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Jews are so vain. They think the Holocaust is all about them. Let me assure you it’s not. One thing we all should have realised by now is that in history and politics nothing is what it seems.

The ‘Battle for the Holocaust’ – how the British Channel 4 documentary appropriately called it – is not about honouring the memory of the Jews perished during World War II. It is not about repeating the Jewish mantra of ‘Never Again’. And it is certainly not about reminding us of how evil governments can get if they get out of control.

Lies, lies and more lies

An increasing number of people has become aware of the fact that our governments have been systematically lying. They know that the U.S. government was behind the terrorist attacks on 9/11. They know that the British government was behind the 7/7 attacks on the London Tube. They know that the Israeli Mossad and privately owned Israeli firms were actively involved. They know that during the 6-Day War Israel deliberately attacked the USS Liberty and killed dozens of sailors. They know that there is no legal base for collecting income tax in the U.S. They know that the CIA, the Bush and the Clinton family are prominently involved in the illegal drug trade in the U.S. and abroad. They know that weapons of mass destruction had nothing to do with the Iraq invasion. They know that the hundreds of millions of dollars in cash and hundreds of thousands of guns that the U.S. military ‘lost’ in Iraq, didn’t end up unintended in the hands of the various militant factions of the Iraqi civil war. They know that catching Osama Bin Laden was never the motivation behind conquering Afghanistan, but restoring opium production. They know that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor wasn’t an unprovoked aggression but a set-up designed to drag the U.S. into the war. They know that large parts of the ruling elite in the the U.K., Europe and the U.S. financed and worked intimately with the Nazis throughout the war. They know that Zionist organisations worked hand in hand with the Nazis on their common goal of ridding Europe of its Jews. In fact they know that almost everything we were told about WWII, or any other part of history for that matter – is untrue. But for some strange reason, when it comes to the Holocaust, so many of them choose to blindly believe the official story.

Who benefits?

Whenever we are dealing with a complex social and political issue, the first question to ask is who benefits. We must ignore words and proclaimed intentions and look at the bare facts: Who benefits financially and politically?

The most obvious beneficiary of the official Holocaust narrative was the Zionist movement. The horrendous pictures of skeleton thin prisoners and piles of naked dead bodies didn’t leave anyone untouched. Together with the hear-say testimonies and coerced confessions of industrial scale gassing of millions of Jews, they removed any resistance against the Zionist demands for a Jewish state in the Holy Land.

The second most obvious beneficiary were the Allies. The magnitude of the accusations distracted world attention from Allied war crimes of an unprecedented scale. The burning of hundreds of thousands of civilians in the refugee crowded city of Dresden. The murder of one million German civilians in the Allied ‘strategic bombing’. The deliberate starvation to death of one million German P.O.W. by Eisenhower. The murder of 1.5 million German civilians by Russian troops. The rape of hundreds of thousands of German women. The ethnic cleansing of millions of Germans in Czechoslovakia and Eastern Europe. The destruction of 90% of German civilian infrastructure. The memory of all these crimes was actively suppressed by focusing on the narrative of the systematic murder of 6 million Jews and the industrial scale use of gas chambers.

The third most obvious beneficiary was communism. Our ruling elite is dominated by two schools of thoughts, fascism and communism. They both compete for the same political and financial goal: one world dictatorship. Accusing fascism of the Jewish Holocaust was a severe public relations set back, giving the communist camp lead by David Rockefeller the upper hand.

The least obvious beneficiary is the ruling elite as a whole. Jews have always been their preferred tool in the pursuit of their evil plans, the reason being their not uncommon lack of conscience towards ‘Goyim’. The Holocaust narrative provided their Jewish shills with a protective shield. Not only were they less likely to be held responsible for their crimes. They could also rely on a network of fellow Jews more than happy to help them escape to Israel, where they wouldn’t be extradited. This explains the disproportionate incidence of Jews in organised crime, especially drugs and human trafficking. It also explains the high incidence of Jews in all positions of power in those countries that have progressed the most on the path to the New World Order, such as the United States and Canada.

Secular religion

The Jewish Holocaust in its modern form is not just a political weapon but a secular religion. Over years it has replaced Talmudism as the uniting creed of all Jews. It has high priests like Elie Wiesel, holy books like the ‘Diary of Anna Frank’, temples in the shape of museums, even an equivalent of the Holy Inquisition, the ADL and its countless sister organisations. It raises taxes from foreign firms and governments in form of compensations. It has religious holidays such as Auschwitz day. And last, but not least, it has dogmas, the unquestionable belief in a plan to kill all European Jews, the use of gas chambers and 6 million Jewish victims.

Uttering the slightest doubts in any of the Holocaust dogmas is a sacrilege punishable with the severest consequences. Loss of job and career, financial ruin, social isolation, even imprisonment are standard reprisals. What makes the Holocaust such a useful tool of oppression for our ruling elite, is that it trains us to accept that there are limits to freedom of expression and that there are ‘truths’ that must not be questioned.

Admittedly, there is much at stake for our ruling elite. If public opinion swang in favour of the Holocaust revisionists, if a large enough portion of the population believed that their ruling elite has been lying to them on such an epic scale, it would destroy whatever trust and legitimacy remains. It would also remove the fear of being labelled an anti-Semite when criticising Jewish crimes and supremacism, or the undue influence of Zionist Jews on Western societies, often pushing their countries to actions that are obviously not in their best interest.

Fighting the New World Order

Debunking the official narrative of the Holocaust robs the Jewish New World Order shills of their protective shield. Fighting for freedom of expression for Holocaust revisionists and establishing what really happened in the Nazi era is one of the most effective strategies for disempowering the ruling elite and derailing the New World Order.

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Source: http://www.ziopedia.org/articles/editorial/the_jewish_holocaust_and_the_new_world_order/

Rebel of Oz is the editor/publisher of Sydney based dissident blogs ZioPedia.org, Jews Anonymous and Power of No. He can be contacted at editor@ziopedia.org. This article is part of a series providing practical suggestions how to effectively fight against the New World Order written for the Power of No site.