The Only Political Movement the Jews Can’t Co-Opt

Rebel of Oz — Jan 18, 2014

Jew-aware members of the dissident community are very conscious of one of the most successful group strategies employed by “the Tribe,” which is to hijack any movement with the slightest political traction and neutralise or redirect it to its own agenda. It’s easy enough for them to do so because their coffers are bursting with loot and they undoubtedly control the media. Political movements heavily rely on donations and on neutral or favorable media coverage. Whoever brings in the most money will quickly rise to power within the organisation, and then – openly or behind the scenes – call the shots. Whoever gets the most – preferably positive – media coverage, will quickly increase his power both within the organisation and in society as a whole.

All the Kosher Nostra has to do is find some charismatic, highly ambitious and corruptible member within a movement, preferably one with embarrassing sexual perversions or crimes to hide. They groom him, pamper him, fill his pockets with money, and encourage him to do even more embarrassing things with which they can blackmail him. They get the media to give him all the attention he needs and be silent about his flaws. They get all the competing political movements to talk respectfully of him. And then, they get him to use his power in ways that are “good for the Jews.”

I can’t think of any movement in the past 70 years that hasn’t been co-opted, sooner or later. If it has got any political traction the Jews – sure as hell – have hijacked it. For Jew-aware activists, that means they need to work out ways to prevent this from happening. If they don’t, all they are doing is wasting their time. They might as well not bother — and go back to slaving for the Jews.

It certainly helps to be able to run on a shoe-string budget, financed solely through membership fees, thus eliminating the need for donations. It might also be useful — at least for now — to organise ourselves as a leaderless movement, for fear of providing the Jews with a target person to either corrupt or destroy. The key, though, to a successful counter-strategy is our agenda. In order for the Jewish parasites to stick their claws into our movement they need something to hold onto. The moment we go beyond describing the problem and start discussing solutions is the moment when the Jews will strike. It would be pointless for them to infiltrate a movement that doesn’t pursue a political programme they can tweak for their benefit.

We are still far away from reaching the point where we can afford discussing solutions. It would be counter-productive to do so because it would provide the enemy with a point of attack. The only political movement the Jews can’t co-opt is a movement that is fighting the Jews, no more and no less. If our only agenda is to create and heighten awareness of the evil ways of the Jewish supremacists, there is nothing they can do. It will be kryptonite for them. We just keep spreading knowledge about Jewry and wait for the 100th-monkey effect to kick in, the moment when it catches on and the masses “get it,”  as the Quenelle movement has spread in France.

For a tiny minority like the Jews to rule a whole country they need the collaboration of the middle-class. Once we have smashed the virtual reality about the poor, persecuted yet valuable Jews that the Zionists have foisted on the middle-class sop they can morally justify to themselves their selfish and cowardly collaboration, then the Jewish enemy will be exposed, powerless, loathed and left with no choice but to concede defeat, seeking a new place to scurry off to, to find new gullible hosts and start the cycle again.

For millennia, the goyim have finally seen through the vicious charade. We are helping them to see.

The treacherous role of the Jews in the pro-Palestinian movement

Rebel of Oz is the editor/publisher of Australian based dissident website


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