To Bring Down the Vampire Banking Syndicate

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Jan 31, 2014

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Ah… I knew if I mentioned Kalifornia in somewhat of a bad light I would hear about it but… I’m just repeating what I see and also analyzing from what I see. It is true that food is going to be a problem. It is already a huge problem in those parts of the world that The Crass Media ignores because they are high profit zones for multinationals. Corporations have no conscience and they don’t promote people who do. By the time you get anywhere near the levers of power, you are a cold blooded, psychopathic sonofabitch, like this guy here. California is the land of dreamers. I was struck by this feature when I first got there. They have a certain kind of people there. New York has another kind. I am of the New York kind, so I noticed the variants. There were things about Kalifornia that I loved, The Joshua Tree National Monument Park, Mendocino, Bolinas, Big Sur, Larkspur where I lived on a houseboat. I don’t mean to disparage Kalifornia, I just have my own right brain kind of math and I add things up. Then the numbers I get, the equation, is transformed into a picture. I often see things in terms of sustainability; can this sustain under these circumstances with all the various ponderables and imponderables? So… what I am left with is; No, it cannot, barring some form of miracle.
Water is going to be much more of a problem.
Conditions are bad and getting worse all over the place. Conditions are what they are under the driving forces of materialism. One is the rapid decay of systems of materialism that have gone to seed. The other is emergent materialism such as you see in Brazil, India and China. Typical of materialism, in order to squeeze expenses, while sucking as much profit out of the game, a section of society is tossed to the elements. I can never forget the sight of those Filipino children picking their way through enormous mountains of smoldering landfills, or the one that rings Guatemala City.
What we are fed information wise is vastly different in the actual. Those controlling the media and the religious brainwashing systems, are hand in glove with the forces of darkness that have created these horrible conditions. Here, the cousin of 9/11 mastermind Ehud Barak, brags about his relationship, while milking dumbass Christian fundies of their money, as well as exhorting them to die in Israel’s wars, so that their bankers can get even richer still. This is the bloodsucking troll who runs the Hagee ministry.
However, we would never know so clearly as we do today, how evil these people are, if they had not been compelled by Mr. Apocalypse to demonstrate it for us. After all, that is the purpose of the whole thing.
The oppressed peoples of the world can shut down this Vampire Syndicate easily, should they choose but… their collective level of ignorance is so great that they are incapable of objective and rational thought. You don’t have to violently revolt. You don’t have to march in the streets and wave signs and banners. All you have to do is stop purchasing Coca Cola and Pepsi, stop eating at fast food joints and stop buying any new corporate items. It’s not like you can’t get by on whatever you have at the moment. You stop voting, collectively, saying that the elections are all fixed. You stop enlisting in the military and those already so engaged should begin to leave en masse. They can’t put everyone in jail. A silent stepping back is required, coupled with the insistence that NOTHING will continue, until the banks are dissolved and their ill gotten gains are put into reputable hands. The fortunes of the 1% must be taken from them and the rest of the upper echelon should be fairly taxed. Corporations should face huge penalties for offshoring. Agri-business must be broken up and laws passed that state that resources are always and forever the possession of the public, to be administered for the public good. Dual nationals need to be kicked out of the country. Avaricious and oppressive lobbies need to be registered as instruments of foreign powers. AIPAC needs to be reigned in and every legislator swearing fealty to Israel should be drummed out of office. Israel is not Americas friend. It is her most deadly enemy; FACT.
Government surveillance systems must be leveled. The law enforcement community must be held accountable. The genocide in Palestine and elsewhere must be recognized and officially declared as abhorant and reprehensible.
People should shut off their TVs and refuse to watch, until something is done about the banality of entertainment. All these things just mentioned are powers held by the public. Shame the devil. Call the devil and his minions out. Label them for what they are.
The worst offspring of Materialism is what it creates in the human psyche. It creates indifference and a propensity for cruelty that is sickening as seen here and here. In lands where so called Christian values are celebrated we are seeing things like this. This kind of thing can only be a product of the impact of Materialism on the human spirit. Materialism dehumanizes. Materialism dehumanizes. The power of the central consciousness of Materialism is Mammon and this is a living ‘thing’. Its powers are mesmerizing and it sucks undisciplined minds into thralldom.
