A Cold and Fiery Darkness or a Shining Eternity Awaits

Reflections in Petri Dish — Feb 8, 2014

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Bright sunshine outside my window most days here; didn’t snow yet. It’s the first time for that. Yesterday, when I was outside, I said to myself, “This is the first day of Spring”. About ten years ago, Spring came on February 14th. This particular area of the country is the warmest, significantly. It is telling that it has come about so early this year. It’s suggesting something to me but I’m not getting it yet. What I am getting is that I don’t have any kind of a picture of what lies around the corner for me and I suspect that is the case with many of us.
I wanted to go to Maui because it is kind of halfway between Australia/New Zealand and the Zog-Occupied Zone of America and Canada, not that the former are not also Zog-hobbled. It seemed to me that could be a strategic decision and (surprisingly) there’s a lot of open land and potential there, though not nearly as much as everywhere else, what there is, is very high end on my scale of measurement. Fukushima is a concern but the whole planet is a concern. Those who think they have it sussed. through money, influential contacts, or whatever their variation of of Madame Cleo might be, are less informed than they think they are, with their underground bases, security details and friends in low places. Why? It’s because of Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Nature. Mr. Apocalypse was called forth from out of the heart of humanity to deal with the mass of suffering being perpetrated upon humanity and upon the planet as well.
For some centuries and more, Lady Nature was in chains, due to magical rites performed by the reverse Kabala Boys. At least this is what my sources told me during those hyper reality days in Italy. Her bondage has been undone and she and Mr. Apocalypse conspire to transform this sorry state entire. Any fool of a mortal who thinks they can out think these two is backing the wrong horse, which ironically, is the one they are riding on. “Head em up move em out, Rawhide!” As of the moment, it’s Mr. Apocalypse who decides if the cattle are moving in an orderly fashion or soon to stampede.
One of the things that eludes most iconoclasts, deep thinkers, spiritual seekers and everybody else who thinks they know what’s going on, is how the ineffable through his various agents, makes his will known and fulfilled, however he wants that done. Those of us who think the temporal world is under one authority and that the Heavenly realms are under another and that there are two separate agendas is sadly and badly mistaken. I’m going to say a few things now that may not sit well with some people but… if you use your objective awareness, you will see the likely truth of it.
Everything that is going on. Everything that is taking place, is either instigated by the ineffable or permitted by the ineffable. When the British aristocracy engages in child sex and murder, along with the aristocracy of neighboring countries and countries further abroad; whether it is only regional or whether it is international, all of this takes place under the aegis of The Ineffable.
There is a certain segment of the readership that does not get Karma, or they get it only within the more narrow dimensions of their understanding AND, I want to point out here; there are some number of us who have strong ties to old religions that act powerfully upon us from across the distance of unremembered time. We have positions and opinions that have traveled with us across the divide. They influence how we see things. Concerning some of these mindsets, we are certain we are correct in what we see. The sense of it is so intense within us, our prior experiences, which we don’t remember, impact on us and often drive us, especially unfulfilled desires. We don’t think clearly. As a result, we are natively prone to falling into the same traps we have fallen into in former times. We are karmically predisposed.
This is at the heart of, “I don’t know”. Prior to my meeting with the Man on the Beach, my understanding of “I don’t know” was the same as the general understanding of it. It was a surface level acknowledgement of a lack of knowledge or information. It’s much deeper than that. We can tell ourselves that we don’t know but an important part of us still thinks we do. At the time the repeating of “I don’t know” by the Man of the Beach was taking place, my mind and being were in complete captivity to his pervasive power and far higher understanding of things. He was working on me internally and so, at a certain point, as we were approaching the stream at Lime Kiln Creek, huh? I’ll be darned, it was a creek (grin). That is the first time that crossed my mind. See, this is typical of some of what I’m talking about. Anyway, I digress. As we were approaching the creek, it dawned on me that I did not know, fundamentally did not know and I said so. I started repeating it and each time it hit me on a deeper level. I felt a great giving way taking place inside of me, as if a drain had opened somewhere deep inside and everything that had been previously a part of what made up my idea of who I was just ran right out through the drain. The sense of lightness and freedom that I felt following that was incredible.
