Documentary Film Exposes “Anti-Semitism” Trick

After giving the filmmaker considerable access, ADL Director Abe Foxman suppressed this film because it revealed there is precious little anti Semitism, certainly not enough to justify the ADL’s 29 US offices, annual $70,000,000 fund raising, and  Foxman’s $527,000 salary.

I would tell young Jews that Israel was the cause of the holocaust, not the other way round.

by Henry Makow Ph.D. — ( Revised from Sept 1, 2011) Feb 2, 2014

Yo’av Shamir’s 2009 documentary on anti Semitism, Defamation,” demonstrates that Jews are prisoners of Zionism as much as Palestinians and the rest of the world.
I found it painful to watch young Israelis being put in mental cages. They steel themselves in fury against the world as they watch Holocaust atrocities and are taught that Jews are universally hated for no reason. On a trip to Poland, they actually play-act being hunted by the Nazis.
As a Jew, I love my fellow Jews who have been duped and betrayed. I too was brainwashed, taught that Israel is an “insurance policy” in case of “irrational hatred” from our Gentile neighbors. Amazing how few Jews question this ruse.
I would tell these kids that Israel was the cause of the holocaust, not the other way round. In the 1930’s, only one percent of German Jews were Zionists. Half of all German Jews intermarried. The Rothschilds financed Hitler in order to transfer these Jews to Israel, the linchpin of their New World Order. The Zionists worked hand-in-hand with the Nazis.
Jews are “hated” because many are being used to inaugurate Rothschild’s satanic plan for world tyranny.
If Jews want to understand their true position, they must realize that organized Jewry is not on the side of the angels and probably never was. It serves the pernicious agenda of the cabalist bankers. Thanks to Freemasonry, almost all non-Jewish organizations in the West — political, economic and cultural — have also been subverted.


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