They’re not laughing now

Paul Eisen — Jan 29, 2014

A couple of weeks ago I posted here about the growing awareness in France of the need to confront abusive Jewish power. In my fear, I suggested what ordinary decent Jews in France and elsewhere could do. First, that they immediately disassociate themselves from their leaders and then, if they could, do the following:
· Press publicly and immediately for the repeal of Holocaust denial and all ‘thought-crime’ laws, full and free historical enquiry into the Holocaust and all World War II history and the cessation of all reparation payments to Holocaust survivors.
· Press publicly and immediately for Israel to acknowledge the crimes of 1948, agree to the principle of the Palestinian Right of Return and begin meaningful talks with everyone and anyone on how to immediately improve the terrible situation in Israel/Palestine.
· Publicly distinguish between ‘anti-Semitism’ and Jew-hatred (You can change the words if you want) – the one being a legitimate opposition to an abusive Jewish power, the other being a blind hatred of all Jews simply because they are Jews. Acknowledge the legitimacy of the one and the illegitimacy of the latter.
I then suggested that, as well as the above, Jews should just hope that they keep on laughing.
Well, they’re not laughing now…


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