Neurosis in Search of Psychosis and a Purgatory of Perversity

Smoking Mirrors — Feb 7, 2014

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Well, you can look to the left or the right, straight ahead or behind you. You can look up or down and you can look out or in. Look out! is useful. Looking within has to do with the causal state, associations …and varieties of analytical thinging? that would be ‘thinking’. For some reason I wrote thinging. You know… that might apply as well. Anyway, this is brought up because of that ‘all roads lead to Rome’ concept but… some many roads lead to The Department of Despicable Dung
This kind of thing is directly associated with this sort of thing, at least the opposition to it thereof. I bring it to your attention because of a NEW TERM in the sexual identity dance off and that is (drum roll!) “inter-sex people” It appears that this is simply another spin off into neurosis, in hope of psychosis. Why yet another term? Every new term adds a new fundraising angle. As you know, or should know by now, all this oil slick, rainbow movement is about, is scam and pretense. If for you, it appears to be some kind of cutting edge, human rights module, all you’ve done it to fasten your seatbelt prior to your car going off the bridge. That will be helpful in seeing that you are not separated from your means of conveyance when you hit the water down below. That’s what we mean when we say, “appropo”.
Tzipi Livni’s, separated at birth Siamese sister wants you to know that ‘blood will tell’. Then I said to myself , hmmm maybe she’s not a member of The Evil Eye Brigade. I was so sure, I had decided not to even check, then I said, WTH and did.  Are eyes a part of the study of Phrenology? They are in Mr. Visible’s system so… let’s look at the right eye of Victoria. Probably then you might ask yourself, what has Benghazi got to do with The Ukraine? The Tribe didn’t engineer a holocaust in Benghazi like the did in the Ukraine, or, wait a minute, yeah, they did, only it was the whole country, not just a manufactured terror event.
Oh the times, the times, the times. Here’s something Rene Guenon once said, “We have in fact entered upon the final phase of this Kali Yuga, the darkest period of this dark age: the state of dissolution from which there is to be no emerging except through a cataclysm, since it is no longer a mere revival which is required, but a complete renovation. One must not disguise the gravity of the situation: It should be viewed such as it is, not only without optimism but also without pessimism, since, as has already been remarked, the end of the old world will also be the beginning of the new one.” Rene and I see eye to eye on a number of things and that means he also played to mixed reviews (grin) but… he was a solid guy. Yes, the source of these quotes is Stormfront but… as you can see, he’s not overly liked there, being Muslim. Like myself, he left the world of the occult for religious mysticism. I kept what was useful, however, as I am sure, so did he.
What have alternate sexual politics, Tribe Satanics and The Kali Yuga got to do with each other? Plenty… and I hardly need to spell it out and… although much of what we see and hear about, falls under the heading of what passes for Normal, our departure from Normal has put us at such an incredible distance from it that we can hardly know what is what anymore. It happened by progressive degrees of falling away, so as to not be generally noticed. It’s like what happens when you get lost on the road or in the woods. It might be awhile before you realize that you are lost. Some never do realize that they are lost, until they are informed of it because being lost was a calculated decision.
When you look for pictorial explanations for what we are, you get something like this. The result is not usually so successful but that is because of the persistent gap between the idealized and the actual, as it continually exists in these times.
Revolution is coming and it is presently coming in one of those places best known for revolution. That would be France  Yeah… it won’t be long now. People are catching on to what’s being perpetrated on them and… according to the script of Mr. Apocalypse, designated lightning rods are being lit up for the service of a greater awakening and one of those lightning rods would be Dieudonne.
The Tribe and their partners in crime, The Satanists, schemed and plotted and pushed all down the advancing decades of reverse engineered Kundalini to date, morphing the culture and social mores into a Purgatory of Perversity, conditioning minds through advertising, through entertainment and the arts, through political strong arming, backed up with blackmail and bribery. They seek no less than Hell on Earth. This is their intent and it can be mistaken for no other. As it is that they serve the master of the inferno, it stands to reason they would be engaged in bringing his vision forth. We’ve had a surfeit of movies glamorizing Evil… sexing it up so to speak. From death metal, to Marilyn Manson to Rap, they crafted the transformative codes of behavior, legitimizing the veritable worship of self interest and the celebration of all excesses of the flesh; one of the reasons there is ever so much more flesh on display… today.
