The Dance of the Scorpion and the Flight of the Eagle

Smoking Mirrors — Feb 2, 2014

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(Well, it looks like forces are in the wind to bring visible back to Maui in April. Some tell me this may be less than prudent but I am confident to rely on my esoteric friends.)
People measure the level of civilization many ways. One of them is to look at how people treat animals; “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals. … a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. That is, of course a definite yardstick. I’ve eaten some amount of flesh in my life but… for the greater part of my life I have been a vegetarian and I have a rule I live by, if I am not willing to catch and kill it myself then I have no right to it. This means that fish is okay because I would fish but… even that is seldom seen anymore. I seriously don’t want that Karma so… I am content to live without that side of things. I notice the difference in how I feel. Of course, there are many none too bright vegetarians around who don’t understand how to keep their nutrition where it needs to be and… they are worse off than the meat eaters often enough, health-wise.
There are other ways to measure the level of civilization and one of them is how we treat each other. I don’t think I have to elaborate on that. One of the ways I measure it is the level of intelligence displayed by health practitioners. Not only are they uniformly incompetent, they are downright dangerous. These days, medical schools graduate deranged and arrogant elitists, whose self importance is only exceeded by their lack of awareness, in terms of what their actual duties are. They are paid hacks in the employ of the pharmaceutical firms. I deeply pity them, given the lifetimes of suffering they face to counterbalance the suffering they have caused. Sure, there are some decent physicians out there. I know a few but.. they are few… and far between.
Hardly a week goes by when my mind is not drawn back to certain prophetic lines in Yeats poem, “The Second Coming”. “Things fall apart”, most definitely and “the center cannot hold”. It’s not enough that families and fraternal relationships are torn apart by the maelstrom of materialism. There are particular groups of psychopaths whose operational intent is to not only tear them apart but to mutate them beyond all recognition. My mind is still reeling from that link of the other day where it is stated “Nicole is a biological male who identified as a girl beginning at age 2″. That’s programmed perversity and here’s something that is not often brought to light. There is a population of parents afoot who deliberately and with intent, perform the most heinous acts of behavioral modification on their children. When they are not sexually assaulting them, they are lying to them about their special abilities and specialness. They pass them off into the world completely defenseless, their heads filled with utter bullshit. And… there are plenty of good parents out there too, but… they’ve got real problems because their intent goes diametrically counter to the intent of the monsters in opposition to all that is good and decent.
My mind often returns to Lao Tzu getting on that water buffalo and riding out through The Great Wall of China. His feeling at the time was that civilization (there’s that word again) was in serious decline and there was nothing further he could do. Here was a man, if man he was, who was arguably one of the wisest souls who ever lived and I am convinced he lives still. He is an immortal, after all. Typically of great souled ones, he lived in relative obscurity as a librarian. However, he had the power of the divine activated in him, so there is no question he was brimming with force. This is best illustrated in the report of his meeting with Confucius. The story goes that Confucius was curious about Lao Tzu and so he traveled to see him. When he arrived, the first thing Lao Tzu said to him is, “Why have you brought all of the other people with you?” It is to be assumed that Confucius turned around at this point to see WTF Lao Tzu was talking about. One should take away from this that Lao Tzu was suggesting that Confucius was not a unified personality. They met for awhile and then Confucius left. Later, when he was asked about his encounter, he said, “I went to see a man and found a dragon instead.” Being as my own awakening was decidedly of Oriental cast, I can understand this.
In certain disciplines of the east, the dragon force is a very real thing. It’s a particular expression of the serpent force. Though I have outlined this many times, I will do it again, especially since we were talking about the sex force and sexual continence yesterday, in the comments section at Origami. Everything, everything in this life is an expression of sexual force, adapted to a particular process or end. God is a serpent. What this means is that the power that is God expresses itself in radiant energy and in similar fashion to the movement of the snake. What God, in fact is, is incomprehensible, so this is as close as we can get symbolically speaking.
The snake in the garden crawled on its belly. or did it? Remember it was cursed after to crawl on its belly but… this is not important at the moment. In the human sphere there is the serpent and the snake. The snake expresses itself in the reproductive process. It generates the continuance of life and stimulates desire. Then there is the serpent. It lies coiled at the bottom of the chakra tree. It sleeps in The Kunda. When it is unawakened the ‘natural’ expression of this force is in the reproduction dance. When it is awakened it generates the continuance of awareness and individual life.
These days there is a lot of talk about Kundalini experiences. At Osho’s gatherings you would see people jerking too and fro, dramatizing something that actually wasn’t happening, just like those meditators who claim they are levitating since they bounce up and down on these special cushions. What this serves to do is to render them ridiculous, “Why, I can call the very demons of the deep”, “Yes, but will they come when you call them?” Here is the crux of the matter.
