The Road to Damascus Factor and the Great Swamp Fundie

Smoking Mirrors — Jan 30, 2014

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A a judge once said, paraphrasing here, “I can’t define what pornography is but I know it when I see it.” I would have to echo that. I know pornography when I see it and this is pornography. Note the fellow’s work space. They won’t quit. They know credibility is bleeding out of their constructs like a stuck hog. So… they up the disinfo and they up it and up it and up it and… eventually it explodes like that guy in Monty Python’s, “The Meaning of Life” and rains their own toxic offal down upon their heads. We  most certainly hope that is the outcome and given certain laws of physics, whether they apply to cultures, economic systems or simply bullshit stacked so high that it combusts from the sheer pressure of its own weight upon itself, a certain outcome is certain. Some things are inevitable. Some things are inevitable and the historical records proves that out when it comes to certain recurrent shenanigans.
There are places in the world where reality is never more than tenuous at best. Kalifornia would be such a place and Mother Nature, Lady Nature, is none too fond of places where reality is tenuous at best because that means whatever it is, it’s at a far remove from her and that would be the case in Kalifornia, which is also essentially, or was essentially, blessed with the greater abundance of Nature. Now, the Legion of Doom, not to be confused with the Legion of Boom, is fully represented in those environs as the dark side of the basic elements  so expressed in that manner due to the collective resistance of those satanic forces, so emplaced, whose intent is the transformation of Nature into an abomination. Then one should not be surprised if that is what one gets. It’s a sad state of affairs because there are many good things that go on there and many good people there.
There are many good people around the world, who are struggling to find a way to survive within the tortured dynamics of a world geared solely to the profits and pleasures of wealthy and powerful psychopaths. As smart as these vermin are, they are blind to what is hidden from them and that is their own vulnerability to the blowback of their actions. I’m not just talking about public outrage, which will be ignited in many locations, as the results of their policies and actions become more and more thoughtless and injurious. I’m talking about cosmic blowback. There are many ways to look at the world and all of them have some merit within the limitations of their operation… but the world and all that’s in it is also a mathematical construct. Nothing happens that doesn’t cause a reaction and nothing manifests that isn’t subject to it’s relationship to the cosmic mean. Too much of anything breeds the predictable response. If you over eat or you eat to fast, especially depending on what it is, you’re going to get a reaction.
If you push yourself too much, especially when you are tired, injury is very possible. If you act in haste you are free to repent at your leisure. If you insist upon a certain outcome when that outcome violates certain cosmic laws, you’re going to come to the attention of a particular and invisible police force. Very often we don’t see the kind of immediate response we might wish for because time is very different in the invisible than it is in the physical and there are always degrees of latitude present because the cosmos leaves space and loopholes for the possibility of change in direction and attitude; what I call The Road to Damascus Factor.
One of the most telling things that I notice, as I move through this vale of animated corpses, is the general, with very few exceptions, pattern of collective awareness that does not deviate outside the margins, with few exceptions. The degree to which most people are trapped in mundane material pursuits is terrifying when seen from a  certain perspective. It is guaranteed suffering, if not today then tomorrow and it is certain death, if not today then tomorrow. These rules are inviolate. It’s all that road to destruction, “wide is the highway” thing. Human existence goes down within controlled parameters. It moves from one extreme to the other and- most of the time- stays somewhere near the middle. It never jumps into hyperspace or opens into alternative dimensions in a en masse kind of a way. Plenty of individuals here and there, over time have had such experiences but they would have been, nearly without exception, events that occurred somewhere other than in the jammed congestion of the flaming world of fiery attractions and appetites. In that place, the largest sector, you get what you get and you don’t get anything else. It’s Shake ‘n Bake City. You can find any temporary thing there. You can gratify any temporal desire or physical appetite but… no more.
What happens to people is that as soon as they get here, their parents start to telepathically invade them. It could be called a form of psychological rape and it goes on everywhere unless you got real good Karma. Much of it is well meaning. Most parents know the world can be a dangerous place and they want you to be prepared. Unfortunately, most of them don’t know what the real dangers are and which are only incidentally terrestrial. Then you get shuttled into an educational system, which these days has little to do with education and mostly to do with brainwashing and where the curriculum is put together and approved by the very people doing the most harm. After that, it’s the military and professions and unless you are self employed, you got to mind all kinds of rules of behavior. So humanity moves from one conditioned and conditioning environment to another. Usually, by the time you realize you’re trapped, there’s not much you can do, or you don’t think there is. You don’t know who to ask for help. That’s the main problem. People get carrot and sticked all down the road to decrepitude and death. That’s how it is.
They are bombarded by stories of people succeeding; somebody wins the lottery, somebody becomes the American Idol. For the vast majority, none of these things will ever happen. Half the world is living in a state of desperation! Half the world!
Only one kind of success counts and that is success as a human being. Success in the world without succeeding as a human being is a horror show. The cost is awful but it’s seldom publicized. Success as a human being guarantees, guarantees success in life, no matter what you may be doing and your impact on life is significant in all the right ways; not so otherwise. For most people, they spend their lives under the spell of a fundamental illusion that justifies everything they thought they had to do to get to where they got. It’s only late in the game when it dawns on them what actually happened and BELIEVE ME… it does dawn on them. It dawns on them late at night, in the quiet hours, when they wake before dawn and it all comes rushing forth into their minds. The dread comes. The dread of what is to come. They say that psychopaths have no conscience and so they cannot feel regret. There’s a program for them too. The universe is remarkably precise.
Why are there so many psychopaths loose at the moment? Why are there so many sexual psychopaths running around? It is because of the intense pressure of materialism. Materialism is a cosmic magnet that attracts these entities into manifestation, in the same way that certain environments are perfect breeding grounds for pathogens and bacteria. Why things are the way they are is perfectly obvious but… not if perception of the truth is an obstacle to your personal objectives.
Life on Planet Earth is a cycle of sequences, geared to particular ends. All these dramatic settings are orchestrated to put humanity through whatever it takes to wake their asses up and if they don’t wake up, they get put through it again. Humanity will probably never know how much suffering they have been spared as a result of the invisible workers, whose efforts go on without respite across a truly vast expanse of time. The Amitabha Buddha spent 5 kalpas going through changes just to get into a certain position to help …and more time for other reasons. The Silent Workers are responsible for efforts greater than any demonstrated by the physical players and the physical players wouldn’t get very far without their assistance.
This is what just stuns me about the intransigent ignorance which abounds. It is possible to make lasting connections with forces greater than any present on this Earth and which have the power to rectify ANY problem or condition you might find yourself in but… people don’t tumble to this and most of the time, when they get a certain motivation, they wind up in The Great Swamp of Fundie. That help and assistance is here now. Avail yourself or don’t avail yourself. My responsibility ends with saying this. Humanities responsibility begins with acting on it, or not.
Crunch time is coming.
Here’s an interesting event that has little to do with all of this but points out one should really think things out before they do them. That governor had been to hundreds of Springsteen concerts.
By the way, if you want to go to the Liberty and Lace Super Bowl Party with Victoria Secrets Slutz,  it’s only going to cost 1700 dollars. Gee, imagine being able to spend an evening in scintillating conversation with these sparkling intellects. Yeah… Crunch time is coming.
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