Word on the Next Major False Flag

Rixon Stewart — Feb 2, 2014

We’ve just received an important heads-up from a friend who has provided us with valuable insights in the past.
He ‘sees’ beyond the surface of day-to-day affairs to what is really happening behind the scenes. He’s proven this ability so often in the past that I always take note of what he says.
Even if things don’t turn-out exactly as he says, because nothing is written in stone, he’s aware of the very real possibilities that are hidden from view.
This gives him insights into what the elite are actually planning. So even if those plans don’t come to fruition he’s aware of their objectives and the hidden agendas to achieve them long beforehand.
In 2012 for instance he picked up on preparations for a false flag that was due to have been staged at the Olympic Games in London. It didn’t happen because of prior publicity on independent web sites that such an event was in the pipeline.
Nonetheless, some of those plans for a false flag remain in place. They’ve just been put on hold, for now.
So I took heed when my friend emailed on Sunday in response to an article posted earlier. The article in question revealed how a senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander had warned that they had identified targets in mainland U.S.A., which would be hit if America launched military action against Iran.
The senior Guards commander, Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami’s warning came after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s said that the “military option” would be considered if Iran restarted its uranium enrichment program.
“The US (threat of using the) military option is of no care to us. They can use this option but should take the responsibility for its destructive consequences too,” Salami told Iran’s state-run TV on Saturday night.
“The US can have different scenarios against Iran, including air, missile and limited ground incursion; all these scenarios have been identified, all possibilities have been studied and we have complete intelligence superiority in all these cases and operational strategies,” he added.
Salami added that Iran would “recognize no boundary for its response” to a U.S. attack.
Our friend’s email was brief and to the point in response.
“This declaration by Iran,” he wrote, “will lead to the next false flag on American soil.”
Somewhere in North America, our friend continues, there is one or more “dirty nuclear weapons”.
“Iran has no intention of using the weapons as anything other than a deterrent.”
However, elements in U.S. intelligence know about these devices. In fact they helped secrete them just as they helped facilitate the events of 9/11. These devices “made from residual nuclear waste”, have been hidden with the knowledge of Zionist aligned factions in U.S. intelligence.
As is becoming increasingly obvious, the Zionists are fanatics who are intent on regime change in Tehran. Although this is well beyond Israel’s capability it is not, for now at least, beyond America’s ability.
So when they get the go-ahead and these devices are detonated Iran will be blamed. Opening the way for a full-on U.S. strike on Iran, possibly involving nuclear weapons.
However, as we’ve noted elsewhere nothing is written in stone. As with the planned false flag at the London Olympics, publicity beforehand could force a change in plans. It happened with that intended false flag, which our friend says left them highly “pissed”, and it could happen with this one too.
For the time being though, our friend writes that “the Ashkenazi false flag” is on track with the actual event being planned for in or around “November 2014.”
Of course a lot could happen between now and then that will cause a change in plan. For a start it might be given sufficient coverage in the independent media to prevent it happening. Time will tell.

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