be a member of. It is also common that many who think themselves agents of good are not agents of good at all. Until we have made a lasting connection with the positive emissaries of the hidden kingdom, some level of personal self deception is in operation. We might struggle each day to free ourselves of this but it shows right back up the following day because all of the corridors through which we access the information we operate off of, comes to us through the senses and the senses are functional only within restricted bandwidths. Above each physical sense sits a, usually dormant, metaphysical sense. Some few of us have these in operation as the result of certain disciplines or past life efforts and some of us have the temporary use of them through the ingestion of psychedelic substances. Sometimes extreme trauma can activate one or more of them.
Everything you are reading here can be more comprehensively verified in all corroborating scriptures of which there are many. The manner of presentation may vary and the importance conferred on various points may differ but what is, is and the only difference in all the different places, times and mediums is the clothing of words put upon it to describe it. All across the planet are important scholars, pundits and learned minds who are so very certain that only their particular suit of clothes sets off the truth to its best advantage, so what you wind up with is a competitive religious fashion show that sooner or later turns into a brawl, where dignified personages hurl insults across the waters and borders at each other, proving definitively that although they might possess the truth, they don’t understand it and they don’t know where its located. We are all at fault in this regard to a point …but our failings are small so long as we are willing to accept the limitations of our knowledge concerning the limited extent of the knowledge we possess.
At my most recent posting, an individual with a  Eastern name showed up at the comments section frothing at the mouth and screaming at me that I had no right in saying that everything that happens on this Earth has the permission of the divine. I maintain that nothing happens without divine permission and that we only ever see no more than half of the whys and wherefores that bring about events. He was livid and outraged that I would suggest that children die because the divine permits it. Basically what he is saying is that the divine has limited power and is opposed by another force that makes things happen which the divine cannot prevent because the divine is not strong enough. I tried to point out that portion of scripture in The Lord’s Prayer where the supplicant prays, “lead us not into temptation.” Pray tell, who is it that is being asked not to lead one into temptation? Is it not the divine? Does not the prayer begin, “Our Father who art in Heaven”? Does it or does it not?
I would prefer that people were able to grasp certain uncomfortable truths because when one is unable to do this it makes their field of understanding incomplete and sets them at odds with the very thing that is their base of support in this life and in the next.
Everything of real and lasting value in this life comes to us from the invisible. Everything else is just a temporary passion or possession. These temporary things can have a very powerful influence upon us. People kill others and themselves over these things. Look at the ugly competitiveness and forceful self interest that flourishes everywhere in the dog eat dog climate of this Kali Yuga. This world is a paradise for those with hearts to envision it and eyes to see it but not when those eyes and hearts are consumed in attractive fires that burn them up as they move thru time. Most of us here know that the divine is a reality and that there is nothing more important than a relationship with the divine. Time goes by, life goes by and all that waiting joy and bliss are sacrificed on the altar of appetite. Time is passing. The cassette tape of each individual life is playing in the machine. Each tape has a given length and in some cases there are exceptions but generally, generally not.
People disagree about the fixity of things but they cannot argue, effectively about disease, old age and death. They can’t argue about the color of their skin and so much else that is specific to them. They can dye their hair and have surgeons attend to their appearance but it does not grant them extended youth. It only grants them the appearance of it and only for so long, until their appearance becomes grotesque. Look at the loops of existence most people get on and the repetitive cycling of one day following the next, along certain lines. There is an argument to be made for relatively locked existences. As this author maintains, all that there is of free will is the choice between submitting to the divine’s vision for us or opposing it. We do not have time to explore that area today.
Our lives move through inescapable seasons of change. Just as our small lives experience this, nations, continents, even planets, go through seasons of change. We are in a period of dramatic transiting. Much is going to change. You may not want this. You might oppose it but… that is going to do no good whatsoever. It’s going to happen anyway. Better to change according to the intentions of the cosmic forces at play than to be changed against one’s will or to be destroyed by one’s resistance and the irony of it all is that you are only resisting your own self; your real self.
People are free to believe what they like. They are free to come and go as they like, according to me anyway. I oppose no one, my comments about maldoers not withstanding… and hope I can be successful in not opposing myself as well. Possibly the cosmos will provide me with somewhere to go and that may lead to a coming together of kindred spirits who share a similar enthusiasm for greeting and cooperating with the great changes that are upon us. If not, I will find some simple location to exist in and continue with what I do until I am called to other things. May God grant all of you the vision, certitude, faith and determination to achieve the truly finer things in life and come to that secret portal and meet the welcoming warden, who stands their in anticipation of your arrival.
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