Christopher Bollyn Denied Entry to UK

Christopher Bollyn — Jan 28, 2014

Dear Henry,
I just want to update you about some recent developments in my ongoing efforts to increase public awareness of what really happened on 9-11 – and what it means for all of us.
2014 looks like it may be a very good year for 9-11 truth. I helped Ken O’Keefe edit the script for his 9-11 program at the end of 2013. This program was to be his first Middle East Show on The People’s Voice, an Internet television network based in London.
O’Keefe then invited me to be on the program, which I thought was a worthwhile effort for 9-11 truth, so I flew to London on January 11 for the filming on January 12. O’Keefe wanted me for two interviews and I planned to stay until January 15.
Unfortunately, Britain’s Home Office and the U.K. Border Force do not share my interest in solving the crimes of 9-11 and I was detained at passport control at Heathrow Airport from about 1 p.m. in the afternoon of January 11 until the following morning when I was put on the first British Airways flight back to Sweden.
The U.K. Border Force and Metro Police interrogated me several times during my detention but it took them 8 hours to concoct a reason why I should not be allowed to enter Britain.

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