NWO is Throwback to Totalitarian Judaism

by Henry Makow Ph.D.– henrymakow.com Jan 26, 2014

Recently we learned that the NSA is monitoring our words and movements.
Security is just a pretext since most terrorism is state-sponsored.
Where does this drive to spy on and dominate others originate?
Israel Shahak’s book,  Jewish History, Jewish Religion (1986) provides the answer.  From the second century until roughly the eighteenth, Jews were under the heel of their rabbis and wealthy leaders. They were a “closed society… one of the most totalitarian societies in the whole history of mankind.” (14-15)
This is the template behind the NWO, only now everyone is being enslaved.
Since the late Roman Empire,  Judaism was enforced by physical coercion. Rabbinical Courts ordered fines, flogging, imprisonment and even death for Jews breaking any of the hundreds of laws governing every aspect of daily life.  “Jewish women who cohabited with Gentiles had their noses cut off by rabbis…In religious disputes, those thought to be heretics had their tongues cut out.”
The rabbis and rich Jews were in alliance with the Gentile aristocracy who enforced this tyranny and shared in the spoils. They were arrayed against poor Jews and peasants alike. The rich Jews always flourished in oppressive feudal regimes because, as bureaucrats, bailiffs and tax farmers,  they “mediated the oppression” of the peasants.


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