Amanda Knox’s Media Whitewash

Brian Danby — Feb 5, 2014

The Amanda Knox story had Satanic Ritual Abuse written all over it. That’s not been mentioned since 2009.  Most recent articles start with the day of the arrest, focusing on the alibis of Knox and Raffaele Sollecito.  Down the memory hole is the Halloween costume party, and the photos of Kercher and Sollecito in vampire drag on Sollecito’s Facebook page.
Also missing is the police report that revealed the search terms ‘bleach’ and how to clean up blood were found in the browser history of Sollecito’s computer.   Do you recall any of this? Because I can’t find these details anywhere.

Convicted murderer Raffaele Sollecito posted this photo of himself dressed in protective gear holding a meat cleaver and bleach just before the murder. Click to enlarge

Kercher was murdered between 8:45 pm Halloween eve and 12:05 am All Saints Day.  The dates are still given, but mention of the significance of the date is missing.  The Halloween party is now a “dinner”.  The two late-20’s Italian women who rented the room to the Kercher and Knox are barely mentioned, not named, and not interviewed since 2008.
The reason references to Halloween or Sollecito’s Facebook photos are missing is that the Italian prosecutor assigned to the cage, Giuliano Mignini, came right out of the box with an elaborate scenario that the murder was the result of a Satanic sex orgy ritual that turned homicidal when Kercher started screaming.  Unfortunately Mignini’s version was easily discredited.   Also, Mignini had already been labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ with similar handling of the “Monster of Florence” serial killings investigation.

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