Victim Describes Pervasive Pedophile Network in UK — Jan 31, 2014

In 2001 while serving time for perjury at London’s Belmarsh Prison, MP and novelist Jeffrey Archer met “Fletch” 38, who had murdered one of his pedophile tormenters. Fletch describes how his so-called guardians sexually abused him. He couldn’t complain to authorities – they were all in on it.
A woman who murders an abusive husband is exonerated. Apparently this principle doesn’t apply to children victimized by pedophiles.
This should be read in conjunction with Satanist Pedophiles Rule Britain

by “Fletch” from Jeffrey Archer, A Prison Diary, pp 230-235 — (Edited by

The truth is that I had no idea that what I was experiencing wasn’t the norm. Wasn’t every child going through this? My childhood ended at the age of nine when I was sent to a home.
Overnight I became a plaything for those who were employed to care for me, those in power. They even managed to secure a “place of safety order” from a court so I couldn’t be moved and they could carry on abusing me.
During the 1970s, corporal punishment was common in children’s homes. For some of the staff, it was simply the way they got their kicks. First they caned little boys until they screamed, and then they buggered us until we were senseless; not until then did they stop. Nine other children from that home can confirm this statement; two are married with children of their own, two are gay, five are in jail.
Two of the five in jail are serving life sentences for murder.
After a time, the abuse becomes a form of love and affection, because if you didn’t want to be caned, or belted with a strap, you give in and quickly accept the alternative, sexual abuse. By the age of twelve, I knew more about perversion and violence than any one of you reading this have ever read about, or even seen in films, let alone experienced.
By the age of twelve, I had been abused by the staff at my home in-, local social workers, care staff and a probation officer. All of these professions attract pedophiles, and although they are in the minority (20%), they are well aware of each other, and they network together, and most frightening of all, they protect each other.
I know a child who was articulate enough by the age of fourteen to tell the authorities what he was being put through, so they just moved him around the country from home to home before anyone could begin an investigation, while other pedophiles carried on abusing him.


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