Avoid Brazil During World Cup

by Marcos — (henrymakow.com) Jan 29, 2014

2014 world Cup logo. Coincidentally, ZZ from Poland writes: "Very dark foreboding in the graphics, namely the presumed ball in actuality IS a human head, covered with a hand. Note the probable eyeline under the hand, it is directed downwards, to the ground, as in a deep despair. This logo speaks sorrow words." Click to enlarge

President Dilma of Brazil is in Cuba bashing the US and inaugurating a near US$ 1 BI harbor in Havana, built with Brazilian money.
She already promised US$ 360 MI for the airport. These loans have been put under national security confidentiality, so we will never know if they will ever be repaid. Meanwhile, trucks with containers for export wait in lines at Brazilian harbors, sometimes for days, because the infrastructure is in shambles. The Workers Party doesn’t mind if the country falls apart, as long as the Marxist revolution goes on elsewhere.
On the local level, we had five crimes yesterday just around our neighbourhood. A father with his wife and kids in a car was shot and died. The wife tried desperately to drive the car to the hospital to no avail. Other people have been carjacked and robbed. These are places where we drive thru everyday.
Here in Sao Paulo state, the governor is from the opposition party, and we will have elections in November. He is also the chief of the military police (civilian policemen are only investigative, the detectives). The Left (Workers Party) has devised a plan where they will try to set the city on fire and wait until the police kill some criminal, in order to call the governor a violent fascist. They can do this because most of the press will help.
The Left does this in two ways: through their connections with a huge gang of criminals in prisons who are the leaders of the criminals in the streets (these guys send an order to create chaos) and through manipulated protesters like the “black blocks”, much like the bums in Occupy Wall Street.
Last Sunday, one of these guys from the ” black block” group was creating confusion at a street show and police tried to arrest him. Somehow, he threw an officer to the ground and was going to stab him when he got shot.
Later, police found inside his backpack: two home-made bombs, box cutters, vinegar (to protect against smoke bombs), a bottle with petrol for Molotov cocktails.
But, the amazing thing: the police was vilified by the press and called violent because they shot the guy!!! Who was stabbing an officer who was down!!!