Semen as Male Elixir? — Jan 24, 2014

Bila Kolbe, 62, advocates the rejuvenating benefits of what he calls “masturbation,” which is sexual arousal without ejaculation.
I’m not endorsing his views but presenting them as a change of pace for your consideration.  In fact, I disagree with them. I believe in transcending sexual desire, not by stimulating sensuality or celibacy, but by satisfying sexual desire in the context of marriage.

“Sex of the Third Kind: A Novel Sexual Manifesto”

By Dr William Kolbe — (

During a stint with the Peace Corps in El Salvador in the late 70’s, I attended classes at a Gnóstico school and learned fascinating aspects about Eastern (Taoist and Hindu) sexual alchemy which the Gnósticos termed ‘sexual transmutation’.
My beliefs about sexuality underwent radical changes involving concepts such as the channeling of sexual energy by semen retention. However, what was missing was a link between the ancient Eastern sexual doctrines and modern medicine and science.
Back in the States, I scoured scientific and medical literature and compiled a novel ‘sexual manifesto’ that combined ancient and modern.
I discovered connections between sexuality and the endocrine, nervous, skeletal, muscular, and immune systems that enhance our overall fitness, longevity, vitality, and health. This applies equally to males and females.
“Edging” an orgasm allows people to tap into powerful transformative and generative potentials. This means getting to the threshold of ejaculation but not getting to the point of spasms leading to full or peak body orgasm, i.e. ejaculation.
By refraining from ejaculation, then there is an ‘in-jaculation’ or an absorption of seminal nutrients which are then recycled in the bloodstream and available for the endocrine and nervous systems.
“Edging,” also referred to as “surfing” or “peaking”, is a form of orgasm control involving a high level of sexual arousal maintained over extended periods of time. The pleasure can be so great so as to create intense euphoric states and altered states of consciousness. Edging has afforded me many benefits in my life which include sensory pleasure, consciousness expansion, and discipline.
I have been exploring edging for close to four decades. Initially, my proclivity for full body orgasms and ejaculation hindered the transition to edging. However, with determination and practice I eventually managed to extend the periods of successful edging to span weeks, months, even years. By improving this sexual discipline, I have gained a sense of accomplishment that permeates everything I do personally, socially, musically, athletically, and professionally. I live with purpose and design and can tap into a sense of self-efficacy guiding me to the realization of my dreams.


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