Mohamed Morsi Won’t be Missed

BD — Jan 30, 2014

BD is a Sunni Palestinian residing in the Middle East.  He works in financial reporting and analysis
A couple of fundamental considerations have been omitted in the analysis by “Nancy”. But before I begin, let me say that I’m no fan of Abdel-Fatah Sisi. I despise Sisi and the arrogant, rabid, backward nationalism that is being promoted in Egypt.  I have a sense, as alluded in the article, that the  Egyptian people are being led like sheep into a trap.  Just a hunch.
Anyways, let me get to the point.  The author cites Kevin Barrett who describes Morsi’s leadership as relatively “cautious” and “benign”.  Mr. Barrett must have missed Morsi’s speech in a stadium surrounded by his fanatical followers whereby he called for “Jihad” against Syria.
The spectacle was repulsive; a stadium of fanatical Islamists cheering on what they perceived to be the beginning of further intervention into the bloody US-Turkish-Saudi-Qatari financed and supported war in Syria.
Needless to say, Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is heavily supported by the rich tiny state of Qatar – one of Israel’s best friends in the Persian Gulf and the host of America’s largest air base in the region AND host of the Muslim Brotherhood TV news mouthpiece Al-Jazeera – in addition to being one of the prime belligerent parties in the war to topple the Syrian government of Bashar Assad.
Furthermore, it’s probably true that Sisi increased the closure of smuggling tunnels to Gaza – a lifeline for that poor embargoed territory – and justified it by linking Egypt’s ‘terrorism’ problems to Hamas.  I don’t know how much truth there is to this, but the real tragedy is in the fact that Morsi never actually significantly eased the embargo on Gaza.  In fact, under his reign, for the first time Gaza tunnels were flooded with sewage water – something that apparently even  Hosni Mubarak had not done.
Morsi supporters like to blame the Egyptian military and claim Morsi is innocent. However I don’t recall Morsi publicly distancing himself or condemning the military for the flood of Gaza’s tunnels.


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