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Visible Origami — Jan 29, 2013

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The most important thing to remember in these critical moments of life is that we are all parts and players in a multi-dimensional movie with a generally fixed plot. The plot is fixed and there is nothing new about it. What is not fixed, except when it is, is us. Life continues and goes on for just so long as there is possibility other than death, in the cases where it applies, or only so long as the demands of Karma insist that it go on. We’ve heard the term, “as above, so below”. It’s one of those phrases like, “know thyself” that we hear so often that we don’t register the meaning of it. We certainly don’t register the implications of them. Let’s look more closely at the first term and how it applies to the time in which we find ourselves; “As above, so below”. As with most of the timeless axioms, it has more than one interpretation and can also be understood on more than one level and that is dependent on the level of awareness of the person understanding it.
One of the meanings is that things go on in the invisible realm in much the same way as they do down here. They have armies there and there are armies here. There are functionaries in both places that take care of very similar things. There are courts and courts of appeal. A person trapped on the glueboard of Karma can expect an opportunity’ for relief if he or she is a persistent petitioner. Sometimes this means that his or her whole life shifts and becomes more intense and possibly more possessed of suffering than it was. That’s how it works. If you should choose the way out, it certainly means engaging in a conscious letting go of all things material. This doesn’t mean that things material go away. It means they have to be seen in a different light. This is because there are watchers in the higher planes and that is one of the ‘seeming’ exceptions down here. The light, the different light in which things need to be seen, is a light of awareness that harmonizes with and is attractive to The Watchers.
We all have a Watcher within. If you’ve managed to pass beyond the rudimentary states of meditation, you know this. If you have taken a sufficient amount of psychedelics and are a more or less aware individual, you know this. You know there is a Watcher Within. The Watcher is not the only presence within in most cases. In the human psyche, there is a place through which evil enters. It has to be invited to enter but that is easily accomplished. All one has to do is desire something or have an appetite for something and that is the invitation, should one act upon, scheme after, or arrange to compromise oneself in the pursuit of whatever. All of this takes place in the mind well before it takes place in the field of action. Sure, sometimes it is immediate and impulsive but… many of our objectives are expressions of complex strategies that we may be unfamiliar with much of the time. A lot of things go on below our surface.
When you are young it can be easy to shake off certain things. It can also be easier to fully immerse yourself in something. Disappointment, resignation and despair impact on us with varying degrees of intensity, depending on our stage of life. It’s much easier to toss everything into the wind at one point than it might be at another. Late in the game it can be a serious test of everything one has told themselves they believe. We never know what we believe until our beliefs are challenged and tested and life guarantees this will happen. It is, essentially what life is all about.
The illustrious Homer, not the blind poet of long ago but our Homer in residence, posted a comment today from the Bhagavad Gita. It is something I have been saying for a long time and I never saw it in the Bhagavad Gita and I have read that book half a dozen times. My point is that truth is truth, across all platforms and in all languages. Basically what the quote says is that your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy and that has simply to do with whether you have control of it. The tarot card, The Chariot, symbolizes this and is defined as Triumph in the Mind. I can use the Waite Deck here since it is pretty indistinguishable from that in The Case Deck
I am more familiar with this card than I am with most of the others because it is the main card of my life leading to the two following cards. It’s been pointed out to me more times than I can count. Each of us is at a particular stage and dealing with a particular card or inter-relationship of cards, whether we know it or not and when I say ‘cards’ I mean archetypes. It is our misfortune if we can’t identify where we are because it has a great deal to do with being present. Certainly one can discover much by looking at one’s natal chart to see what the planets are that will exercise the more significant impact in our lives and then match them up with the particular cards. None of the cards are good or bad, they are powers (forces), mediums and states or conditions. It’s a short jaunt from there to ‘esoteric astrology’ and the spiritual implications. There’s nothing wrong with astrology. It’s a fairly exact science. The problem is that there are very few fairly exact astrologers.
As I initially stated, we are in a movie and that movie is a common one to an apocalyptic period. The environment can be different and the players different but the dance is the same. It is all part and parcel of the war of souls that takes place during an apocalypse. Most of us have been coming and going here for awhile. We’d know a lot more about it all if we could carry our memories from previous lives into this one. Knowledge of them comes at a stage of awareness, when the knowledge can no longer impact on the state of one’s existence. Sometimes one can find this out but locating a bonafide seer who can reveal this is not easy. The mass of teachers, never great in this stage of this yuga, have retreated away from the general ebb and flow of human traffic, in order to make way for all the false prophets who claim the stage at these times. it’s all part of the movie about The War for Souls.
It is very difficult to find an alleged teacher or an alleged master in these times who is not raking in the cash for their particular dance of illusion. They are merely magicians spinning webs of influence. What they give you is an appearance of safety and a collection of terms and practices that you can use to negotiate you through and define your existence. They know where the buttons are. It’s a game. If you don’t know how to play this game there are several reasons and it’s not because you are stupid. Most of us are sincere in our search, at least we are until the heavy tests weed us out, which they will. You need to have a capacity for corruption to suss out the necessary mechanisms and this you can do by observing one of the practitioners in action and adapting their mannerisms and load of glittering dung. There’s a certain group of people that are genetically disposed to this kind of behavior but… I digress. However… if you move in those circles, you know what I’m talking about.