The degrees of relative Kundalini awakening spans a vast range of territory. Gopi Krishna talks about some of the negative possibilities of a Kundalini awakening. Some like Arthur Avalon, document the intricacies of Kundalini but NOT as a recipient of its dramatic expressions. Shivers and trembles are not a kundalini experience. Go and look at the hands of Buddhas. Look at the hands of the Buddha directly below the one in the center, actually a little to the right this is what happens to a person’s hands when the kundalini manages to get to an actually useful level. In these times, due to the appearance of psychedelics, during a trip, some number of people had partial awakenings but what happened was, due to their level of awareness, given the materialism of the times we are in, it went out through the 2nd chakra and turned them into sex freaks in need of sex and… it did this same thing to any number of ‘masters’, which explains all the sexual low jinks reported about them. I personally saw these things happening to various people. I watched sex communes materialize around some of these people. I actually lived in one for a few weeks, although I did not participate. I was really, really high at the time and had recently come from 2 years in prison, treated like residing in a strange monastery and with every discipline I could think of that was useful so employed.
Where I was lucky with my initial Kundalini experience was that I was full time aspiring to higher consciousness and so it swept me right there, for awhile anyway. Of course, since that time I have experienced major tribulations, lost my way, found my way; the usual for people in my position but… the good news is that once such a thing happens to you, you have absolutely no choice concerning your intentions and motivations for not only the rest of your life but forever and ever. There is one feature that I consider very important and that is one’s degree of intensity in the pursuit. If it is high, things and changes go by fast. On the other end of the equation, you literally get dragged the whole way.
As has been stated, it takes 40 drops of blood to make one drop of semen. It takes 40 drops of semen to make one drop of Ojas. If you are generating this, the whole process becomes a simple matter of plumbing. Intensity is like heat, it will produce pressure and steam. Mental focus and what that focus is has a whole lot to do with all of it. It should be said that at a certain point one is given the option of going in one or the other direction. Some might not even notice, since they are focused completely on the one.
The purpose of the material world is to distract your attention from this singular endeavor, the only endeavor of any real importance in life. This is what materialism does, it magnetizes your attention and it can be difficult to pull away, too many people are not even so inclined. They’ve got what they want, until they want more or they have very little and wanting all these various things takes up most of their time, with the exception of copulation and the wanting of copulation but… that’s wanting too. So it goes.
To summarize, one is going on their bellies on the ground, metaphorically speaking but it’s actually literal, or one is walking toward or within the dimensions of Heaven, for it is a state of consciousness and available to anyone who will behave as a citizen of Heaven will behave; mentally, emotionally and physically.
In the realms invisible to ‘mortal’ sight there are planets of every description. There are Hell planets and Heaven planets, pleasure and punishment planets, planets and planes far beyond the reach of mortal consciousness, yet people would rather obsess over garbage here. This is the fruit of materialism, the debasement of human consciousness and the lack of any enduring awareness of what lies beyond.
Scorpio is the constellation that relates to sex. It relates to other things as well. It is represented by both the scorpion and the eagle. For most people, their relationship to sex, is not unlike that of a scorpion stinging itself to death through squandering the life force. The end result is suicide after all. However, if the energy and awareness is drawn upwards, at some point one’s vision becomes like that of the eagle. That is the guaranteed result of sexual continence, as is continuous good health, except where Karma might apply.
All of this begs the question; what is wrong with the human race? Karma, Kali Yuga and materialism. Consider yourself fortunate indeed if you are one that aspires to higher states of consciousness and… even more fortunate if you are a lover of god; “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”
Another mystery is that people can be told about these things; can be told how precious every day is in respect of a higher goal, can know that their time is limited and yet, go right on with whatever they were doing before. That surely is a mystery. It surely is.
One can visualize the specific lokas they wish to travel to …and do the appropriate japa and depending on the degree of their certitude, be certain of going there. In the cases where constant remembrance of a name grants entry, as is the case with the Amitabha Buddha and The Western Pure Land and in the Christian tradition as well, that’s all one has to do but… you’d better be pretty consistent because there is an entity whose job it is to distract you at the time of death.
Imagine, just imagine what happens to a person who perseveres into their later years with an unrelenting aspiration and intention. As the passions and indiscretions are subdued, a veritable wonderland of consciousness descends, along with regenerated innocence and one finds themselves walking in a world entirely different than the pedestrian environments most people spend their brief hours in. It could happen to you.
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