Because of the enormity and pervasiveness of this force, it is highly unlikely that positive change and a reversal of all negative aspects of the present will take place. It seems outside the capacity of the public to become aware of where their welfare lies and who their actual friends are. The allure of a meal ticket and a state of stability, no matter how temporary, is all it takes to engender compliance in them. This is no different than the condition of livestock who get fed each day, when it might be more problematic in the wild but… it generally isn’t and what is the fate of the livestock who have been fed and badly cared for during their term?
It seems impossible to communicate to people that every single one of us makes a difference. Every one of us has a tremendous ability toward change, however latent or potential it might be. The game works. The system of oppression works due to the overlords capacity to keep the public on a virtual hamster wheel and to sow dissension among them with the object of their resentment and aggression being one another. In The Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine, this is all delineated. (Warning, shameless self promotion zone)
It comes down to one inflexible and ironclad truth. If one’s attention cannot be gotten by a gentler effort then the effort will increase in severity until it is impossible not to wake up. If you insist on not seeing what is going on around you and not seeing your contribution to the state you occupy, it WILL be brought to your attention. The Apocalypse is a REALITY. This is expressly why so much is being uncovered and revealed. This is why so much has come out. This is why the internet showed up. As one of my uncle’s used to say (but didn’t act on), “those who cannot hear must feel.” What is more important, your possessions or your life? What is more important, your position or your life? What is more important, the thing you are after or the one who is after it? What is more important, your status here in temporary time, or your subsequent placement afterwards?
I am not an organizer or a rabble rouser. I don’t even think community is a good idea for such a one as myself anymore and no doubt that is why it was so hard to come by… but I do believe in people having the opportunity to see what is in front of them, even if, as is the case with me, it is not always efficiently or comprehensively expressed. I’ve seen what comes of social reformers and how the wheel turns upon those who come into positions of power and how that power affects their original intent. I want no part of it. As soon as I can engineer or troubleshoot my way back to Maui I’m going to submerge, especially since I have just recently come into a fantastic idea for sustaining oneself in that very locale. If against all odds this does not happen, I will relocate to a sparsely populated zone some hundreds of K from here and wait it out, should ‘waiting out’ be allocated to me to do so. One should stick to what they know and avoid getting caught up in things that, all too often, have a mind of their own.
I am of the opinion that areas of Kalifornia, like areas everywhere, will possibly come through the transformations, presently coming, more or less intact. I am certain that whatever troubles there will be will be largely occurring in the urban locations, except where forces of Nature are concerned. I am certain that some locations are going to be much better than others. Iceland and Norway are not likely to experience general difficulties, in the way so many other places will. India, China and Brazil, as well as other developing areas are going to go through immense changes. The U.S. in general is going to be hit hard in many ways, simply because of what forces are at the helm of the ship of state, as well as the forces presently engaged in systematically looting the landscape. The same will be true of Canada but less so and the same in parts of Western Europe. The U.K. is on its way to unpleasant times unless various inequities are addressed.
It IS altogether possible that ships could come out of the sky. It is altogether possible that the cosmos will make an appearance in the collective heart of humanity, or that a great teacher may appear. Many things are possible. There certainly are off planet civilizations that are much more advanced than our own and the cosmos is capable of anything. Shamballah might emerge from the protective mist that surrounds it at this time. All kinds of things could happen. We just don’t know but none of these things are guaranteed investments or deserving of a greater portion of one’s faith, save for the active hand of the cosmos. The cosmos is behind all of it, the good and the evil and it’s all for the purpose of demonstration. There are life lessons on the table for the populations that are present. Some will learn these lessons and some will not, or they may learn them but not in a desirable fashion. The whole point of life, from the POV of the cosmos, is self discovery and learning. Regardless of what you may be independently up to, these are the intentions of the cosmos and the approved industries of the cosmos. You can substitute ‘the ineffable’ or ‘the divine’ in place of the cosmos. I use that term so as to signify a mysterious force of incomprehensible nature. No one knows what is going on there but one can adjust to its intentions according to systems of understanding that are available to all.
Some recent and interesting events are taking place that involve the very young. I have seen a number of similar startling events lately. Along with all the Sturm und Drang are many other things. Anything is still possible at this point. In these critical hours we need to be most discriminating about that which we set heart, mind and hands to. We are responsible for our own actions and we need to remember that as much as we might wish to influence others and get their attention, we can only do so much. The best we can do is lead by example. If others see, so much the better, if not, we have done what we could.
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