Britain facing immigrant baby boom as quarter of tots born of foreign mothers

Richard Spillett — Daily Star Feb 5, 2014

Figures out yesterday show 26% of newborns have immigrant mothers – double the rate 10 years ago. Foreign-born women now give birth to nearly 200,000 children a year in UK maternity wards.


Romanians have the highest fertility rates of any EU group, giving birth to three kids each.


But the biggest baby boom is among Polish mums, who added more than 20,000 children to the UK population in 2011.


The average migrant family is bigger than the average British brood, according to the Office For National Statistics.


Brits have an average 1.8 children compared with 2.2 kids for those from abroad.


Alp Mehmet, spokesman for pressure group Migration Watch, said the baby boom is putting pressure on hospitals and has a knock-on effect on housing and school places.


Migrants from eastern European countries such as Romania have more than double the number of children here compared to their compatriots back home.


Women in Romania have an average of 1.25 children each, whereas Romanian migrants in Britain have an average of 2.9 youngsters.


The overall number of kids being born in Britain has rocketed in the past 10 years.


The figure has increased by more than 20% to around 725,000 per year.


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