Bearding the Zio-Ogre Bankers in their Den

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Jan 28, 2014

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When we hear about the doings of some celebrity or public figure, even when they tell us it is an intimate peek into their private lives, it isn’t. The whole continuous stream of information that gets shaped and fed to us, is laden with objective and intention. We don’t see what we don’t see. Huh? Where did that come from? Anyway, we don’t see what we don’t see and we don’t hear what we don’t hear and we don’t know what we don’t know, until we see and hear and know it. This is a very effective technique they have and it influences the aware among us, as much as it does the comatose. The basic principles of brainwashing are employed here. If you repeat something over and over and over, it imprints on the mind and if it gets resident in the subconscious, it can be activated by certain impulses. In other words, you can be groomed to behave in a certain way and that’s the point of all of these crude (given how dumb and easily influenced so many people are to begin with) efforts on the part of the evil that is engaged in destroying itself.
Why I’m mentioning this is that the one thing we’re not hearing about is what is going on behind closed doors at the upper levels of temporal power and what is going on behind the louvers of closed minds. There is a rising panic manifesting in the consciousness of the maldoers. They keep making mistakes. They keep getting caught out. It wasn’t supposed to be like this and… they really ain’t seen nothing yet.
What I’d like to say here and… I’m not saying it’s a given. It’s a ‘could be’, is that so much of the anticipated doom and gloom and catastrophe might not happen. It just might not happen and it might not happen in many places and happen in the extreme in others. It is possible that the servants of darkness might well be herded into camps themselves, or brought low by forces powerful beyond their understanding. It is not the desire of the cosmos that the entirety of the world should suffer but… it is quite true that far too many people support or allow it or… just don’t care.
The treatment of animals at this time, in the horrific conditions of factory farms, is truly gruesome. It is a truly sad reality that people in general are unaware of this and even worse, indifferent to it. The mounting weight of Karma for this rests upon all who participate in the process. It’s much the same as the responsibility of all those fundie Christians for the deaths of so many people in the Middle East and their culpability in the treatment of the Palestinians, due to gross ignorance in supporting Israel; “the monster of the Mideast”. It’s similar to the Karma of everyone who participates in bringing evil men and women into the political arena, where they make laws that lay waste to the environment, poison the oceans and the air and allow devastating industrial practices to take place across the country There is nothing more loathsome and depraved as the cognitive disconnect that permits each individual to close their eyes, not only to the world around them but to their part in having made it the way it is.
Nothing amazes me as much as the awareness of the peoples of this planet when it comes to rationalizing and justifying, anything really. It must be that they are locked into states of consciousness because there is no motivation to ascend to a greater perspective. It’s those samskaras, those veils of deep opacity that not only block ones ability to perceive but also close off awareness of the reality of what takes place around them. They are insulated by trivia, fed to them all day long. They are made fearful by the constant reportage of random shootings and they are most afraid of the police. They have heard about the things that happened. Even in the hinterlands, ‘the shadow has heard about The Shire’.
In reference to that Charlotte policeman and… let me say that phrenology most definitely comes into play here, the most disturbing thing about this, is that they let him go the first time. This is a troglodyte that fired ten bullets into a guy that posed no threat and most of them came after he was already laying down, courtesy of previous bullets. Individuals of this caliber are at the same level, though differing culturally and financially, as Zionists and bankers. What this means is that they have no hesitation about being a law unto themselves and there are no discernible limits to what they will do to acquire and protect whatever they have stolen from you.
The amusement continues. You get two guesses about why whoever wanted to get their hands on this and the first one doesn’t count. Yes boys and girls we are talking about an occult ritual for the dark side. However, these things are only supposed to work when there is virtue for power present and to entice the infernal despoilers. Now, might virtue have been present in this former pope? It is not for me to say but… when you preside over such an enormous and pervasive den of depravity and don’t do anything about it… it does make a body wonder.
We mentioned earlier, like yesterday, that the long term (and even short term) prognosis isn’t good for Kali-fornia. It’s a wonder they’ve been able to maintain some semblance of order for so long. The triple features of a perfect storm are in place; bad economic circumstance, out of control immigration and runaway political correctness. These 3 operating in the same sphere are a guaranteed recipe for disaster.
So far, we have been treated to the spectacle of a rapidly manifesting police state and an increasingly rogue police force; doesn’t seem to matter where it is and an incrementally larger problem with the economy, the job market and the housing sector. Bankers are responsible for all of this. In all the world, there is no lower lifeform present. Let me state emphatically that a 3 piece suit does not necessarily indicate civilization. These days it is evidence of something else entirely, something not civilized at all.
We know how it got this way; rapacious avarice on the one hand, with ignorance and indifference on the other. The truth is, in these times, with the ratio of oppressed souls to oppressing forces being what it is, there is no way that the predatory minority can hold on to the illusion of power that they have maintained for so long if the public does not permit it. There is also no way that any corporation can survive if the public, en masse, refused to patronize their outlets and buy their products. There is no way that a military can continue to be a force for murder and repression of the human spirit, if the public refuses to swell their ranks.
At the moment, the public sees the military performing a role they do not perform. Those joining that system are made all the more willing to do so due to the high cost of higher education, the lack of jobs and all attendant limitations that were intentionally set into place by The Bankers who use the military to carry out its feral dream of world conquest and plunder. In better times, which were probably so long ago that there isn’t even a historical record of them, most anyone could see through this subterfuge with little trouble. At the same time, in better times, there wouldn’t be such a subterfuge to see through.
The movers and shakers of our time came a long way, relatively speaking, distance wise and chronologically, to be here. You could think of it as a time of giant lotteries of radically different types, with diametrically opposing payoffs. Consonant with this, ones possibilities of winning any of the lotteries is contingent on behavior, whether it be evil, or good, relatively speaking. This is what motivates evil. Those serving the forces of evil have been told a lot of lies by The Father of Lies and because they want to believe them, they do believe them. Good is motivated by the dream of a stable order in the world and the promise of prosperity for their families, materially speaking. There are those representative of both good and evil that, having reached a certain level of awareness, have more esoteric motivations. These, of course, lead to the material expressions already mentioned anyway.
One of the greatest wonders of these times, is how it has all held together for so long until now. To my mind this is incontrovertible proof of the unseen forces of the ineffable at work. Others of a more cynical cast have their own interpretations. If I am correct, then it stands to reason that everything is under control and being directed to a particular outcome for the purpose of a lasting lesson for humanity, a lesson about how not to do something. If it is under control, then those so convinced of this, can proceed with confidence in all their pursuits, knowing that their pursuits were given to them by this same force at some earlier point and… if that is also true, they can have confidence in just about anything they get up to, knowing that guidance is operational at every level and it never takes long for the right adjustments to be made when you are in a cosmic groove.
Anyone who is in pursuit of real success should investigate the way in which they reason. Do they reason with boundless optimism, based on the certain knowledge that they have invisible means of support? Or is that something uncertain, which causes them to reason with some level of insecurity, basing their hopes on their own strength and industry, set against all the various uncertainties and oppositions this world can muster?
Everything that happens to us is relative to our level of awareness. Change your awareness and you change what happens to you.
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