The Howler Monkeys of the Moment in the Land of Perpetual Ooohs and Ahs

Visible Origami — Feb 1, 2014

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Note;  Things come and go in our comments section but I want to call attention to recent intrusions by the less than sane and the intentionally trouble-making. As long as we note what they are, their impact is negligible. Expect this sort of thing for the duration, or until their system goes belly up, sooner or later.
I’d like to open today’s posting with an acknowledgement of that brilliant writer and impeccable researcher, Lasha Darkmoon. She is immaculately aware of what is going on in the cultures of the west and who is behind the efforts at destroying them. There’s no argument otherwise to be made here. There’s no, “maybe it’s someone else”. It isn’t. You can close your eyes to it because it damages your chances for self advancement, or you can see what there is to see because living a lie is ever so much more painful (definitely sooner or later, at some point) than the limitations imposed by seeing things as they are.
What do you do? What can you do? What can you do when most of your fellows and fellees (grin) have been brainwashed into being supporters of the ones riding roughshod over them? The greatest danger to these predators is that the people might wake up. In an apocalypse, it is unlikely that they won’t wake up, like it or not. Generally when people refuse to wake up, the conditions of their material existence are worsened and worsened until that objective is achieved. Everyone is playing a part in this drama; good guys, bad guys, indifferent wanders, in a pinball’s fascination with bumpers and flashing lights; The Land of Perpetual Oooh’s and Ah’s. Maybe you would prefer Ooze and Oz?
Really disturbing things are going on. It would be interesting to pinpoint who the individual was who slipped that rider into the defense bill. It would be most interesting to locate with an attendant mug shot, those responsible for these sick antics.  It’s not just in the US. It’s in Europe as well. How can it be possible that something like this is promoted when there are laws in place against this very behavior?  Consider the sheer size of this list. Look at these names, positions and association; the people killed.  It is near impossible for me to imagine that any of this can end well and more and more I begin to wonder, “Where is the furthest away that I can get in order to avoid the worst of it?” I’m not a coward. I’ve faced down Bad Leroy in the cellblocks and gone toe to toe any number of times with some who meant me harm but… I have no part in this affair. I am neither into these things, nor indifferent to them. I am not wandering in a world of delusion, in a near unconscious state and taken in by every roadside attraction. These things have naught to do with me, so I’ve no need to be around them while they play out; however that is going to be.
I admit that it fascinates me to see people dancing around a huge bonfire, while behind them waves a field of dry grass and copses of trees. They seem unaware of what might happen when the wind shifts, nor are they aware of the potential speed of a brush fire. I may be speaking in metaphor and analogy here but it should suffice to illustrate just what the situation is. People don’t realize that just because things may appear normal, despite so much of what is going on elsewhere or around the corner, that does not mean it can’t change in a heartsbeat. Barring divine intervention, at some point it will. We are in a grace period and that means a period of time for self inquiry and consideration of what looms in the event horizon.
This is utter insanity  Here they say that “Nicole is a biological male who identified as a girl beginning at age 2.” How is that even remotely possible? Here we are informed about a six year old, “Colorado officials said last year that a suburban Colorado Springs school district discriminated against a 6-year-old transgender girl by preventing her from using the girls’ bathroom.” There are efforts afoot in nearly every state to push through toxic legislation that guarantees cultural destruction. There are legal efforts afoot at the Federal level to usurp the rights of states in these matters and in both State and Federal courts there will soon be, if there are not already, concerted legal efforts to lower the age of consent to 8 and below and even remove it altogether.
What happens when you get more and more sick? What is the end result of that? You die. It is no different for cultures and institutions than it is for life forms. What signifies a terminal stage in cultures or institutions? That is when they reject and react against the very tenets upon which they were originally based. This is how cancer works. It attacks the host organism. Ergo, in the present society, there are those who are cancer cells. These will destroy themselves, due to the very nature of their composition, but should they be able to destroy you too? That is a good question.
