Queering of Society Funded by Taxpayers

henrymakow.com — Jan 22, 2014

The Canadian government financed the play Queer Bathroom Stories by Sheila Cavanagh, based on her book Queering Bathrooms described as follows:
“In Queering Bathrooms, Sheila L. Cavanagh explores how public toilets demarcate the masculine and the feminine and condition ideas of gender and sexuality.
Cavanagh delves into the ways that queer and trans communities challenge the rigid gendering and hetero-normative composition of public washrooms. [She] argues that the cultural politics of excretion is intimately related to the regulation of gender and sexuality.
Public toilets house the illicit and act as repositories for the social unconscious. Also offering suggestions for imagining a more inclusive public washroom, she asserts that that …toilets form a crucial part of our modern understanding of sex and gender.”
This obnoxious, deranged and hateful attack on heterosexuals passes under the radar. Why does the government fund 2% of the population to wage war on the other 98%? To divide and destabilize.
The Canadian government pretends to be socially conservative yet it continues to promote  social disintegration and insanity. Obviously, Left and Right both serve the Illuminati (Masonic) Jewish bankers.

From REALITY, newsletter of Real Women of Canada (January Edition) — (abridged by henrymakow.com)

Have you ever wondered what keeps feminist and homosexual activists in Canada beavering away doing relentless “research” promoting their cause? The answer is the Social Sciences and humanities Research Council (SShRC), a division of Industry Canada, which provides funding for them to do so. It is a true gold mine for feminist and homosexual activists.

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