Later, when I was at the house in the Virginia woods where the Kundalini experience took place, one of the first things that happened, following my notice of an electric green outline over my whole form, was that nearly the same thing happened again. Something was sucked right out of me. I felt it go but didn’t know what it was. At that moment I became telepathic, freely able to move around in the minds of others so, whatever got sucked out was also whatever contained that natural barrier to this ability. Another thing I noticed was that little red devils, just like cartoon devils, came up out of the carpet and they had their backs to me. Their backs were bent over and they were being driven from the force coming out of my index and pinky finger. I understood that they were representative of my own passions. I suppose this was told to me, though I did not actually hear it in a consciously recording sense.
I have a tendency toward digression and tangential wandering but I usually swing back to whatever I went away from.
It is hard, oh… so very hard for the mind to come to terms with the reality of karma. When small children are raped and butchered. When the Israelis genocide the Palestinians for having occupied the landscape they legitimately stole and continue to own, according to the ‘possession is nine tenths of the law’ dynamic, we tell ourselves this is wrong. When we see governments abuse their people, religions fomenting holy wars and permitting inquisitions and when we see things like the Rockefeller Ludlow Massacre; the countless abuses of the rich against the less privileged, we conclude that life is not fair, nor just. The truth, however, is that life is completely fair, right down to the last jot and tittle. Being that most of us are mortals and all of us making these assessments are mortal, we are able to observe only one side of the Mobius Strip. Think of the cosmic Mobius Strip as a conveyor belt that is more like a cloister, which you can’t jump off of. Of course, it is multi dimensional, given that we are all variously routed to all sorts of places, as a consequence or reward for whatever we did on the one side of things.
When we get to the other side we are first in a waiting zone. A lot of souls are getting processed at any one time, sometimes more than others. After this an interview takes place in which you are informed of whatever charges are against you. Those who have been more fortunate in their behavior are handled in an entirely different manner and we won’t go into that because we’re only going to focus on the other today, as it relates to the force of Karma. Following the interview, one is brought before a tribunal and the germane portions of the Book of Life are read out and a a judgment is made. At this point the soul under consideration is presented with various options depending on how extreme one is willing to make coming life circumstances to settle their bill. You can take ten lives to sort something or only one in many cases. In some cases, multiple births are required because you have to be killed in each one, if you’re a Ted Bundy, a John Waye Gacy, Night Stalker, or a Damian Echols. You can imagine what might lie ahead for a George W. Bush, an Ariel Sharon or any of these other unfortunates and in some number of cases that is what special Hells are for.
Those of us who can see both sides of the Mobius Strip know something of the perfection of the system. We may deplore the goings on and it may cut us to the quick on occasion but we are aware of the rightness of things. This is most especially true in the Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga is a zone where past due bills come up all over the place, along with outrageous opportunities for advancement. Nearly seven billion people are not here by accident, regardless of whether they forgot why they came and regardless of whether they only came here for the goodie cabinet, or for WHATEVER reason they came here. Never imagine just because you can’t see what’s going on that this is not a truly momentous period.
One of the first tenets of wisdom is to accept that things are as they are for good reason. One of the basic definitions of one being human, is that even when you know it is all fixed and necessary, your compassion demands that you do whatever is in your power to make the world a better place and to ameliorate suffering to the degree that you are capable. It doesn’t matter if you are successful. What matters is that you tried. This is the place of demonstration. As you demonstrate so you are; “by their works ye shall know them.” It all starts in the head, “as a man thinketh, so is he” and that is why mind control, thought control, is so important, critical and essential. If you are not in control of your mind then someone else is. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about this. Your mind is your best friend or your greatest enemy. Stand guard at the gates of the mind. Cast out all thought! Empty your head of the garbage thoughts so that the one who is not inclined to reside until the garbage is gone will come into residence. After that you are home free- more or less- you still have to go through the motions in following times. After that, it’s all about the heart swallowing the mind by degrees as you are able. This is because higher love is the supremacy of wisdom. Mortal love is a pale, pale shadow of higher love and there are no limits to that. It goes on forever. No one, at any time has plumbed the heights and depths of real love.
Shining eternity awaits, should you choose to exercise the option and though you yourself cannot chart the course, you have the services of The Great Navigator, should your intentions and your love be capable of attracting or commanding that attention and this is made possible because there is no greater slave to love than the one from whom love is originally made manifest. Awaken sleepers, put aside your somnambulist dream walking and ride the heart activated, interior spiral, into the unseen kingdoms for which no adequate or accurate description exists. What awaits there cannot be defined or described by any tools or means available to us here. Strive hard. Be alert. Be determined. Be consistent.
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