Now we need to speak about zones of influence. Are you in  a targeted zone? Are you exempt from targeting due to being a member among those who do the targeting, or a wealthy or powerful individual, for whose preference the laws and mores have been persistently adjusted over time? Are you quiet and retreating, possibly one who might be overlooked, or are your positions known? Are individual human rights respected where you are at present? You do need to think about these things and you need to consider what the availability of heating fuel, along with food and water are and who decides who gets what?
Very little is said about what took place in the football stadium where thousands of people were relocated after Katrina.
Trolls are coming at the author of this site for not agreeing to their premise that ALL weather is now artificially generated. It is not enough for me to say, “I don’t know”, which is the case. Their intent is to throw me off center. Good luck with that.
I just get an email this morning from a lady named Carol, who went on about how my being at odds with Michael Rivero was just giving into the forces that seek to divide us. She was preaching togetherness and solidarity. She told me Michael is presently in the hospital for pneumonia. This occurred right after our parting of the ways. I told this lady that I wasn’t at odds with Michael and how I had gone out of my way to make this clear; that I bore him no ill will and actually wish him the best. It was a simple policy decision on my part, not to send him my links anymore because I would have to tailor my writing to his specifications and that would be fundamentally dishonest. I didn’t yell at this lady, call her names or anything else. I just stated my position on the matter. Immediately, I got this terse and snippy response, something along the lines of “Thank you for your transparent response.” WTF? This is how thin the veneer of her Kumbaya persona was. Here she was preaching coming together and sundry and all I did was say, more or less, that I had to part ways for reasons of personal honesty. Boom! That was unacceptable to her. Far too many people these days have a Formica thin personality, a surface face, which, if you scratch it at all, reveals beneath, a snarling beast. Manners and one’s personal right to have an opinion or declared perspective has gone out the window. I wasn’t rude, apart from some initial frustration about how people have failed to see my multiple disclaimers and continue to proceed as if something were other than it actually is because… if it were them they probably would be angry and so they project that on me but… I am not angry. I do not carry such things with me. They are far too burdensome.
In this business, one of the first things a person has to do is accept that there is going to be opposition and that it is going to be impossible to explain yourself to everyone. You just have to keep your head down and go about your business and… let the chips fall where they may. In the end, time and the river will summate whether or no there was value in what you did. Time and the river and the ineffable will judge you, according to some mysterious template that the cosmos has in one of its file cabinets at a particular location in the invisible. The world will not judge you, not with any appreciable force, unless you are, ‘of the world’. The howler monkey’s of the moment, may fill the air with meaningless critiques, birthed from agendas and vested interests but their chatter will meet with the same enduring presence as the dead leaves in the gutter at the passing of Fall. It is no different than the disturbances among the birds in the forest, who are set off by your passage beneath the trees, or the barking dogs in some nameless town. Neither are going where you are going. Your interests and their interest are not the same. It is to be expected that you might seen alarming to them. Beware of the common folk who become outraged by what they don’t understand. Truth is an outcast and an enemy in these lands. Truth must be concealed and revealed depending on the circumstances.
We are the sum total of what we think and say and do. I’m okay with that. That suits me fine. Often, the biggest disappointments and oppositions come from people who identify themselves as compassionate and understanding but whose actions belie that altogether. It’s just a front and you have to be prepared for this and not take it personally. It seems that unless you completely kowtow and genuflect before them and celebrate their august wisdom, that they ever so kindly saw fit to bestow upon you, they immediately turn upon you, proving their wisdom and compassion to be nothing but a sham. You have to expect this. Anything short of bending yourself into torturous positions and watching your every word- avoiding plain speaking at any cost- will lead to brutal enmity because there are all kinds of people who have never done anything but dispense advice, while refusing to follow it themselves. You’re alone in certain ways. You need to get that. Should you be so fortunate as to possess real friendships, you are fortunate indeed. One must learn the difference between friends and acquaintances, or you will learn in unfortunate circumstances.
This is why I love my invisible friends. They sustain and protect me and are not bound by time nor distance. All that they ask is that I try my hardest and no matter how many times I lose it or fall short of the mark, they forgive me. They love me and more than that I do not need and whatever I might need will surely appear. The same goes for anyone of similar mindset and aspect.
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