So many of these things came to us through the guise of art forms and they were followed after by legions of critics and writers, who extolled the freedom and genius to be found in the works of Maplethorpe and other freaks from The Pit. Here we have a small dissertation accompanied by pictures, it omits most of those presently engaged in these things, like Jay-Z, Madonna and others. Who are the conscious manipulators and who are the tools? There are ways to identify these creature features but that’s on a need to know basis. There are a lot of people espousing their particular viewpoint about these things, you’re free to make your own decisions about what’s what. There are so many resources of information. You have to feel your way through all the opinion. I never had any doubt about Snoop Dog.
There are some resources that seem a little suspect to me like this fellow Fosdyke but… I don’t know do I? There’s endless reams of info, research, speculation, what have you. You have to make up your own mind, while not looking overlong into the Abyss. Like I say, there are lists and lists and lists and… if I, in fact did not say that well, I’m saying that now-
Let me say something about entertainers (which will appear further on). There are those inspired and gifted by the ineffable and who somehow bring elements of it forth in what they do. Do away with your narrow perspective of what the ineffable approves and does not approve of, according to certain laws of conduct and moral codes that generally have to do with the orderly running of a society and are sometimes used by mean faced moralists, who place all the behaviors they consider enticements to other behaviors, in the same way that alcoholics will tell you that marijuana use leads to heroin. I don’t know which ineffable you know but the one I know is a fun loving, occasionally bawdy dancer and elegant raconteur; a certifiable bon vivant, after all, he created it! Life is to celebrate, venerate and emulate and it all comes down to which activities you are celebrating, what you are venerating and who you are emulating. You’re doing it one way or the other, unless you are a stick in the mud, a clinical depressive, or sundry types, including misanthropes and xenophobes.
If you are having a hard time being a lover of the divine, or are shied away because of the potential liabilities to various areas of temporal success, what it amounts to is that you are seriously lacking in faith, both in yourself and in the greater self within. At no time is the divine not in control and in charge of everything and this is something you have to get your head around when you try to make sense of what is going on around you.
The last time I was in LA, I took a monster dose of acid, not realizing how powerful it was. I can’t say I wasn’t warned because the fellow who gave it to me told me it was saturated in the dregs of the soaking pan and therefore much more highly concentrated. I went off like a Saturn rocket and it would take about a book length travelogue to cover all the events that went on in the near ten days this whole thing lasted, not the least of which was catching the head of my dick in my blue jeans zipper while I was still rushing, early on. That was an unforgettable experience. Anyway, I bring it up to mention something that happened in the early morning hours of the first night. I walked outside; I was living not far off Sunset (near the Cock and Bull) in Hollywood, maybe ten blocks from Vine and as I was walking in the smog congested atmosphere, I looked up, I don’t know exactly what I was looking at, Griffith Park? It was somewhere in The Hills. I saw atop whatever I was looking at, an enormous and horned, red eyed demon and I could see him making movements that suggested to me the manipulation of all going on down below him. For some reason, things like this don’t frighten me, probably because of my own alignment, so… I studied it. One of the results of this trip was my sensitivity to the smog. I became badly nauseated at a certain point and had a continuous desire to vomit. That stayed around at some degree of intensity for days.
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that a large number of people there are engaged in some form of Satanism, whether it is called that or Scientology; whatever it’s called.
Now, about entertainers, along with the inspired and gifted, is a much larger portion who are derivative poseurs, mimics and those who desperately want to be what they are not and who study and steal and are constantly on the make. Many of these individuals, whether because of their horoscope or however it comes about, are obsessed with success in the business and will go to any length to achieve it, including selling their souls and making certain spiritual contracts. For them, this not something that generates even a moment’s hesitation. It’s like that story about the Hollywood agent. The Devil comes to him and says, “I will make you the most successful agent in town and all I want are the souls of your family and your own in exchange.” The agent thinks about it for a moment and then replies, “Okay, Yeah, but what’s the catch?”
I know many people consider the idea of a very great percentage of famous and powerful people being practicing Satanists as possibly a reach or an exaggeration. It is most definitely going on and it explains everything about how and why they do what they do; much of which is not public knowledge. It is what it is.
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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