The Role of Feminism in the N.W.O.

What do factory workers, women, Blacks and homosexuals in Western societies have in common? They all used to have reasons to feel discriminated against. What else do they have in common? Their grievances have been addressed and largely resolved as the result of intense pressure by mostly Jewish intellectuals, media and liberal politicians. Shouldn’t we all be grateful for their effort? Isn’t it proof that Jews are actually making this world a better place?

Of course there is nothing wrong with addressing legitimate grievances of parts of society who are unfairly discriminated against. Factory workers shouldn’t be exploited and worked to death. Women and Blacks shouldn’t be refused equal rights because of gender or colour of skin. And homosexuals shouldn’t have to fear being bashed for being homosexuals.

One of the most difficult things to get our heads around though is the fact that the driving forces behind fixing those grievances did so for all the wrong reasons. The same masterminds and their puppets who pretended to care so much about the plight of the disadvantaged had no qualms about bringing death and misery upon them for their selfish financial and political gains. What they really were interested in is dividing society and turning us against each other like roosters in a cockfight.

This hypocrisy is nowhere more obvious than in the case of the feigned concerns for the plight of factory workers. Communism right from the start has always been a Jewish movement. Its ranks and files right have been stacked with Jews and it was financed and protected by the Rothschild, Warburg and Rockefeller dynasties. Factory workers in communist countries had to work harder and for less pay than their peers in Western countries, and their wages didn’t buy them anything. Yes, their jobs were safer than those of Western workers, but that’s as silly an argument as saying that the advantage of being a slave is job security.

The case of women and Blacks is less obvious. In both cases there are some show cases who are better off thanks to emancipation, but the vast majority of them is not. You only need to look at how many Blacks are lingering in U.S. prisons and how many others are involved in drugs and crime. In fact one out of three Blacks will at some stage in his life be in prison. Emancipation didn’t make women happier either. All it did is destroy families and the ability of most men to earn enough to provide for their families.

It is no surprise that the Jewish merchant bankers’ pet society model, communism, was also the one that pushed hardest for women to go to work. When both parents are working, the raising of the child must be left to society, giving our ruling crime families the opportunity to start with the brainwashing before we know how to speak.

There is a financial aspect too. When women enter the work force, it results in a doubling of the work force, sending wages on a downwards spiral. At the end of the spiral a husband and a wife earn as much as men used to earn on their own. Going to work for women remains no longer a right and a choice. They have to do so for the family to survive.

Men and women are different. Women complain, if faced with a problem, and men go quiet and come up with a solution. Men are hunters and women are gatherers. Men are good at doing one thing at a time, women are fantastic at multitasking. Men get easily carried away thinking in big pictures, and women are more practical and focused on what puts food on the family table here and now.

I’m not saying this is true to ALL men and to ALL women, but it’s true to most. Just have a look at their different shopping behavior. All the shoes women buy to protect their feet from stones and thorns, and all the bags to carry home mushrooms, roots, nuts and fruits. Or look at how most stay home dads struggle with all the tasks a woman easily juggles, even if she has a part-time job.

We are kidding ourselves if we pretend men and women are not different. It doesn’t give us the right to refuse women any of the rights of a man. But we should be conscious of the fact that we all would be better off and happier, if we did what we are designed to do and best suited for.

Stop indoctrinating young girls to study and have a career. Not only is it unnatural, but it takes away jobs from men and halves their income. As a result, women are left with no choice but to go out and work. It reduces the birthrate amongst our smartest women, resulting in a dumb down and a decrease of the population, deliberately disguised by an increase in immigration. Not that all of this bothers our ruling crime families. In fact one of their motivations for promoting feminism is the destruction of the fabric of Western nations, making it easier for them to divide and rule.

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