Our Karma determines our sensitivity to levels of BS. We need to watch that kind of thing but our Karmic predispositions make this difficult, however… knowing we have them and being ‘willing’ to see through our own vulnerabilities, makes us vulnerable to legitimate teachers. Now… I don’t want to upset anyone who may come around and see what I am about to say and take it personally. When you mention someone that people have an ‘investment’ in, they become defensive on behalf of their investment and close themselves off to legitimate argument.
I owned an occult spiritual bookstore during the time that Rajneesh burst on to the scene. I was already familiar with the writings of various sages and teachers from times past. I ordered some of Rajneesh’s books from one of my suppliers. It might have been Book People from out in California. I read briefly through some of what he had to say and I had two reactions. One was that his info was very clearly and simply presented and the other was that it was all taken from other sources. This was blatantly obvious to me. I put him aside and didn’t think any more about it until I started hearing about the 99 Rolls Royce’s and bodyguards running alongside whatever Rolls Royce The Big Kahuna was being driven around in, with Uzi machine guns at port arms. Around this time I ran back into the most intense love of my life and she happened to be a followers of the man. She told me about being at one of their communities and how there were always 50 gallon drums burning which people threw condoms into. The man knew how to arrange situations that appealed those susceptible.
Previous to that I had happened upon a gathering for Muktananda. A girl I had known from D.C. came up to me where I was standing under a tree watching it all. She poked me in the ribs and made some comment about my being unwilling to integrate. I guess she was a follower. Mukty came walking by at some point and I had a child in my arms that belonged to someone I was close to at the time. He stopped and looked at me, said something or other and moved on. What I noticed or sensed was the hot red energy around him. Later I found out he was having sex with his devotees.
I went to Edmonton Canada to see this New Age holy man, John De Ruiter. I seriously considered joining his community. While I was there, this insane lady I had been corresponding with showed up like something out of a nightmare. I tell that story in my song, “Bad Dogs and Barbed Wire”. This guy had two pretty hot young things that took care of a lot of administrative things. Probably through the machinations of my teacher I came upon him and them looking pretty close on occasion. I wondered but not too much. It wasn’t any of my business. He was married to a very attractive woman and had several children. I left there and the next thing I heard was that he had left his wife for not one but both of these ladies. This was the guy that used to talk all the time about being genuine and honest and how your energy would naturally flow to another and how you had to have all this integrity about it. His wife later said, “Okay, I can understand him leaving me for someone, these things happen but why did he have to leave me for the two prettiest girls in the fellowship?” He had some kind of rationale about all of this that employed the same syntax dynamics that he used ordinarily. He hugged me at some point in the proceedings and I felt this hot red energy coming off of him.
I’d love to be a member of a bonafide spiritual community but… what I’ve found, when attempting to do this is that there is a certain contingent in each of these communities who have arranged themselves into positions of power and operate as the bureaucrats there. They are doctrinaire and dogmatically robotic and they have uniformly not liked me and though I may have had the benevolent ministrations of the teacher, living there was not pleasant for me overall because of whatever mafia was in place. Their primary concern was their position and secondarily whatever the master said, which got interpreted however these sorts do that. In the one place, when the master passed, the ruling junta paved over the beautiful front yard and then assigned themselves parking places. That said it all to me. That was at the Guru Bawa Fellowship in Philadelphia.
I had a community of equals once and that went well, until one of these masters (Guru Bawa) came in and swooped us all up. Most of them are still there. I’m not. I’m still in spin and in a couple of months I’ll wind up somewhere and the next chapter will begin. We’re on a spiral stairway, up into the light or… we are on a spiral stairway into the darkness, or… we are on a temporary plateau that is temporarily providing us with shelter and sustenance of some kind on all the necessary levels, depending on how we explained it to ourselves. It’s just temporary though. That is both good news and bad news, depending on how we take it.
We are in the midst of a war and all of the superficial appearance of other wars are a cover for this, be they economic, cultural, or actual conflicts, whether with others or with ourselves. Of course, you can’t have one without the other. You can be adverse to this war for souls, thinking it is unfair and reacting to the appearance of how heavily the deck seems to be stacked against us but… that’s just the appearance. The Watcher Within knows all about it and your status is exclusively determined by your relationship with The Watcher Within. Intention, aspiration and your level of determination will determine outcome. If you knew what was at stake, nothing would be allowed to compromise your determination and you would also know that you cannot lose, so long as you don’t give up. This is a period of tribulation and testing. Knowing that is half the battle. Knowing that the invisible hierarchy is in charge, regardless of appearances, is a powerful defense against appearances.
We are being given all this time to ready and prepare ourselves. That is the meaning of each day that appears. It is a day of opportunity. In a sense you can look at each day as being something like “Groundhog Day”. Strive hard!
The harvester is coming. The harvester is sweeping these souls to this side and those souls to that side. The Watcher Within is watching. The trick is to watch with the watcher. This is accomplished by going around and in all your thoughts, words and actions, being inclusive of your awareness of ‘and as’ the watcher. Another way of putting it is to do everything as if you were god accomplishing it but this requires the proper mindset, lest you wind up like some of these others. It’s a good thing to keep in mind that phrase about how, “pride goeth before a fall”. This is very real. How real depends on us, each and every one and a good motivation to remember is that we aren’t just carrying ourselves but everyone who winds up in our slipstream at whatever point that happens, just as we are caught up in a slipstream ourselves.
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