Stolen Alphabets and the Ministry of Death

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Jan 25, 2014

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We’re two months shy of Spring and in the time between now and then, we will see many a change in the world as we knew it; not that any of us knew it, other than the way it’s been presented to us, by those manipulating the look of it and by its own innate nature to conceal essence behind appearance.
The transference of power at the automatic command of new planetary associations, is going on as the cosmos intends, for the purpose of transformation in human consciousness, be those transformations willing or unwilling. Any of us should know that there is a big difference between doing something you want to do and being made to do something you don’t want to do because you don’t see any reason for it in the first place. State of mind is a big deal.
Let’s consider one of the things that just about everyone comes up against sooner or later; death. Generally and traditionally, death is defined across the board as something fearsome and unwelcome. It is also, usually, unavoidable. Death is change, period. Puberty is death, the death of childhood. At some predictable point, youth departs as well, sooner for some, later for others. The Tarot cards are pure symbolism that dialogue with the subconscious. The Rider Deck presents it one way and The Case Deck another. Apparently, Arthur Edward Waite was under restrictions concerning what symbols could be shown to the public and Paul Foster Case not so. It appears to depend on how you came by the pictorial representations in the first place. They are, after all, present in a particular location and have been, should one know how to access that location.
Some people object to the association of Hebrew letters with the cards. There is no actual Hebrew alphabet. It was taken from the Chaldean flame alphabet. Over the course of time, in this recent historical episode, many traditions have been hijacked by vested interests and grafted on to systems they weren’t originally intended for. This is in order to control human society from behind the scenes. There are several systems that have been around for awhile that have empowered individuals in positions of control to influence conditions and events. As the age has moved into deeper and more pervasive corruptions, these systems have become corrupted as well. It takes a seriously focused and self possessed individual to navigate from out of darkness into the luminous realms and death certainly plays a part in that. You can’t live in the one world, unless you die to the other.
I can talk about these things a little more freely now, since I don’t have to filter or suppress my presentations, in order to be linked at certain websites, where these informations are routinely undesirable, for whatever the reasons may be. I’m not curious about the motives. This is The Apocalypse, everything will find its way to the surface when it’s supposed to.
In India there are recorded and verified incidences of yogis aware of the moment for their opportune departure, who simply went and sat down at the optimum time and left their bodies through the process of maha-samadhi. Usually there were witnesses to this; disciples, associates, or whomever. In some cases, they lay in state for weeks afterwards to demonstrate the incorruptibility of their physical forms. There are many skeptical sources that have their own version of events and how the bodies came to be as they were. I’m not concerned with that. There is no doubt some amount of fraud in these areas. I go by my own experiences and the certainty that there is more to it all than meets the eye and its restricted bandwidth. The eye’s susceptibility for being tricked has been demonstrated by many a magician, illusionist and practitioner of legerdemain.
Similar practices also exist in western traditions, though they are differently garbed and cloaked. Information concerning the practitioners is difficult to obtain, you have to meet someone, the right someone, or you are not likely to discover much.
There are two sources of historical record; mainstream history, which is shaped according to the whims and desires of the overlords and… occult history, which is not mainstream and which is not readily accessible, not that it would interest most of the public of today. There is a large library of such texts. Some of them are locked up in places like The Vatican, or private collections. Some of them are in the public domain, especially in places like Usenet. Many of the texts were intentionally destroyed by the fire at the Library of Alexandria, by representatives of the societies presently engaged in bringing humanity into complete subservience. In order to control the present, you have to control the perception of history.
Anyway, death is upon us all because dramatic change is upon us all and we will change willingly or unwillingly. Regardless, we WILL CHANGE.
Skeptics will find more than they need, which disproves whatever they don’t want to believe in and the faithful will find whatever they need to affirm what they want to believe. We are entering the time of signs and wonders. Those who do not believe in anything they can’t see or touch are an interesting phenomenon. Ironically, many of them are scientists and mathematicians who, for some strange reason, have no understanding of physics and who deny what the math of physics has conclusively proven. Ergo, it is more a matter of vanity and ego on their parts than it is the result of any research because research in their own areas of inquiry has already proven the existence of a pervasive consciousness throughout existence.
In times of material darkness, there is a terrible vanity that operates in the minds of those who consider themselves intelligent. They can in no way allow for the existence of a deity because they- regardless of the fact that they are blind, ignorant and helpless- consider themselves to be gods. These egotistical martinets know all about the offenses of religion and for them, this is proof of the non existence of god, as if god were any more than incidentally connected to religion. Their real reason for denying what should be obvious to even a simpleton, is that it interferes with their self interest and self promotion. These feckless amateurs consider themselves deep thinkers, yet they are incapable of even the smallest ability to see beyond appearances. Since the only way to have direct experience of the ineffable, is through the facility of the intuition and the only way to engage the intuition is through surrender to something greater than themselves, they have effectively shut themselves off from any chance of higher or deeper understanding. They are ambulatory corpses, walking in darkness; insignificant while present and forgotten once gone. They are doomed to an endless dance in the ring of fire, coming and going, in one flaming body after another and present for only so long as it takes to burn out again. They are no help to themselves and certainly no help to anyone else.
The greater the presence and pressure of materialism, the more of them there are, pursuing sensory gratification at the expense of things infinitely more important. They wind up in an empty field ruled over by Saturn.
It is all very simple. You ultimately end up with the object of your pursuit. You wind up with whatever you were after or not even that. It is a sad, sad affair; far more sad than you might imagine and you can’t say anything to them. They don’t want to hear it, it interferes with their material pursuits. So… do not position yourself between insane appetite, delusional ego and the object of its desire or affection.
Few of us are willing to accept the truth that we are surrounded by the chronically insane. We compromise. We make allowances. We plea bargain with our own beliefs, in order to enjoy treacherous camaraderie. Just because you are in the middle of a crowd does not mean you are not alone.
We have come to a state where madness, obsession, compulsion, neurosis and psychosis are rampant. This cannot end well and the evidence of that is all around you. Those who have invested so much in the oppression of their fellows, believe that their hour of total victory is at hand. They could not be more mistaken. They are about to get their clocks cleaned to the point that they never tell time again.
What can be plainly seen at this time? Those material things that so many have relied upon are now being removed. Food is going to become scarce and much of that is already inedible. Heating fuel is becoming scarce and will become much more so. Water is already scarce and polluted as well. The economy is sinking beneath its own weight. War is threatening world wide. Calamities are stacking up off stage. The terrible destructions waged on Nature are becoming more and more evident. Upon whom are the people going to rely for their survival, the government, the religious establishments, for profit charity mills?
When it begins to come down with speed and force, it will happen so quickly heads will spin and since heads are already spinning well… yeah. No doubt there will be some anxious and uneasy months, as well as far worse …but then it will correct; in some places fairly rapidly and in some places, not at all. It’s been coming for so long. It’s been announcing itself in all kinds of ways but that has made little impression on those with short attention spans and a religious devotion to marketplace and political bullshit. There are no performance programs being handed out to those intently focused on attending the production. They hardly notice where they are being led, nor can they identify the Judas Goats leading them through the chutes; these icons and pundits, zombie celebrities, advertising billboard sports figures, academics, movers and shakers. Gee, it all looks so normal. If it looks normal to you, one thing for sure is, you’re not normal.
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