To Speak the Truth and … that Oasis in the Desert Thing

Visible Origami — Jan 20, 2014

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There’s this peculiarity that I notice, like, all the time …and that is that people consistently project outward a majority of the time. Well, it can’t be a peculiarity if it’s so universally persistent and consistent can it? Objectively aware people and people resident in more elevated states of awareness, infallibly look in both directions for the purpose of corroborating either. A person in possession of even elementary wisdom, knows that the very things they see operational in others are also resident within them, though they may be restrained or in a gestational state. The right, or wrong, circumstances can bring all kinds of things out in any of us. It’s also true that certain people can bring out the best and the worst in us and this is why we should be discerning in picking our companions.
At certain times in my life, I had what I thought were a lot of friends. Life circumstances put paid to that illusion. What I had were a lot of friendly acquaintances, whose loyalty and sincerity had not been yet tested to any degree. Sometimes most of my presumed friends departed because some kind of economic or legal calamity came upon me. Sometimes it came about through people believing something that wasn’t true and who, after it was proven so, could not bring themselves back around because of their own shame, camouflaged behind a masking emotion a sort on Denial HIV virus.
Sometimes you outgrow your so called friends. I’ve seen plenty of that. Here’s an illustration. Let’s say you are between the ages of 17 and 27. This is a period where a certain window exists for dramatic growth, change of self and environment, the capacity to throw it all up in the air and head off God knows where, or strike out upon a career that will occupy you for the bulk of following decades.
Let us say that you are engaged in a particular pursuit, a pursuit that is not attended by the promise of financial gain or social status and which could actually confer the opposite. You would likely find that many in your similar age group for that period of time were open to certain revolutionary and idealistic concepts. A sense of common purpose could be present and certainly there might be mutual explorations of things like diet, meditation, the martial arts and related disciplines like Chi Gong. You might be in company that explores Eastern thought, innovative architecture for community or personal living, or want to attend a Burning Man or Rainbow gathering. You will most likely have taken drugs. You are what might be termed ‘the spirit in search of experience’.
For you, this compelling pursuit or collective of related constructs is going to be with you your whole life. It defines you. Your life wouldn’t have much purpose with any of the other possibilities of career and recreation that define the necessities and pleasures of the rest. You find that somewhere between 27 and 30, just about everyone you know has tailed off into a plateau of conforming existence. They can and often do, experience radical personality changes. They encounter stresses that were not present before and they repeat themselves in many things, over and over again. Since I have personally observed all of this, I know it to be true.
When you study people, because there are some profound mysteries in the human estate that will reveal themselves to the persistent inquisitor, you find out all kinds of things, some of them are things you find out about yourself too; provided you have that unsullied objective awareness we were talking about recently. If you could take most people and subject their existence to a time lapse photography experiment, you would be able to see the various changes they go through and the transitional states they occupy. Actually, with this objective awareness you can do it without the time lapse thing (I’m pretty sure our people on Sirius have something like that) simply by placing yourself a short distance from a continuing stream of humanity; at a mall entrance, in a busy park, on a city street and watching. You will see children, teenagers, young adults, people in their prime time, the middle aged and the old and by a trick of the mind you can make informed observations about the phases and courses of individual life.
People change in stages and they change predictably too. I know people, now set in their ways, who would not fancy my dropping in for a few days to say hello because I represent something other than the enforced stability and consistency they are full time engaged in. No one has to tell me this. It’s something I know.
It is unbelievably hard to maintain an existence where you never relent of your goal and where you have to pass for years and years and years through every vicissitude and challenge that is life as we know it, more or less. The human psyche craves stability and identifiable objects and environments that tell them who and what they are. The most tragic portion of the usual course are the compromises and deals a person has to make to maintain their state of security, in the midst of what is arguably only temporary and always will be.
People figure that it is better to opt in so that the years will be less unkind than to opt out and be in the teeth of it, pretty much on a regular basis. You don’t often see someone who actually looks like they are just passing through.
