What Happened to Satire?

henrymakow.com — Dec 31, 2017

Satire appeals to a higher truth. Click to enlarge

Satire appeals to a higher truth. Click to enlarge

I’ve been watching old SCTV programs on YouTube and wondering what has happened to satire. Satire is observational. It attempts to improve the world by pointing out its absurdity and shortcomings. Sometimes the message simply is, we take ourselves too seriously. But just as comedy has been replaced by obscenity, satire has fallen victim to political correctness (Communism.) Can you think of any genuine satire on TV or film lately? I can think only of Portlandia which makes fun of liberals. SNL is now just anti Trump propaganda. I wrote this satire, “Bad Dog” in 2012. Something lighter for New Years 2018.

by Henry Makow Ph.D. — (“Bad Dog” updated from June 1, 2012)

A session of the Human Rights Tribunal of the 17th District of the Feminist Soviet of Canada is set to begin. Ms. Rutherford- Armstrong is the Prosecutor.  The Judge is Madam Chegundi Tsunami, a woman of color. The Defendant is Henry Makow of Winnipeg, white male.
Rutherford-Armstrong:  “Mr. Makow, at 10.25 a.m. on May 22, 2014 at the corner of Maple and Higgins, you were overheard to utter the words, “bad dog” to your pet.  How do you plead?”
HRCcartoonMakow: “Guilty with an explanation, Madame. “
Rutherford: “And what is your explanation?”
Makow: “I’m trying to teach him not to chase cats. He has pulled me off my bike more than once and broken many retractable leashes.”
Rutherford: “The witness, a Ms. Termagant, reported that there was a hint of impatience in your voice. This was confirmed by a nearby CCTV.  Is this true?”
Makow: “Yes, it’s possible.”
Rutherford:  “Do you realize how damaging the words “bad dog” are to his self esteem? Demonizing him? Withdrawing affection?”


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