Katy Perry & Juicy J – Dark Horse performance At The Grammy 2014

Commentary — Jan 28, 2014

Keep an eye Katy Perry’s right hand around the thirty-nine to forty second mark in the video below. At that point she flaunts an unmistakable El Diablo hand sign.
Sometimes referred to as the Sign of the Horns or the Satanic Salute, the gesture has been flaunted by many modern day entertainers and politicians.
Although it has also been claimed as a gesture of support for the University of Texas at Austin football team, we don’t think all those making the gesture are necessarily University of Texas at Austin football team supporters.
Figures such Silvio Berlusconi, Michelle Obama, George Bush and many others have been caught flaunting the hand sign. Even the last pope was pictured making the gesture.
Were they all making the gesture in support of the University of Texas at Austin football team? Or are they really signalling, for those in the know, their allegiance to darker forces to whom they owe their power and position. Is that what Katy Perry is doing in the video below when she briefly flaunts the El Diablo salute?
Certainly the overall tone of the performance against the dark backdrop seems intended to suggest something more sinister. For those who will complacently insist that this is only an act, the El Diablo gesture made by Perry is pointedly meant to signal that it is not.
As Vigilant Citizen has pointed out repeatedly, many of the biggest names in entertainment exhibit the characteristic traits of those who have subjected to mind control.
Is Katy Perry one such? Does she exhibit any of the tell-tale signs that so many others in the entertainment industry display? Is she another mind-controlled marionette used to lead the public according to the dictates of her controllers?
To be honest I haven’t looked to deeply at Katy Perry, if only because neither she nor her music interest me, but nor does she strike this writer as the product of mind control either.
So could her performance be part of the price she has to pay for success? Whereby to succeed in the entertainment industry she is obliged to flaunt the El Diablo hand signal? So that she ends up leading many more of her unwitting fans down the same dark path she is following?
For those with the eyes to see Perry’s pointer is clear. For her fans or other entertainers who wish to emulate her success the implication is: to succeed in modern entertainment one must be prepared to pledge allegiance with the same forces she has.

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