Some people have sussed out how to get by and they become traders, barterers, practitioners of some desired skill or… dark side wise they develop a con and they polish it and refine it and adapt it as they go. A competent phrenologist would have a field day with Eckhart Tolle’s features. Often there is more than one kind of con because there are certainly more than one kind of people. To live in cosmic uncertainty and possess certitude, requires above everything else, integrity. What people often don’t realize is that qualities like integrity, truthfulness, compassion, being honorable and being mannerly, are quite often actual weapons, or they are defensive shields or re-directors of force to the side (either side- grin). The higher qualities, or what I call the archetypes of the great man, are more valuable to possess than an enormous fortune or seriously tenured position at the high end. What people don’t often get is the degree of compromise these people engage in every day. John Kerry is a classic example of what I’m talking about. He is as morally bankrupt as you can get and he’s desperately striving for a way to look like he has redeemed himself (it’s not as important as to have actually done so). Although he’s corrupt, he’s not as corrupt as people like John McCain, Chucky Schumer, Eric Cantor or Linseed Graham Cracker. You want Vienna Sausages with that?
Powerful entertainers can’t speak their mind. Of course in many cases (especially these days) they don’t possess one in the first place; classic examples would be Kanye West, The Kardashians, the host of people who can actually bring themselves to perform (badly) on reality TV shows. Powerful media figures and those who report the news can’t speak their minds, or tell the truth, or are members of the rather large group of people who buy into the ever increasing awfulness of general circumstance, secure in the knowledge that they will survive and prosper so; who cares about anyone else? Seriously rich people don’t speak the truth. They only speak in terms of what is good for the increase of their already obscene wealth. You can tell yourself that most rich people are just more industrious and focused on their affairs. In many cases, they are just much more grasping and greedy than everyone else and they often have no moral limiters about how they go around doing whatever they do. Also, however, many of them are set up for the purpose of demonstration to not only learn a lesson but to be a lesson to others.
Powerful religious figures don’t speak the truth. They engage in selective cherry picking of scripture that reinforces their core beliefs. Of course, hypocrisy is endemic to temporally focused religious activity so they can pretty much say anything, secure in the knowledge that they won’t have to practice any of it. Ordinary people, most of the time, don’t have much truck with the truth because that would threaten their survival. The overlord oppressors have put them in that position for just that reason.
Charity organizations are money mills and currency laundries for the most part. In most cases, those large sums of money that come in on the heels of false flags like Israel’s 9/11 attack on the United States or that stage production at Sandy Hook, the money sits there while whatever executives put in place to be executors of it, skim off the interest, invest it in hedges funds, or the very lucrative drug industry. Of course they do.
Contemporary philosophers don’t speak the truth, otherwise they have no profile and you don’t get to be a profile philosopher unless you are a Tribe member and so that is how we get hacks like Chomsky and Bernard Levy. If you are unfamiliar with this mountebank, here is an entertaining read and, of course, there’s lots more on him. Chomsky you should already know about as an unprincipled snake, whose unctuous and oiled persona drips with that Walrus and Carpenter thing, especially should it pertain to The Palestinians.
No, wherever you go, you’re not going to hear much truth and when you do, it will be partial truth, mixed in with falsehood to add authenticity to the latter. The main reason for this is the pervasive lack of integrity across the board. People simply will not risk endangering themselves in the service of truth. This is why men like Dieudonne are to be commended. We can be most certain that Bernard Levy is no fan of his. I seem to recall something slanderous, of recent origin, from him on that subject.
The bent and twisted creatures who are behind the self perpetuating charade of modern existence are not accomplishing this as a result of a world wide conspiracy, although that does exist. They are accomplishing this because the astral plane has become egregiously polluted over the course of the last age and all kinds of powerful entities are operating through or upon these creatures. Also, Mammon and sundry are providing logistical and weapons support as well. The Avatar hasn’t yet got to their level with his broom.
As difficult as it may seem to break free of the web of confinement and voluntary surrender to defacing the truth and living a lie, it’s not that hard and it’s not so difficult to see the reasons and the need. Some of us manage to exist in this alternative zone, where the usual supply lines are cut off but we got that oasis in the desert thing. Of course it looks like nothing but desert to those so confined but, once free of the shackles, the oasis will reveal itself.
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