The Ineffable’s Piano Player and the Symphony of the Apocalypse

Smoking Mirrors — Feb 5, 2014

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It just goes on and on, doesn’t it? You keep expecting some significant event, some kind of game changer, for better or worse /but the vermin in the shadows are running into difficulties that we hear not one word about/ out here. One thing that is happening is that Zionist control, behind the scenes of Western European governments is being made public in a big way. The Zionist owned government of France has violated the civil rights of Dieudonne then, rather promptly, the Zionist owned government of England refused Dieudonne entry into their county… . Europe isn’t America however. In Europe a lot of the public knows how powerful and venal the Zionists are and what they are up to. Blowback is coming.
Although it may be hard to understand how they got such wide control throughout so many countries, what has to be understood is that there is a world wide conspiracy of Zionist bankers and moneychangers, with a long range Satanic agenda for planetary domination. Are they smarter and more competent than the rest of us? No… they are better organized and also utterly devoid of conscience. That is not the primary reason that they have prospered. The reason they have prospered is due to certain operative conditions and they are; runaway materialism, the Kali Yuga, The Apocalypse and… of course, easily manipulated human greed and ignorance. The more stupid that you can render people, the more easily they can be convinced of nearly anything.
Present appearances are fertile ground for despair and that might be appropriate, if there were no other forces or factors at work. Behind the veil of appearances, in the temporary world of time, are vibrating archetypes, whose radio-active resonance is exclusively orchestrated by the ineffable, who is arranging all of the pieces and players on a massive globe-like gameboard, that spins through a continuum of time and is incrementally altered by the interplay between the archetypes. These archetypes are pulsing out variables of sound and color which are being radiated off the the ineffable’s player piano. You slip a roll into the player piano and you get a particular musical score being played. I suppose the same thing could be accomplished by the ineffable reading certain sheet music. I suppose it could be either one. Regardless of the process, the same objective is achieved. In this particular period of time, the final movement of The Apocalypse Symphony is playing. As any informed metaphysician knows, everything is vibration. The repeating sequences of the Apocalypse Symphony are specifically designed in a solve et coagula kind of a way; heavy on the solve. What this does is to break up long standing pockets of darkness, beneath which dark entities have been engaged in dark doings. These dark pockets are dissolved by varying concentrations of light vibrations, which remove the covering, as well as illuminating the activities that were taking place beneath it.
Everything that exists in the mortal shadow play, taking place on the field of temporary time, is motivated and carried out by the interaction of the archetypes, which impact on everything going on in the theater of performance, where the choreographed dramas are played out under the waving baton of Karma. At any given time, in any given apocalypse, the dramas and demonstrations may be radically different from one another but the objective is ALWAYS THE SAME. The objective is always to inform human consciousness of the cosmic implications of their actions on this plane.
It doesn’t matter to what degree it ‘may appear’ that the Zionists, the Satanists, the corporatists, the political flunkeys and any combination of materialists, atheists and criminal mentalities may seem to be in charge, they are helpless before the force and power of the ineffable’s player piano.
Of course, the precise truth of the whole affair might vary in relation to the analogies and descriptives displayed in this posting but that’s just one form of poetic license among so many others that all dovetail to the same conclusion.
The most difficult part of this whole affair is in trying to manage a life in the midst of the tumult and also to maintain a positive mindset, against the slow Chinese water torture drip of one day following another, in a seemingly endless procession toward some final and telling result that continues to glimmer from around the longest corner any of us have ever tried to find our way around.. It is the relentless and tedious oppression of worsening circumstance; an obvious pasticheur of sorcerers apprentices, performing their personalized mockery of the ineffable. In other words, ‘playing god’ and doing it badly. We live in an age of celebrated mediocrity. The more embarrassingly inept, the more it is celebrated. Incompetence is the new professionalism.
This is all to the good. The fact that it looks as bad as it does. The fact that the worst parasites and vermin among us should seem so completely in charge of everything. The fact that a huge portion of the population can at the same time be so mindlessly grasping and so woefully uninformed; possessed of such a deadly cocktail of ignorance, indifference, obsession and compulsion. These are none of them necessarily a bad thing. It’s a bad thing if you are one of them. Yes, that would not be a positive career choice but… if you are not to be counted among that number, your potential for transformation and liberation are near limitless. The worse it gets in one direction, the better it gets in the other.
Yes, it is truly unfortunate that so many people are trapped in such circumstances but here is where a detached and dispassionate perspective provides insight into what’s going on. There are very, very good reasons for everything being as it is. No one got to where they are by accident and at no time is anyone not being advised from a higher plane, concerning their situation and state of mind relative to it. That they have shut their ears against the urgings of invisible helpers, is a matter of personal choice. I mean to tell you that it takes a concerted effort across years and lifetimes to effectively shut out the voice of wisdom from one’s hearing. Just because something makes no sense when seen in a particular point of time does not mean it doesn’t make all kinds of sense when the window of observation is widened to the extent that one can see how things got to where they got.
There is no time in our days and nights when we are not being informed about the consequences and possible outcomes of our words and deeds. There is a veritable army of invisible workers who are employed at this and nowhere that you can be where they are not. It truly is a tragedy that so many hearts and minds have been shut against the sanctuary and succor of higher wisdom. Truer words have never been said, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”
Any genuinely intelligent person learns to look at adversity to see where the advantage lies. Very often conditions are not what they seem, obstacles are not obstacles. Where many might see liabilities, some few see possibilities. You don’t wind up anywhere that you don’t have an out, or a profitable result available, if you can only see it. Once again we return to the two variable states of Scorpio; the scorpion and the eagle. The scorpion doesn’t see well in several respects, due to the volatility of ungovernable passion which can result in suicidal action. The proper channeling and control of this force, leads to clear and penetrating vision. The eagle sees and understands. The scorpion feels and misunderstands. This is why negative Scorpio is so prone to jealously, resentment and possessiveness. Every sign has it’s negative side and every person has some degree of everything because of the way the houses and the planets play through the signs, or the planets and the signs play through the houses. These are all keys on the ineffable’s player piano, which is more than likely a massive player, pipe organ with a number of different keyboards, one above the other, because of the complexity of the music, which, of course is much more than music. Every possible combination of sound can be generated from this device (the music of the spheres is played on it) and one has to imagine that it’s not always a programmed player apparatus, sometimes its being consciously composed on. That would be the case for sure on certain lokas.
What I am trying to say is, ‘don’t be deceived by appearances’. Don’t project predictable results from appearances. Don’t get emotionally involved in appearances. Don’t close off the consciousness from the interior voice. Don’t get immersed in the voice of the world which precludes being able to hear the interior voice. Wherever you may be, there’s a reason for it. Whatever comes before you, there’s a reason for it, though it may not be the apparent or obvious reason. Adversity is quite often serendipity in camouflage, depending on the reaction to it. Nothing is more important than the quality and intent of one’s reaction, or lack of one.
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