GM crops are much more advanced than organic crops – they rot twice as fast!

Note to readers: “Biodynamic” means naturally grown and full of life force or “Chi”.

In Denmark, on the 13th of Jan. 2000, at a State research station, a test was started. 36 milking cows were used. They were all fed the same except that 12 of them were fed Simplex-type GM-beets, and the 24 were fed regular beets, of type Asterix and Kyros. The intention was to analyse milk and blood of the test cows. But only 5 weeks later they had to stop the experiment because the GM beets were so rotten that they could not even pick enough by hand sorting. The test was to have run for 12 weeks. By comparison, Mr. Lars Mikkelsen, in Natur Helse, 3/02, commented, that his biodynamic beets only began rotting up in June month of that same year (a very warm winter). This is reported in Danish Association for Biodynamic Agriculture, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Aarhus University, Report nr. 25, System Number: 52792. May 2001.

On the 23rd May 2001, in the large daily, Politiken, the leader of this research station wrote an article about this test in which he lauded GM crops, claiming that GM crops are harmless for animals, and therefore also for humans! In the article there was no mention of the rotten GM beets. This is in fact rather typical of these assets at the Danish research stations. Financed by the taxpayers, they have for many generations done research on behalf of the agro-chemical industry. Only a few years ago, one of these glib assets, at Foulum, made the ironic comment that now they would begin to look into what sort of organisms was in the soil. This confirms my impression over many, many years that a monstrous agro-chemical industry endeavour is underway to exploit the alimentary canals of the deluded majority and optimise industrial profits. People are totally deluded and confused by mass- media whores as to what really goes on.

This Danish test is confirmed by a large number of Swiss tests. Lukas Rist, and Ursula Belzer-Graf, 2000. “Theoretische und eksperimentelle Untersuchungen über den Einfluss der genmanipulation auf die Integrität der Arten”. Diss. Universität Gesamthochschule Kassel, where GM corn was found to have only 50% of the bioforce of biodynamic corn.

Browsing on Swiss English-language biodynamic sites, it is my impression that these Swiss researchers are pained to bring forth their scientific research over the last ten years, about GM crop’s deficiencies, compared to organic crops, but also pained not to offend the interests of powerful capital interests!

Thanks to legions of media whores, GM crops still enjoy the benefit of plausibility. And the same situation prevails largely on Danish mass media. Yet, on MetroXpress, some time ago, there was a 2-inch article, without heading, about scientific research at Danish Agricultural Highschool, Copenhagen, where it was found that Biodynamic food had most bioforce, next organically grown crops and last agro-chemical crops, the stuff that typically fill the shelves in supermarkets. But, most readers are not conditioned to comprehend what this little article makes public, they are too confused.

Kaj Krinsmøe