Time and the River do not Stand Still

Visible Origami — Feb 3, 2014

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Existence is certainly like a river and when it’s used as a descriptive, most of what you hear is about it’s winding and bending from left to right, from right to left. You also hear about obstacles in the flow and you hear about the steadiness of its passage but what may not get mentioned so often is how a river widens as it approaches the mouth and runs into the sea. You also seldom hear descriptives that speak to flooding, the river running over it’s banks, which we can liken to an abundance of grace or joy, bliss and such. As for the widening, that would be awareness, or it could apply to an increase of divine qualities which press its banks out to both sides. Nature is full of descriptives for any occasion.
Nature is a book, the Book of Nature. You might be aware of this and you might not but… this book runs deeper than any of its rivers. One sees into Nature to the extent that one is able to see into themselves. It is truly said that nature is a mirror. You might look at it as the sun and moon of consciousness, realizing that the light of the moon is also the light of the sun. Simple truths like this escape the common mind and that is unfortunate because simple truths are profound. Before the advent of Christianity, it was understood that the planetary forces, which were worshiped, represented various powers and conditions. It wasn’t all that long ago either. Sure, the mortal mind has it’s own sense of time, relative to the usual span but… as perceived by other awarenesses, it is practically no time at all and the seed potential for that awareness lies within everyone who reads these words. The planets are not only outside of us, in their courses, they are inside us as well and the great work of our existence is to harmonize these forces and rule the cosmos as representatives of the one who does already and to each is given their relative degree of authority, according to their capacity. As in all things, the level of awareness speaks to a person’s capacity.
People come here and become offended by the most ridiculous things. One wants me to break up each paragraph in the postings to no more than a couple of sentences in each. It appears that is more appealing to this reader. Meanwhile that is the only request of its type that I have ever received. In another case, there is the matter of how I handle comments. As much as I cue the reader, certain things don’t seem to take; like occasionally I respond in a questionable fashion and then someone gets offended but really… I’m just doing that to gauge the reaction and I’m also doing it because I am told to do it. That brings up an interesting point. Most people only see things in terms of their own situation. Most people don’t hear voices or interact with the invisible and certainly not on a daily basis. The absolute truth however, is that I work for someone. I didn’t know this until recent years. Indeed, the conversing back and forth only came into being as it is around the time that we acquired the Italian property. That was a mistake but then… there are no mistakes. It was an object lesson and it got 200,000 Euro invested in it eventually, not my money, someone else’s but thankfully, I’m not the one who discovered it.
Now this idyllic property sits there and it’s likely I’ll never see it again. It can be had for 50,000 Euro now, which is an outstanding bargain with it’s 80 some olive trees, almond trees, fig, pomegrante and it’s got it’s own well. It’s not a large place but the charm is exceptional and unique. It’s also on a dead end road and has great neighbors. These are two things that are at a premium, though people may not realize that initially. There’s some incidental expense of about 5 grand that comes with it but that’s negligible (grin). It’s been in our hands for seven years or so. I worked very hard there and spent months at a time doing it. It created a marked division between myself and my significant other. It stands now as an unmitigated disaster because my significant other is burned out on it. It preys on her mind. It shouldn’t but it does. Had that not happened I would have been in a fine position for my upcoming migration which, at the moment, I am not. I mention the Italian property for two reasons. One, you never know, someone might want it and two… how a thing of beauty can wind up as a main principal in tragedy and then, future pending, turn into a linchpin for practically an
So, why did this happen to me? Indeed, why did I have such a frustrating and often miserable reach of recent years, including much larger expanses earlier? It was for the purpose of instruction and demonstration and a portion of my Karma, which, though it might seem brutal, is actually fantastic because of what it results in.
I was speaking with the ineffable earlier and the exchange was one of the most profound that I have ever been engaged in. A lot happened that I can’t talk about, mostly because it hasn’t filtered down into my understanding yet but… I get the gist of it and the gist of it is past wonderful but that is not why I bring it up. I bring it up because of a certain exchange that went on during the communication. The ineffable said to me, almost as an aside, “You remember all those times when you felt I was mistreating you because you knew, rightly, that all power proceeds from me? Remember your occasional outrage and wounded spirit over the, according to you, ‘unnecessary need for it? Remember all the shit you got put through and which made and in some ways continues to make no sense to you and you assume I am deaf to your petitioning?” I answered “Yes”. And he replied, “Well, the reason I could do that and appear unconcerned about your suffering is because I know how it ends up and if you knew how it ends up, you’d be willing to go through most anything and not just the amount of whatever you got put through.
You will look back on all of this and probably even laugh when it comes together in your head. I know you’re wondering why I picked today to confer all of these things on you. There are two reasons, it was time anyway and given the interim between now and your major transformation it fits and fits very well with what you’re going to be doing, cause, like you say Visible, it’s all scripted. Did it ever occur to you that all those things you say and which I send down to you, are as much for you as for anyone? In your case, scripted hardly covers it. This should reassure you beyond all doubt. Understood properly, you shouldn’t have a care in the world and spend your days singing “zippity doo dah”. Of course, that might get old but variations on a theme in any case.
Remember that song, “Blessed Assurance? That’s what you should have. You know, I took all this time getting here for a reason. I had to bring you by the route you were inclined to walk and that’s a roundabout course and then… there’s the timing of the times and also bringing you past and free from those tendencies that would tend to make you screw up. That’s not on the menu anymore. Things presently in your possession, of which you are presently unaware, but which you will register when the time comes for their use, are worth more than the collective wealth of the world and such gifts are available to all, would they only avail themselves of it. What’s that line you’re so often quoting? “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love him”? Believe it. Though you couldn’t possibly comprehend the magnitude of it, unless I made than possible, believe it, insofar as you can understand it and realize that this applies to you. Is there any the reason you can think of that would explain why I am here in the way I am except that I love you, most especially because you love me? You be sure and tell your readers that the same applies to them IF, IF it applies to them and if they don’t know what that means then it probably doesn’t”.
Well… it’s been going on in this vein throughout the evening, which is why I am writing this Origami posting at night (my time) instead of how I usually do in the morning. At one point I got tranferred into one of those hyper reality states that was near frightening because the usual borders had been moved out a considerable distance all around. And I was told in respect of this that that is why awareness comes in stages. We wouldn’t be able to handle it otherwise and then I got told again why everything had to happen like it did and if I were able to understand it, which I will be, I would approve one hundred percent and it doesn’t make much sense for me to be put though things if I already know what they are about because some form of knowing is the product of every change that I (or you) get put through.
Well, this is all a bit much for me today (actually this morning now) and I am looking forward to bed with an eagerness not usually experienced and I am always looking forward to going to bed when I do. Things start happening the moment my head hits the pillow. I guess I shouldn’t consider it odd that I had a most unpleasant experience this morning (yesterday morning now). What I was told was, “My timing is impeccable, whether you are aware of that or not.”
I’ve been told there are all kinds of fantastic things happening but people are not usually inclined to see them. They should pay better attention and… get to know themselves better. All kinds of things are keyed into this.
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