The Fallacy of Multiculturalism

There are people who are predicting that in 100 years all humans will have olive toned skin and dark hair. It’s ironic how the same people who are much in favour of such a development are often the same people who get all upset if someone suggests a one state solution to the Palestine problem.

So what’s the problem with multiculturism? After all, Its promoters do support cultural diversity. They want the different ethnic groups of a society to preserve their cultural identity and not – as it used to be case in many Western societies – the larger group absorbing the smaller ones. At first sight this looks like a nice idea. Who likes to be pressured to give up his cultural identity, unless he perceives it to be inferior to the adopted one?

But that’s not what multiculturism is all about. In fact, when you look back in human history, multiculturism has always been a tool of oppression, not – the way it is being sold to us by our ruling crime families – as a means of preventing it.

Divide and rule

Just remember how small countries like Britain managed to rule their vast empires. They divided them in manageable units and then used one ethnic group inside that unit to oppress the others. They were very clever how they went about it. Not only did they give those collaborators privileges over the oppressed subjects. They also made use of traditional rivalries between neighbouring ethnic groups, giving the previously oppressed an opportunity to pay back their traditional foes.

The British, who perfected this system of ‘divide and rule’, used to draw the borders of their colonies deliberately in a way that there was a minority willing to oppress the majority. If that wasn’t possible – like in the case of Malaysia or Hong Kong – they imported people of a different ethnicity from another colony. As a rule of thumb for every English colonial officer there used to be 50 ‘ethnic’ soldiers from a local minority or imported ethnic groups.


Immigration and oppression

Since the late 20th century, Britain no longer has colonies, at least on paper, but it still rules the world like in the olden days. In the case of Western nation states such as the U.S., Canada, Australia or Germany that are part of the Windsor-Rothschildian empire, the role of the oppressing minority is filled predominantly by Jews. To make those traitors stick out less as a foreign body, other ethnic groups have been imported and encouraged to preserve their cultural identity rather than assimilate. In a clever move the Jews made themselves the champions of the rights of those ethnic minorities, gaining their grateful support when it comes to anti-Jewish resentments.

For obvious reasons, not everybody within Western societies reacts favourably to the influx of immigrants. Not only does it put pressure on wages and jobs at risk. It also means more competition for scarce resources in education, housing, public transport and elsewhere.

In areas with high concentrations of migrants, the locals can’t help but feeling like foreigners in their own country, something very few are comfortable with. The natural reaction – especially amongst working class people – is hostility, mischievously portrayed by the Jewish controlled media and intelligentsia as the attitude of rednecks or supremacists.


The case of Pauline Hanson

Nowhere does the viciousness of the ‘Matrix” with respect to immigration show better than in the case of Pauline Hanson. The Australian MP was kicked out of the ruling Liberal Party shortly before the 1996 election for speaking out against the highly ineffective special government assistance for Aborigines. She then founded – with the help of other disgruntled government MP’s – the populist ‘One Nation’ party on a platform that promised to stem the ever-growing flood of Asian immigrants into Australia. The response of the ruling crime families was an unprecedented campaign of character assassination and ridiculing, unprecedented in both scale and maliciousness in Australian history, a country that prides itself in its ‘fair go’ attitude. The main accusation was that she was a white supremacist redneck. In spite of the massive establishment effort, Pauline Hanson quickly gained popularity amongst ordinary Australians and was able to attract 20% of votes and raising. In a panic reaction she was accused of a technical breach of the electoral law and sent to prison. The sentence was later reversed and Hanson freed, but her political career never recovered.

The case of Pauline Hanson is instructive in many ways. It shows that the level of brainwashing increases with education. In spite of being systematically dumbed down by a constant diet of sport, celebrity gossip, sex and crime, ordinary Westerners are better able than educated middle-class people to see through the web of lies spun by our unelected self-chosen rulers. It also shows what a hoax democracy really is. There is no way, anyone who is not firmly controlled by the Windsor-Rothschild crime syndicate and its associates, will be allowed to gain power. Most importantly, it shows how critical multiculturism is to the oppression of Western populations.


Rebel of Oz is the editor/publisher of Sydney based dissident blogs, Jews Anonymous and Power of No. He can be contacted at This article is part of a series providing practical suggestions how to effectively fight against the New World Order written for the Power of No site.

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